Steve Huffman’s treasurer stalking Toni Hellon, according to legal filing.

     I cannot say it better than Espresso Pundit (see Meltdown in the Old Pueblo.)

     I am not sure if it is the same William G. Arnold against which Toni filed the injunction but there is a William G. Arnold who is a member of the Tucson Association of REALTORS(R) and is on the Steering Committee of the Arizona REALTORS(R) for Huffman. Wow! I thought REALTORS(R) followed a strict code of ethics. I guess not when it comes to their time away from work. 

     Do you think RPAC will ever realize that they backed a flawed candidate? 


Update. William G. (Bill) Arnold resigned as Steve Huffman’s treasurer. Huffman camp does not deny prior knowledge of the incident.


  1. This definitely hurts Huffman but could give a slight boost to Toni Hellon if naive voters don’t do their homework on the home office fascad.

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