Stop the presses.

     Mark the date. Tedski at Rum, Romanism and Rebellion agrees with Sonoran Alliance about our Joe Higgins story. Just to clarify, Ted pledges that it “will be the first and last time.” We will sleep much better knowing it will not happen again.

     Ted looks behind the scene for the motivation to falsely link Higgins to the far-right. He comes up with Ray Carroll. We are still trying to square the two contradictory talking points that Higgins has “no chance of winning” and “he must get out of the race.” Can they please make up their mind.

Here is the Tucson Citizen’s take on the election.


  1. What happened to Name The RINO? Bring it back! In the meantime, here’s a new one. Post The CD Ballot. Official policy is CD Chairmen are to only share their CD Ballot with those requesting one from their own CD. You cannot call around the state and request a CD Ballot. You are restricted from knowing the CD Ballots in areas of the state you do not live in. So, contact your CD Chairman for a copy of the CD Ballot and then post it on Sonoran Alliance. If that’s too unsporting, then just blind copy it to everybody in your address book that lives outside your CD. I don’t know what a whole heck of a lot of good a CD Ballot is going to do anyone, I just like overcoming unreasonable restrictions.

  2. Hey, I would like to know the CD Ballots from around the state. Part of my voting criteria is the home CD of the At Large Candidates. How else do you learn the region of the state that the candidate is from if you don’t have a CD Ballot? I’ll be watching my email for CD Ballot sharing. More voting information, not less is a good thing.

  3. Delegate says

    Call your Precint committee chair he or she can send it to you I have one electronically but I do not want to do something that is considered unethical so I am sorry I will not post it. I can tell you it clearly shows all 2oo plus names in alpha order.

  4. William says

    Delegate, My post talks about the Congressional District (CD) ballots. It sounds like you are talking about the At Large ballot. The 8 CD ballots are the only way to learn which part of the state the At Large ballot names hail from. The 8 CD ballot names are all on the At Large ballot also, as I understand it. (Hard to know that since the CD ballots are not shared statewide and there hasn’t been an announcement to that affect from the convention organizers.) But, without better information let’s assume all the CD ballot names are also on the At Large ballot. After the voting by break-out Congressional District caucus, we will have the At Large vote. Names that are not elected in the CD caucus are then eligible to be elected in the At Large vote. William says part of his At Large voting criteria is “which Congressional District does the At Large candidate reside in.” The 8 Congressional District Chairmen, I’ve been told, have instructions to only share their CD ballots with inquirers from their own CD.

    Having the CD ballots only inform you of which CD the ballot (CD & At Large) names reside in. Since a lot of the names are complete strangers to me, it would be helpful to know which CD the candidate resides in. But overall, not a real troubling issue that we are denied CD ballot information in other CD’s. Yes, we have less information to vote with. And yes it sounds weird that inquiring voters from other CD’s are told “no, you cannot have a copy of our CD ballot.” I personally, don’t have a huge need for other CD ballots, except that I would like to see which CD the At Large ballot candidates hail from. It just concerns me that unless you are with the McCain campaign, you don’t have the 8 CD ballots. And you are to be refused pertinent election information instead of that information being freely shared. Too many secrets. So, contact your CD Chair for the CD ballot and blast it around to email addresses outside of your CD. More people will end up with optional voting information for Saturday.

  5. Antifederalist says

    Sometimes, “no chance of winning” and “get out of the race” is an appeal to cut down on noise and make choices easier for voters. Wouldn’t many party kool-aid drinkers love for Ron Paul to disappear? When Salmon ran against Napolitano, wouldn’t we have LOVED for Barry Hess and that independent loon who ran to just disappear? I’m sure the Dummycrats would have appreciated if Osterloh and that Mike Somethingorother, who had his own radio show on The Patriot afterwards (the communist doctor guy) would have both dropped out when running against the pink gorilla. Both this year and in 2006, Dennis Kucinich has contributed NOTHING to the national debate. He should never run in the first place…ever…for ANY office…even dog catcher. He’s a prime candidate for “no chance of winning” and “should drop out” (forget the fact that there’s a whole Congressional District that re-elects him time and again. Those voters are poster children for disenfranchisement). Not sure if that’s the same context noted above, but it’s often that we see “no chance of winning” linked with “get out of the race”.

  6. Delegate, Ethical? What’s ethical about restricting candidate information from voters?

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