Statement by Speaker Kirk Adams regarding discriminatory screening of applicant for IRC on the basis of faith

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 13, 2010

CONTACT: Paul Boyer,

Statement by Speaker Kirk Adams regarding discriminatory screening of applicant for IRC on the basis of faith

PHOENIX – “Last week, an applicant for the Independent Redistricting Commission was blocked by the Commission on Appellate Court Appointments, apparently because of his religious faith. In an open meeting, a Commissioner opposed the application of Christopher Gleason for the sole reason that his application indicates he is a man of faith. Nothing was done to address this outrageous and offensive attack on Mr. Gleason’s faith. The Commission then proceeded to vote to prevent Mr. Gleason from reaching the other legislative leaders and I for consideration for an appointment to the Independent Redistricting Commission.

I am shocked and alarmed that a Commissioner of a constitutional commission, acting in an important constitutional proceeding, would openly oppose an applicant because his application appeared too religious. It is totally unacceptable to suggest that candidates for public service in Arizona must check their faith at the door.

I call upon the Commissioner in question to apologize and for the Commission to reconsider the application of Christopher Gleason. This incident smacks of an unconstitutional ‘religious test’ for public service. The members of the Commission must address this issue immediately. It must be made crystal clear that the applications of all Arizonans will be given fair, merit-based consideration; and that no other applicants who appear before the Commission will ever again be targeted for their faith.”

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  1. I wonder if Mr Araneta and his colleagues were required to swear or affirm that they would uphold our constitution, which begins “We the people of the State of Arizona, grateful to Almighty God for our liberties, do ordain this Constitution.”

    As we observe the centennial of the writing of the constitution and, in only 15 months, the centennial of our state, perhaps it would behoove our government officials to refresh their memories regarding our state’s fundamental document.

  2. Should not this Commissioner be fired for dereliction of duty in upholding the Constitution of his state and country? I do hope the people of AZ make this man step down.

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