Steele visits Arizona.


     GOPAC Chairman Michael Steele visited Arizona on Thursday. He brought his positive and inspirational message of opportunity to the valley. In the morning and afternoon he went on Phoenix radio stations. Meetings were held in between with an early evening reception for major supporters of the Arizona Republican Party. Chairman Steele spoke about the goal of GOPAC, to develop and train legislative and local candidates and party activists.

     GOPAC and the Arizona Republican Party have already held a very successful candidate school in the Phoenix area. The state party and GOPAC are teaming up again for a Southern Arizona campaign school in late September. Thursday was one more example of Chairman Pullen and the staff at the state party focusing on training, outreach, and building up the party.


  1. Gee wonder if Pullen and the staff at the “new and improved” (not my words) State Party thought enough to invite Southern Arizona people to take advantage of this visit ?

  2. tired of pullen says

    Pullen is such a joke and the AZGOP has quickly become a joke also

  3. Oro Valley Dad says


    Make a significant donation to the state party and I am pretty sure Chairman Pullen will contact you for the next event no matter where in the state you live.

    If you would like to be part of the solution you can also contact the state party at and sign up for the next campaign school to be held in Tucson in late September.

    The Pima County Committee also used to have an excellent Trunk-n-Tusk series for people in Southern Arizona. You might want to contact them at and ask what happened to that once great program.

  4. What you mean he is not “Pullen for the Grass Roots” ? Gee I guess you gotta pay to play…

  5. Oro Valley Dad says

    There are lots of activities in Pima and Maricopa Counties that grassroots activists can attend for under $20, some under $10. I strongly recommend the Pima County Republican Club. I even think Randy has come down and spoke a few times. There are also monthly legislative district meetings. Those are free and Randy has spoken at several of them in the area. Contact county HQ to get involved and get active.

  6. Maybe “Pullen & sellin out the grass roots.”

    For some people “grass roots” are those things that are supposed to stay underground until called on. Once elected to office, they think their job is to cater to the “green backs.” Too late they discover that it all is pleasant for a time but then it turns randy and becomes bare ground because the root system is ignored.

  7. thaks oro valley dad me thinks I should take your advice

  8. fedup

    OVD is right that the best answer is to attend county EGC meetings and LD meetings. Find those people who share your values and issue positions. If they have been involved for awhile, they will have acquired a loose network to get more information. Party leaders, elected officials, political action committee leaders and grass roots activists all attend those meetings on a regular basis (most of them are volunteers) and you can talk with them one on one. You will then get the whole picture updated on a regular basis.

    Get appointed as a Precinct Committeeman in your district or county – the amount of time and energy you put in is up to you – there are recommended activities, but none actually required – kind of like church. You can just attend and receive a small blessing or you can contribute to the process and get a big blessing. How much you want to feel that you are actually being a part of the solution in a meaningful way?

    When Abe founded the Republican Party, he basically set up the party structure plan that we are following today. It is a bottom-up plan – one that the establishment does not always like because it does not always just say aye and salute – and it works best when people like you participate and contribute to the success. We get failures when people do not get involved and a small group controls the process for their own personal reasons.

    Abe was clairvoyant in understanding that it is difficult for five people to manipulate five thousand active members who ask questions and give their input.

    If you live in Maricopa County, the Executive Guidance Committee – the eighteen legislative district chairs and ten officers – meet at state headquarters on 24th street one block north of Osborn on the first Thursday of the month at 7pm. The meeting is open to guests to observe and you can talk with some of those people before or after the business meeting. If you want to get a sense of what is on the front burner from people with rather varied backgrounds, since they represent Scottsdale, Gilbert, Buckeye, Wickenburg, Sun City, South Phoenix and all points in between, this is a good place to go.

  9. Yes, there were folks from Southern Arizona there. Has anyone else noticed that GOPers from Northern Arizona don’t have the same “poor me” attitude of some whiners from Southern Arizona?

  10. Phoenix is hot but it

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