Statement by Peggy Neely regarding Phoenix Chamber

CONTACT: Paul Bentz

As I have said to the leadership of the Chamber, the media and anyone who has asked, I welcome Jennifer Wright and Anna Brennan to participate in the debate. The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce is a private organization and they have the right to operate their debate as they see fit. I welcome any invitation to share my vision of jobs, balancing the budget, and transparency with the voters of this City. I don’t recall Ms. Wright complaining about Mr. Stanton being excluded from Tea Party events just as I don’t recall Mr. Stanton complaining about his fellow candidates being excluded from Democratic district meetings.



  1. So is Neely suggesting that the Chamber of Commerce is partisan in the way that the Democratic Party is or politically biased in the way the Tea Party movement is? If so, she may be right. And if she is right, that is a sad commentary on the Chamber which represents a wide range of businesses and businessmen and women.

  2. Maybe at the Phx Chamber debate Peggy can explain how she helped block any other commercial development in the area around City North. I would like to hear her explain how there was a multi million $ judgement against the City North developers for keeping other projects from building and Peggys meddling in the staff work at the City were front and center of that debacle. I think she blamed her receptionist – now thats leadership.
    She can also explain her alliance with Democrats Michael Johnson and Nowakowski.. I think that arrangement is part of her deal with developers and zoning attorneys.

  3. Peggy Neely can also talk about how she will be Jan Brewer Jr and require businesses to clear all their business deals thru her political consultants at High Ground.

  4. Phillip the Great says

    And I don’t recall, even right after reading this, that Neely actually complained about the Chamber excluding Wright.

  5. Aw, c’mon Peggy, it’s just one little paragraph. Couldn’t you make a nice, simple, snark-free statement without jabbing at other candidates and trying to equate the two who are polar opposites?
    With apologies to Sal, I can’t support this woman unless she’s the last man standing.

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