Statement by John Munger on fixing Arizona’s Budget Deficit

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                           
(PHOENIX, AZ) As our Legislature convenes yet another special session to fully address Arizona’s budgetary crisis, I call on our lawmakers to abandon the Governor’s ill-advised plan for a tax increase and urge them to instead enact sensible fiscal and spending reforms. Thoughtful examples of such reforms are outlined in a recent report prepared by Americans for Prosperity and the Reason Foundation in collaboration with the Goldwater Institute, the Arizona Free Enterprise Club and others.
Many of the proposals cited in this report to reduce spending or increase revenues without raising taxes could go a long way towards solving our state deficit problem entirely.   In contrast, the Governor’s proposed tax increase will cause the loss of 13,000 to 16,000 private sector jobs annually. That’s a disaster we simply cannot afford. 
I have long argued for many of the steps in the report, including eliminating non-essential state agencies, further reducing government payrolls, reducing AHCCCS coverage and benefits – which are richer than most private insurance plans – and privatizing governmental programs. I also support maximizing parental control of our K-12 education system and reducing our non-violent prison population. These steps represent billions of dollars in potential savings and non-tax revenue enhancements which can help return our state to solvency virtually overnight.
We also need to restart Arizona’s economic engine by reducing and eliminating burdensome business taxes, reforming our regulatory process and injecting billions of dollars of private, out-of-state capital to build the infrastructure Arizona needs to prosper and grow. These ideas have already gained wide acceptance – I know because I have travelled throughout the state promoting them for years.
Our State has run out of time and voters have run out patience for phony solutions and perpetual tax increases. These next few weeks will be critical for Arizona’s future, and I today call on our citizens to hold our government accountable for the decisions that come out of the upcoming special legislative session.

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  1. My point of view says

    Real inovative plan there Munger.

    “Use these guys’ suggestions, they sound pretty good.”

    Sounds like a leader to me. Not to mention half of the proposals are impossible to implement like the Papago Park Military Res. Out ofthe gate you are off a half a billion dollars.

  2. Munger is off his rocker if he thinks the AFP plan is a reasonable plan that actually uses real numbers. Besides the point ‘My point of view’ makes the supposed $1.6 billion in saving by making all public schools charter schools is simply wrong.

  3. As a small business owner Munger’s ideas are refreshing. He is exactly who we need to run this state.

  4. My point of view says

    Justine, call up Mungers camp and have them give you the talking points again.


    Explain which ideas of Mungers are “refreshing” since all he did here was refer to another groups plan, which out of the gate is almost a billion dollars short (impossible to sell Grabd Canyon Airport and Santa Rita Range also).


    how about addressing that?

  6. Antifederalist says

    Um, MPOV, isn’t the pot calling the kettle black when you tell Justine to get Munger’s talking points since all you do is defend the hapless Brewer? Either you’re writing brewer’s talking points or you’ve got them memorized. Why ANYBODY would want to defend her is beyond me.

  7. My point of view says

    Where did I say anything about Brewer? The only reason you could guess I was referring to Brewer is because she’s the only one that has actually come out with an actual plan.

    That’s no endorsement of Brewer, that’s a criticism with anyone who claims they are capable of leading the state. I don’t give a candidate two thoughts until I hear how they plan o prevent the state from filigree bankruptcy next year and in 2011.

  8. Yah gotta be kidding. says

    Epic fail.

    Kick this guy to the curb.

    If you can’t even bother to read the current budget, you can’t play for crap.

    Start with education- sure, cut another billion, the feds are bailing us out on that one.

    Privatize the Universities just like Michigan did in the 80s- that looks like it worked quite well, since many of the state residents can no longer afford to attend their own universities in Michigan, and my how they have stimulated employment.

    After 18 years of republican tax cuts, if that is all it takes, we should be flying instead of dying.

    We have one of the lowest regulatory burdens in America, yet those california jobs just are not flowing, something about Utah providing a more educated workforce that can afford to live in decent houses.

    More Epic fail.

    This party needs some logic and intelligence, and anybody quoting Goldwater Institute just fails and should go to Somalia- after all no taxes and no government.

    I am tired of simplistic soundbite morons.
    I can listen to the dems for that too, and they are going to be destroying this party and replacing it with the most boring lawyer in America.


    Where are the folks who can add?

  9. Antifederalist says

    MPOV, you’ve defended Brewer at every turn. No one does that unless they’re in the candidate’s hip pocket. You’re a Brewer shill. Just `fess up to it…or are you ashamed of what you are? `cause yer certainly not hiding it very well if you’re trying to be surreptitious.

  10. My point of view says

    I will support our Incumbent Republican Governor until I find someone that can offer an alternative. No one has even begun to offer anything but empty sound bites.

    You are deflecting from my original posting, which made no mention of the Governor. I imagine that’s what you do when you have no substative argument.

  11. George Carney says

    I seriously thought John Munger had pulled out of this race. His campaign has been so quiet and ineffective. Does he really think he has a chance? I have been waiting for a statement saying that he is pulling out. I guess not yet.

  12. I just don’t see how anyone would want to vote for him. He’s corrupt. His brother is corrupt and he’s supported by a former corrupt governor.

  13. Freedom Lover says

    I see there are those here who support Brewer, well to those I have a few questions. First, there was a search done of 3200 names of people on AHCCCS and it was found over 700 of those are dead people who are still collecting checks. Now, Brewer refuses to allow those records to be checked further, Why?

    The AZ state government has determined it costs the state of AZ 2.3 BILLION dollars a year because of illegal aliens. Yes, they fill our schools, hospitals and welfare rolls. Now, why is she not rigorously inplementing a plan to round up the illegals and send them back where they came from? Why should we tax payers shoulder their burden? If they want to immigrate to this country there are legal methods to do so.

    We have government agencies that are totally unnecessary! Why does she not eliminate them and stop the constant drain of OUR money to support them?

    Did you know the AZ State Constitution limits the debt of the state to a maximum of $350,000? Are you aware that under Brewer the state just borrowed over 1 BILLION dollars, which is illegal by the Constitution. Maybe she forgot to read that minor document?

    As for a new Governor – My vote is for Hugh Kealer! He is a true conservative and promises to return this state to adhering to its Constitution. He also has enough signatures to be on the ballot too.

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