Stephen Viramontes for 2nd Vice Chairman, Arizona Republican Party

CONTACT: Stephen Virapmontes, (480) 442-1776

Proxy Process for all State Committeemen

Mesa, AZ – Today Stephen Viramontes would like to remind all of the State Committeemen of the proxy process for the Mandatory Meeting on Saturday January 28th. Per the call letter dated January 16th, 2012:

“At all meetings of the State Committee, members are entitled to vote in person or by proxy given to a qualified elector of the county (or in counties of 500,000 or more population, the legislative district) where the member resides.”

If you will not be able to attend this meeting, you may give your proxy to ANY REGISTERED REPUBLICAN IN YOUR LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT to be carried on your behalf. Please remember the proxy requirements: “Every proxy must be attested by a Notary Public or two witnesses, brought to the meeting by the proxy carrier.”

If you or a state committeeman, or know of one that will not be in attendance at this meeting please contact a member of your district leadership team so your proxy may be carried.

Viramontes is a husband, father and entrepreneur. He is currently serving as a precinct and state committeeman in Legislative District 22 and is running for the 2nd Vice-Chairman of the AZGOP. His goals include improving the communication between the State Party and Legislative Districts, while also assisting the Districts in their fundraising efforts in preparation for 2012 elections.