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Statement by Senate President Russell Pearce on Recall Effort

Statement by Senate President Russell Pearce on Recall Effort



“Today a group of outside interests filed petitions in an effort to force a recall election. This push is unlike anything we have seen in Arizona politics. Typically these recall efforts are created after some alleged malfeasance in office. That is of course not the case here. These outsiders don’t like my hard line on illegal immigration and my belief in balanced budgets, spending only the money you have. I am proud of my defense of liberty and the Constitution. The problem for these organizers is that my constituents support my policies and beliefs, and have shown that support in every election since 2000.

The next step in this process is for the Secretary of State’s office to verify signatures, and they have their work cut out. Recall organizers are already admitting they are turning in thousands of invalid signatures, so this campaign may die a quick death.

If they have gathered enough signatures, the good people of District 18 would go to the polls this November or March 2012. Our residents know they have a strong voice in the Legislature. I am confident the residents of the district will not be swayed by these outsiders, and will once again show their support for the hard work I do for them the taxpayers, traditional family values, defense of our Constitutional liberties and the state of Arizona every day.”



  1. Nordine Crub says

    Outside interests. Hmmm. Didn’t you have to live In the district to sign the recall petitions?

    Russell so
    Ethnic tells me you would not say no to money from outside your distric or from out of state contributors.

    Typical talking out of both sides of your mouth.

  2. IndeTruth says

    Outsiders? I am no outsider and I contributed to their effort precisely because you are a one-trick pony (immigration) whose efforts in that regard, though lauded by some, have caused real economic damage to our State. Your misguided hard line approach to immigration reform is a PR trainwreck and cost AZ too much in lost conventions and other corporate economic opportunities. Read the letter from the multitude of AZ CEO’s who agree with me! I’m sure you already have. Moreover we now have to defend SB 1070 against the myriad of lawsuits filed! This is not a good use of our scarce resources in these lean times. Lest you or any of your supporters think I am some “open borders” leftwingnut, please be advised, Mr. Pearce, that I FIRMLY believe in a secure border combined with a rational and reasonable immigration reform focusing on the true cause and magnet of illegal immigration; the employers. Finally, your legislative agenda has done little to create jobs for those out of work here (Creating a State Firearm? Really?). You have done little to solve our immigration problem (in spite of all of your bellowing to the contrary) and you have done little to create employment for our out of work neighbors. These complaints of your performance are enough for me to support your recall and I resent the notion that I am some leftist nazi from another state. I assure you I am not…. and I’m not alone.

  3. IndeTruth says

    Oh… and by the way (with help from better reporters than me):

    Pearce called the recall effort “a group of outside interests,” referring to recall campaigners as “outsiders” more than once.

    This is, of course, total bull. Chad Snow, the recall campaign’s chairman has lived his whole life in Arizona. All of his family dwells here. He attended Glendale Community College, went on to ASU, and got his law degree there.

    Randy Parraz has lived in Arizona for several years. First from 2002 to 2004. He returned in 2007, and ran in the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate in 2010.

    As far as the volunteers involved in gathering signatures, all of them have to be registered voters. Many of the signature collectors I’ve spoken with are from Pearce’s district. And many are Republicans. Some are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, just like Chad Snow. (Note: LD18 is heavily Mormon.)

    Concerning the contributions CBA’s received, Parraz says that of the online donations, 93 percent came from in-state.


    yeah… right.

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