Still Confused After All These Years?

Tonight, I ran into two people who are still getting these two women confused. I took it as a sign to post a blog.

The woman on the left is the former United States Attorney General under President Bill Clinton. Her name is Janet Reno.

The woman on the right is the current Governor of Arizona, Janet Napolitano.

Both women have served as Attorneys’ General.

Both women have run for Governor of large states.

Both women are ideologically, peas in a pod.

Hopefully, that clears the confusion…

Janet Reno   Janet Napolitano


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Actually, try a picture of Donna Shalala…

  2. Eph - the PRO LIFE JEW !!! says

    Actually, try a picture of Rosie O’Donnell !!!

  3. BorderPatrol says

    Maybe Barbara Mikukski too, but voters don’t care, she’s going to win easily, unfortunately.

  4. Eph - the PRO LIFE JEW !!! says

    “but voters don’t care”

    exactly right, most dont even know that is a pic of our governor.

    We are truly the Mississippi of the west -I dont care how many snobs move here!!!

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