Stealth Campaigning.

     Once again I had to find out about the latest Republican candidate for Tucson City Council on a Democrat leaning blog. Apparently the moribund Republican County Party has given up on keeping the public updated on the election. Maybe the party is quietly acknowledging the inevitable, that given the voter registration numbers* and the open structure of the general election that Republicans have no chance. Or maybe the party apparatus is just unable to get out the message.

     The one slight hope the Republicans have is for Democrat turnout to be low. With news that enviro-wacko Daniel Patterson might challenge Walkup look for the Democrat kook base to be fully energized and show up and vote in force. If the electorate is in the same mood as 2006 things might not go well for the GOP.

     Speaking of Walkup it looks like he is not as popular as he once was with the business community. In fact one influential person has called for change. I am not sure Patterson is what Emerine had in mind but you don’t always get exactly what you ask for.

     At this rate maybe Steve Huffman should run for mayor. He was popular with the business community and he spearheaded the reauthorization for Rio Nuevo. Steve could finally prove to all the Graf supporters how electable he really is. What about it Steve?

*By my calculations, based on the Pima County Recorder’s web site, there are 219,144 registered voters in Tucson proper. Of that number 44% are Democrats, and 26% are Republican. A column titled Others makes up 29% of the electorate. It is never good in politics when you have fallen behind Other. The simple fact is that the Republicans in Pima County mostly live outside of the City of Tucson.


  1. Thanks for the mention.

    Supporting clean air, water, and quality of life is truly conservative, not enviro-wacko.

    My views are very diverse. I have a business background. I was a long-time Independent, and do support some Republicans.

    If I run and am elected Mayor I will work with all Tucsonans for public-interest solutions.

    Thank you,
    Daniel R. Patterson
    Tucson Planning Commissioner
    President, Santa Rita Park Neighborhood Association.

  2. Oro Valley Dad says


    Thank you very much for commenting. We are sorry about all the name-calling but if we don’t use enough labels then Ann Coulter will come down here and beat us.

    Seriously, good luck in your race. Tucson is “lost ground” for many of us. Have at it. Long Live Rio Nuevo!

  3. kralmajales says


    Sorry that was great exchange…especially the Ann Coulter part.

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