Steve Chucri Releases Campaign TV Commercial

MARICOPA COUNTY – Today, the Steve Chucri campaign has released its first TV commercial, which is entitled “People Before Politics.”

In the clip, Steve gives background information on himself and pledges to “always put people, before politics.” This promise is an important one as the county has been mired with infighting and has often times not put the citizens of Maricopa County ahead of political squabbles.

Steve Chucri is endorsed by: Governor Jan Brewer, County Attorney Bill Montgomery, U. S. Senator Jon Kyl, Congressman Jeff Flake, Congressman Ben Quayle, Congressman David Schweikert, Congressman Paul Gosar, Congressman Trent Franks, State Senate President Steve Pierce, Speaker of the House Andy Tobin, State Treasurer Doug Ducey, Maricopa County Supervisor Andy Kunasek, Gilbert Mayor John Lewis, Mesa Mayor Scott Smith, Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane, Chandler Mayor Jay Tibshraeny, and Paradise Valley Mayor Scott LeMarr.

Chucri has served as the President & CEO of the Arizona Restaurant Association (ARA) since 2002. Under his leadership and tireless work ethic, the ARA and restaurant industry has enjoyed a substantial growth in sales in what will amount to a ten billion dollar industry in Arizona this year alone.

As President and CEO of the ARA, Chucri represents business owners and sees firsthand how the actions of local, state, and federal governments can positively or negatively impact restaurants and other small businesses in Arizona. Chucri’s experiences as a businessman, husband, and father have given him invaluable insight into the needs of his community and ensure that, as County Supervisor, he will always put people before politics.



  1. A vote for Chucri is a vote to gut SB1070.

  2. Yep, the Arizona Restuarant Association has been on the “hands off illegals” list all the way back to Prop 200 in 2004. By his list of “endorsements”, it appears even office holders we think of as “conservative” can’t vet their way out of a wet paper bag?

    His website “issues” does not address illegal immmigration, and under normal circumstances maybe it shouldn’t. But the MCBOS has been up to their asses in one pro-illegal immigration move after another for the past several years. THIS is what we get for a candidate to replace one of those rats?

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