Stephen Moore doesn’t live in Arizona.

     More like he lives in an Ivory Tower. It must be very easy to criticize elected officials when you do not have to face the voters yourself and that is what Moore has done. State Senate President Tim Bee looked at the cards in his hand and played them for what they were worth. He presides over a chamber that has a Republican majority but does not an overwhelming one. So what did he do? Senate President Bee crafted a budget that would pass in his chamber and not get vetoed. A wise and valid strategy. The reality in Arizona is that the Democrat Governor is not afraid to use her veto power. Senator Bee has taken that political reality into account.

     On the other side of the capital House Speaker Jim Weiers has employed a different but equally valid strategy, fight and fight hard and do it out in the open. Last year he succeeded in getting large tax cut through the process as well as other free-market reforms. This year is a little different because of the results of the 2006 elections.

     I like and respect both Bee and Weiers. They get the job done but in very different styles. That style has implications. Last year Bee won re-election by 61.6% to 38.4%, a margin of over 18,000 votes. Weiers won his 4-way by only 358 votes. Sure he was targeted by the Democrats (I wonder why) but the margins of victory are still quite different.

     I wonder if Stephen Moore has heard of AZ CD-8. Last year we had a solid conservative low-tax Republican running against Gabby Giffords. I did not see much of Stephen Moore during that race. In fact we did not see much help from any out of towners that year. Well Gabby won. It is widely expected that Bee will challenge Giffords for that seat next year. Bee’s reputation among local Republicans is such that he may not even face a challenge in the primary. (One of the many factors contributing to the Republican loss last time.)

     I wonder if Stephen Moore will find his way to Pima or Cochise County in 2008 or if he would rather Gabby Giffords stay in the house for another 2 years because Tim Bee in not a prefect Republican in Moore’s book. Moore seems to be excited about getting Napolitano’s liberal positions on record incase she decides to run for McCain’s senate seat. Her views were clearly on record by November 2006 and the voters did not seem to care. When the same statewide voters elect Napolitano and Kyl by comfortable margins the message is clear. Style over substance. Please remember that in the same year J.D. Hayworth lost convincingly in a Republican strong hold while Trent Franks won his election 60% to 40%.

     Tim Bee’s style is a lot closer to Franks than to J.D. It may very well come in handy as it looks like 2008 might be another tough year for Republicans. Stephen Moore is welcome to come down to Southern Arizona and help out, that is unless he wants to hear the term Representative Giffords for another 2 years.


  1. Observer says

    I don’t know how else to say this other than – what a foolish post.

    Did you ever stop to look at the registration numbers in Bee’s and Weier’s district before making a silly extrapolation that their styles had something to do with their vote totals. Since it is obvious you didn’t look, Bee’s district is far more Republican than Weier’s is.

    Style over substance is the reason Kyl and Napolitano won? How about incumbent versus challenger? Usually a better indicator of electoral performance.

    As for your comments about Steve Moore. Suffice to say, that you do know he is an editorial columnist and not a political operative. It’s his job to offer up his opinions.

    Not a very well thought out post.

  2. Oro Valley Dad says

    The post is no more foolish than Moore’s behavior at the GOP Salute to the Legislature.

    If Moore wants lower taxes then he should come out here during an election and help get the right people in office to make that happen. That would have a more positive effect than criticizing the Arizona Senate at a GOP dinner event.

    Moore took a cheap shot a Bee and we returned the favor.

  3. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Wow, not OVD’s best work… Must have rushed it to get ready for the Sun’s game!

    Two completely different districts and two completely different sets of registration numbers. Moreover, Tim Bee was running for the Senate where you vote ONE vote while Weiers was running for the House where you vote TWO votes but can only vote once for each candidate. So of course Bee posts a higher percentage.

    OVD also mentions that Weiers was a target, wondering why? Hmm, the Republican that leads a united Republican caucus that can pass tax cuts is targeted by a liberal Democrat who hates that he even challenges her ideology, while the Republican that crafts his budget directly with Democrats and the Governor herself is not targeted? I think we can stop wondering, agreed?

    Weiers was running against a Dem who had already run twice before, and her name id was further boosted by her husband’s concurrent campaign for Congress in an overlapping district. Bee was running against a nobody. Weiers was targeted by a vicious direct mail campaign accusing him of befriending pedophiles and practicing predatory lending while Bee was left completely alone. But OVD is convinced the outsomes are a “matter of style”?

    I’ll accept Observer’s comment that Steve Moore is a columnist and isn’t required to know the political and campaign specifics. But he didn’t profess to. OVD did.

    Now I get that OVD is sticking up for Tim Bee, trying to protect his right flank for an important upcoming Congressional race. And I’m all for Tim Bee beating Giffords. But let’s not be surprised when Congressman Bee is voting for pork-laden budgets, trying to curry favor back home. It will be too late for OVD to act surprised and wonder if Congressman Bee has Potomac Fever? We knew what we were getting when we voted for him!

  4. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Geez, he posted while I was posting, only to admit to taking a cheap shot with some grade-schoolyard logic that says “Moore was a buffoon, so I was a buffoon back”?

    I think he left off the “neener neener neener!”

    And frankly, if OVD wants to help Bee, he needs to quit reminding people that Bee bristles at the suggestion of tax cuts. It really wasn’t his best moment and I’m sure he would prefer we quit talking about it.

    Moreover, OVD wasn’t there to see Speaker Weiers (yes, the same Weiers that OVD claims has bad style) go out and pull Bee back into the event before he embarrassed himself further.

    Oh well, let’s go watch the Suns game and deal with this later. They’ve got style and mad skills. Maybe one of them can run for Congress?

  5. Oro Valley Dad says

    Yes they are different districts. According to the Arizona Secretary of State web site in October of 2006 LD 30 had an 18,000 Republican edge with 31,000 “other.” LD 10 had a 4,000 Republican edge with 16,000 “other.” Looks like Bee held his party together and got about 1/2 the independent vote.


    The political reality of Southern Arizona is that Bee would vote a lot better than Gabby or the gay, open-borders congressman before her that was under investigation for his behavior regarding young men. A little pork would be a huge improvement down here.

    I know that STS did what he could in the ‘06 CD-8 race but we lost that one. When you have fallen off the boat into the cold waters of the North Atlantic do you get in a sturdy fishing trawler when it comes by or our do you stay in the water and hope that the QE II will happen by and find you?

    As I said before Bee is dealing with the Senate that the voters selected. Many of us worked to make that Senate more conservative but that did not happen. That is not Bee’s fault. He is dealing with the political reality of the 2006 election.

  6. Observer says


    Give me a break. You really believe that Steve Moore advocating for more tax cuts is a “cheap shot?” Wow, then I guess all of the pro-growth pro-taxcut people in Arizona should keep their mouths shut for risk of taking cheap shots. Because according to your logic, unless you are working to get good conservatives elected in Arizona, then you lose your right to comment on policy. That is, of course, nuts.

    But for sake of argument, let’s say that is way it should be. Don’t you think Moore has earned that right under your standard?
    While Moore was at the helm of the Club for Growth, he financially backed Jeff Flake heavily in at least two elections, he also had the Club give money to Trent Franks. Under your standard, hasn’t Moore earned the right to comment on lower taxes?

  7. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Like I said, I’ll be totally cool with Bee in ’08. I just disagreed with comparing the races in LD30 and LD10. You give Weiers 14,000 more Republicans and turn it into a Senate race so voters only get one vote instead of two, and he would have won by much more. Add in the amount of money the Dems spent trying to take out the Republican leader at the Legislature and you see how the two races were so very different…

    Keep up the good work on the CD8 race though OVD. We’ll need all the help we can get!

    Go Suns!

  8. Trent Franks spent more than ten times then his opponent did. If the democrats had spent a little cash Thrasher would be our congressman.

  9. Oro Valley Dad says

    On second look LD 10 and LD 30 are not as different as one may think. There are about 26,000 Republicans in 10 and 39,000 voters that are not, a difference of about 13,000. In 30 there are about 52,000 Republicans and 65,000 that are not, a difference of about 13,000. Like most things in Arizona the game is won or lost with the independents and non-party voters.

  10. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Why would OVD crank up the argument again when it had finally died down? Alright then, come and get another whuppin’! 😉

    In LD10, the GOP has 39.9% while the Dems have 33.2%, with a difference of 4,353 voters between the two.

    In LD30, the GOP has 44.2% while the Dems have 28.9%, with a difference of 17,935 voters between the two.

    So OVD says that districts that have a registration difference of 6.7% between Republicans and Democrats are not as different as one might think from districts that have registration differences of 15.3%?

    Nuts… And basing that on the difference between total GOP registration versus ALL of the other voters being the same number? Double nuts…

    A difference of 13,000 is entirely different in LD10 where the total number of voters is less than 65,000 as compared to LD30 where the total number of voters is more than 117,000.

    Plus, OVD is still ignoring the unique characteristics of Senate races versus House races and the predictable result of major dollars being spent to tar and feather Weiers while Bee was left completely alone.

    This was a poorly thought out argument when it was first made and I’m afraid that a second coat of lipstick isn’t going to make the pig look any prettier.

    If OVD (I love you man!) keeps looking for similarities to attempt to prove his thesis, he will likely find them. But they will not actually help to prove him right.

    Such similarities might be that both elections were held on Novemeber 7th. Moreover the names of both districts begin with the same “LD”.

    See, the pig is still a pig…

    Go Suns!

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