Statement by State Senator Scott Bundgaard regarding erroneous reports by Arizona Republic

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 26, 2011
CONTACT: Jason Rose


“Shame on an reporter for posting a story without even phoning me first. Here’s what might have been learned if that reporter had the decency and professionalism to do so. Last night, I was a participant in the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona ‘Dancing With The Stars’ charitable event to raise money for this fine organization. Other participants included Governor Brewer’s Chief of Staff Eileen Klein, Gallagher and Kennedy Partner Mike Gallagher, Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce and his wife, and numerous other business, political and community leaders.

I am proud to have helped raise thousands of dollars for this charity, so much so that my girlfriend, parents and other family members were in attendance. While I may not have won the competition it was a wonderful night for a wonderful cause. Perhaps my fault was failing to ask my girlfriend to meet with Kurt Warner’s wife about how to understand and support a spouse or partner for a ‘Dancing With The Stars’ competition.

Upon leaving the event I was accused of inappropriately touching my dancing partner, in front of my parents and family mind you, and she proceeded to throw my clothes and other things out of my car on a freeway as I took her home. I stopped on the freeway to retrieve these items. As I was doing so my girlfriend yelled that she was going to take my car and moved into the driver’s seat. I immediately returned to the car and asked her to get out. She refused. I had no choice but to pull her from the driver’s seat which resulted in marks on her knees. I had also had no choice but to stop her from punching me and risking highway safety, all of which resulted in a black eye for me and a busted lip (photos available upon request). The authorities arrived as I tried to retrieve my belongings from the highway. I have never inappropriately touched a woman and never would. Period. I was not intoxicated. There was no ‘domestic violence.’ Such conduct is offensive to me as it should be to all people. I waive any and all ‘legislative immunity.’ If I did something wrong, charge me. I did not.

While a personal matter, I understand the public interest and apologize to any and all for what has taken place. I will not hide behind statements. This was done so to set the record straight. I am available for any and all interviews and for any and all questions.”

– Arizona State Senate Majority Leader Scott Bundgaard


  1. Sonoran Alliance says

    Reporter’s name and contact info: Connie Cone Sexton | | 602-444-6843

  2. How is Scott Bundgaard Senate Majority Leader is my question. This is his first term in any office, isn’t it?

    Sorry, Scott, I didn’t trust you before you took office, I don’t trust you now.

  3. The incident does shed light on one glaring change that needs to be made to AZ’s constitution…immunity should never be afforded to any elected official.

  4. What IS it with the celebrity idol-worship these days? Everyone needs to be in front of the cameras doing vapid stuff. How come real jobs don’t have value anymore?

    Stay at home and get a hobby building airplane models next time. Even if the chick gets pissed at you for not paying enough attention to her and tosses your clothes into your front yard saguaro, it’s still way less embarrassing than a highway scene.

  5. Umm Not True says

    If a girl goes nuts on you in a moving vehicle at highway speeds, you better pull over before she gets a lot of folks hurt or killed. And if she tries to drive off in your car, then removing her from the vehicle before she DUI’s into some other family also seems prudent. A shame it had to get physical, but it doesn’t sound like she was listening to “please don’t steal my car”

  6. Did he really pay someone to put out that embarrassing piece of rationalization? It read like a high school prom date gone bad!

    Where’s the mention of her alcohol consumption, I didn’t see any…so no excuse for not allowing her to just drive off and call a cab. She acts like an idiot, let her! You engage, now you’ve joined the club.

    One less contender for Franks seat.

  7. Paula Pennypacker says

    I can’t believe what I just read!

  8. The woman is psychotic in a Glenn Close Fatal Attraction kind of way. The only bad decision made here was Scott’s choice in dating some overly possessive clingy woman.

  9. “I had no choice but to pull her from the driver’s seat which resulted in marks on her knees.”

    NO CHOICE but to drag her from the car?
    It’s like he’s saying that she was asking for it, right?
    Sounds like a wife beater to me.

  10. vicki venhuizen says

    Yet again, he puts all the blame on someone else, before it was
    his co workers, this time it’s the girlfriend. Even if his side of the story is true, this guy uses really really bad judgement and has no
    business trying to take care of the people’s business when he
    cannot take care of his own. Scott,do the right thing and resign.

  11. Scott, I’ve known you years and believe you. If you need a character witness, you can count on me and thousands of other people.

  12. A few of us tried to warn voters about “Baggage Bundgaard” before the election.
    He likes to be in court; look up his records.
    Anyone read his divorce transcripts?

    He has a pattern of getting into trouble and then claiming it’s someone else’s fault.

    And what a stupid statement; who cares what company he was with prior to the incident?

    Sonoran, give the battered woman the opportunity tell us her side. Quit blindly supporting bad boy Bundgaard.

  13. Beverly-

    I don’t believe that you read the same story or press release that I did. In both documents, it speaks of how his girlfriend was arrested for assault. Maybe you’re one of those femin-Nazi male haters who Rush talks about & you just believe that it wouldn’t ever be possible for a male to get beaten-up by his wife or girlfriend.

    If what Bundgaard says here is true then the biggest mistake that he may have made here was not dumping a possessive & jealous girlfriend yet. No, nobody can make a judgment that she was drunk unless they have inside information, but until all of the facts come forward I think it is inappropriate to jump to any conclusions about what happened here & who is at fault.

    Vicki V-

    We also don’t demand resignations before we know what happened. I doubt that you would demand that a female legislator resign after her boyfriend or husband just got arrested for assaulting her. Or would you say that a battered wife “uses really really bad judgment and has no business trying to take care of the people’s business when she can’t take care of her own?” That kind of thinking or standard that you use for Bungaard is repugnant. Do you always blame female assault victims for the horrible & extreme acts of violence that they endure?

    Your sexist way of thinking is repulsive to me. I’m just glad that most men don’t defend wife beaters or attack their victims like you do here. Or should his girlfriend just have “immunity” from assault charges because in your mind the guy is obviously always at fault?

  14. Tyler M:
    I actually am a huge fan of Rush L. and Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann and anyone else who is not afraid to speak truth.

    I’m just sayin’… Bundgaard has a pattern of evading justice. Look up his records.

    Lots of women are denied justice when it comes to dealing with violence and abuse, especially when the alleged perpetrator is someone of renown: politician, athlete, celebrity, or CEO.

    Politicians should NOT have immunity against ANY law the rest of us have to obey. Change the constitution if necessary.

    And before you accuse me of not reading the information, where did I mention “drunk” in my post?

  15. I guess we have to foget that Bumbard was previously on probation for a store burglary years ago. It is one thing to be a victim – it is another to also participate in the assault.
    If this is who conservatives choose as their majority leader, then it is time to take a hard look at ourselves. It is time to starting vetting these people.
    I have no sympathy for this guy. He should resign as senate majority leader on Monday. The voters in his district can determine the rest.
    Mark DeSimone and Scott Bumbgard, a state senator with a DUI in her past. Yep, real leadership group we have down there.

  16. My first thought was that this press release is poorly written.

    Then I realized there’s no good way to explain what Bundgaard did.

    I think there was a way to write it without sounding like an immature brat who is simultaneously name-dropping, trying to make oneself look generous while blaming everyone else for everything.

    People around us act badly all the time. It is the actions of Bundgaard himself that are important. They were bad. This explanation is bad. Just bad.

  17. Did Bundgaard really write this teenage rambling rant? Or was it someone that wanted to see him fall even further from grace? This press release is a bad joke. Did J.Rose write this press release for Bundgaard? BIG FAIL!

  18. ActaNonVerba says

    Women shouldn’t get to vote or be involved in public life. I read (the vast majority) of women’s comments on this or other he said/she said incidents and the anger, hatred, undue certainty of opnion, etc.. is appalling. They don’t “doubt”, they don’t “question”, they absolutley “know” the man is 100% guilty and is the anti-christ. That is why women don’t belong in the public sphere. They are not capable of reason or fairness or objectivity, only misandry and a hive mentality.

  19. Senator Bundgaard
    If the last line in your statement is true:

    ” I am available for any and all interviews and for any and all questions.”

    Why are you deleting or removing all questions put to you on your Facebook page?

    Are you only answering the questions that fit certain criteria?
    Oh, I get it; you will only answer questions from worthy sources; not your common constituents.

  20. Loser alert says

    What a tool!
    Bumble bumhole should resign for embarrassing the Republican party leadership- oh yeah that happens all the time but he really takes the cake.
    This guy is a complete joke and Jason Rose has really jumped the shark for writing this prattle as a press release !
    Bug bye please beam yourself up Scotty!

  21. Why do all the politicians claiming they are the victim of slander/libel hire Jason Rose so quickly? Sorry Bundgaard, I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, but Mr. Rose is not associated with innocent men.

  22. Rode hard and put away wet says

    Was this a three way with Mecum? heard he was there wearing his captain America suit with his beer belly poking thru – some people never change their mo
    Mecum for PARTAY chair!

  23. Beverly-

    I’m sorry for the confusion, but the part of my comment where I talked about not knowing if alcohol was involved actually was regarding someone else’s comment. I should have clarified better. Ann was the one mentioning alcohol consumption above. I’m not sure where she gets her info.

  24. Tyler…I was referencing post #5 which was just prior to my post:

    “removing her from the vehicle before she DUI’s into some other family also seems prudent.”

    No need to bring more into this train wreck than need be!

  25. Ryan Taylor says

    You can tell when a person is lying, they try to explain it as nothing and gloss over the details, exactly as you have done. Then you say you “had no chocie” but to pull her from the drivers seat, well guess what, there is always a choice. You made the wrong one, you should have let her take the care, and called the police. Instead you yanked her out, and I’m guessing the knee injuries most likely came from hitting the pavement. Agains, glossing over what actually happened. You say there was no “domestic violence”, yet both of you were injured, that amounts to a ball faced lie. You’re an elected official, who hid behind the trust of the people to wiggle yourself out of handcuffs. Enjoy the perks of the job, you will not be reelected, and I hope they press for your resignation sooner than that. I will be sending a nice check to your opponents campaign office. Only chumps hit women, and you are definitely a chump.

  26. JumpingThruHoops says

    I too am a fan of Levin, Hannity, etc. which I really don’t think that has relevenance to this incident. I also have to agree the voting public had plenty of warning about Scott Bundgaard from many media sources other than the Republic, most notably from the postings of AZ Ultra Conservative, former Senator and current Rep. Jack Harper. Goto “Dirt Search,” a Public Records Database, and plug in Scott Bungaard. Since the name is unusual it won’t be hard to find his records. The official records show a man with many trips to Justice Court, as recently as 2009-10, and a wife’s request for a “Court Ordered Protective Order” during their recent divorce. We already know of his trip to Criminal Court mentioned in the Press. So I think what happened with a girlfriend isn’t really surprising & posters here should hold judgement until we hear the other side of the story rather than some PR firm hired by Bungaard.

  27. No choice to pull her from the car?

    What a friggin’ idiot.

  28. looks like he’s been taking tips from Sean Connery

  29. No violence intended, just humor says

    Diplomatic Ammunity…has just been revoked:

  30. New interview posted with Ex says
  31. I didn’t trust you before you took office, I don’t trust you now.

    franklin marshall 2012
    Man’s franklin marshall


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