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Steve May

The Republic is reporting that former state legislator, Steve May has announced his intention to seek the Congressional seat in district 3. For those not familiar with May’s politics, he is one of a handful of gay Republicans who have been elected in Arizona. But the Log Cabin Republican was defeated in a heated primary by Steve Tully by 219 votes in 2002. Much of that effort was due to grassroots activists like myself, making hundreds of phone calls into the district.

May then became a candidate to lead the prestigious Club for Growth but was met with harsh objection by many conservatives.

To May’s credit, he does hold a fairly conservative voting record on fiscal issues but his position on social issues will be cause a serious problem with social conservatives. May’s strategy will likely be to split the conservative vote in a crowded Republican Primary.


  1. nightcrawler says


    Thank you for bringing this up. This is a discussion we need to have as a group.

    I believe Steve May’s entry into the race would be a good thing for our community and the party.

    Say what you will, Steve is upfront and honest about his lifestyle. Unlike a hypocrite who prefers a wide stance, Steve fights for what he believes in and that takes courage, especially for a Republican.

    I know many of you phobes out there will take issue with the lifestyle, but as a party we cannot and should not exclude or chase away conservatives of any stripe.

    You have every right based on social issues not to vote for or support him. You should however, support his right to run for office and offer independent and cross over voters a real choice in the fall.

    I applaud his courage and welcome his entry in the race.

  2. The only problem I have with candidates like May is when they get elected and make their lifestyle a single-issue and crusade. I don’t care what he does in his personal life and it’s none of my business. But when guys like May bring their bedroom practices into the public arena and try to force the majority of Americans into accepting their sexual behavior and politics as normal, then I and a whole lot of people have a big problem with it. I would assume that is a fair statement?

  3. I would say it is fair. And before someone says the pro-life people are doing the same thing, the huge difference is the right of those who cannot speak for themselves is at issue NOT the ability of any private citizen to take part in a choice that has no direct impact on another life.

    Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness begins with life.

  4. nightcrawler says


    I respect your opinions and this blog. Growing up in urban west coast cities, these lifestyles don’t really phase me. I don’t read the tea leaves the same way you do. I would hope that he would not become a single issue candidate once elected. I realize that for many people, sanctity of life and marriage definitions are “deal breaker” issues. For me personally, they are not. I rather look at the character of the candidate. I will happily throw my support to a pro-life, pro-marriage candidate, conversely if a candidate is great on every other GOP position, I’ll give them a pass on social issues. I realize that opinion is not in the majority on this blog. I’m not so sure the gay republicans are trying to convert or recruit people into their lifestyle. They simply want to be respected and taken seriously. I have no problem with that. The lifestyle has been around for thousands of years and will remain for thousands more. It is what it is. On this Valentine’s day I can tell you that I have been married to the same wonderful woman for over 20 years. We have great kids. As a family man, I feel secure about our values. I have thought our kids never to judge or discriminate in any fashion or for any reason. Again, I respect your opinion, just beg to differ.

  5. I’ve never thought of Steve May as a “one-issue” politician.

    Heterosexual politicians often, as Mitt Romney did before he quit the race and enthusiastically endorsed John McCain, point to their long exclusive sexual relationships with their partners in marriage, as another reason to vote for them.

    Just as it was wrong that some Republicans may have refused to vote for Gov. Romney because of his religion (and as the nominal opponent to Rep. Jeff Flake in AZ-06, I can tell you I’ve gotten a couple of nauseating and disgusting letters of “support” from anti-Mormon bigots), it is wrong for someone who agrees with Steve May’s principles not to vote for him because of his sexual orientation.

    I want people to vote against me because I’m a liberal Democrat, not because I’m gay.

  6. “But when guys like May bring their bedroom practices into the public arena and try to force the majority of Americans into accepting their sexual behavior and politics as normal, then I and a whole lot of people have a big problem with it.”

    No, that is not a fair statement, Shane. I would guess that all gays and lesbians want is equal protection under the law in the areas of housing, employment and public accomodation. They likely also hope that their partners can see them when they are hospitalized and be eligible for benefits that they pay for, just like the rest of us.

    Can’t our fellow human beings be treated with fairness, justice and compassion even if some of us have moral or religious problems with their sexual orientation? For my part, I am not only OK with that, but I see that view as both humane and based on American principles.

  7. Antifederalist says

    The LBGT movement want MORE than “equal protection”. They want EXTRA protection. May was part of the gay agenda group who tried to push very onerous law onto our businesses. May championed a bill to prevent employers from firing anyone if they were even PERCEIVED to be gay. This isn’t “being treated with fairness, justice and compassion,” it’s imposing their views on others at the expense of private property rights. It’s an attempt at the government controllig our thoughts and views. It’s a regulatory taking that will never be compensated. As far as I’m concerned, to so attack businesses and assault private property rights (and really, assault the First Amendment) means that May is in no way a small-government conservative. At best, he’s a RINO. The Republican party is in the mess we’re in because of RINOs (Bush, Jerry Lewis, etc.). We don’t need another RINO in office.

  8. Scrupulous, exhumed says

    Being a homosexual means something, politically and otherwise. It’s also an important part of one’s life. How many people say, well, I’m hetero and have a couple kids but hey that’s not a big deal.

  9. Rex,

    I was under the impression that existing laws already prohibit discrimination in the areas of housing, employment and public accomodation? What more do people who practice homosexuality want?

    But while were adding “sexual orientation” to the law why don’t we also include “dietary orientation” and “hygenic orientation” and a whole slew of other behavioral orientations?

  10. If there is discrimination based on sexual orientation, is that OK, Shane?

    Antifederalist, you say that “May championed a bill to prevent employers from firing anyone if they were even PERCEIVED to be gay.” Why would that sort of bigotry be tolerated under the guise of protecting private property?

    What a shame when a member of the party of Lincoln is called a RINO because he stands up for equal rights for all and against hate. I am a married man with two kids and I don’t feel that my rights or my marraige is threatened if two gay people who love each other seek to have a committed relationship and have it legally recognized. Since marriage is a sacrament to many religions, I’m willing to stop at civil unions.

    Ample evidence exists to prove that people do not choose their sexual orientation any more than they choose their race or gender. The American Psychiatric Association has held that stance for years. Suicide, drug abuse and homelessness are serious problems for gay teens. Ever wonder why?

    One must ask what exactly you are scared of when you oppose gay and lesbian people being treated humanely, with justice and as full citizens?

  11. Did Grayson say he was gay?

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