Phoenix, AZ – August 25, 2010 – “The time for debating and tough words in the Republican Primary is over.  The time for vote counting is upon us. I appreciated Tom Horne’s words earlier in the campaign and just last night when things were not looking his way that he would support me were I to be the nominee.  Likewise, if Tom prevails I don’t want there to be any doubt that I will support him against the Democrat. Let’s see where the vote counting takes us knowing that in the end the Republican Party will offer a nominee that is vastly better than a Democrat counterpart who opposes Senate Bill 1070 and who refuses to challenge ObamaCare by joining other Attorneys General across the U.S.”


  1. Pragmatic Conservative says

    Thomas is showing a lot of class. Thank you for breath of fresh air.

  2. Good job. Thanks.

  3. Jim's Shipmate says

    This year is the first time I put a bumper sticker on my car and more importantly, voted in a primary. Jim Deakin and I were shipmates on the USS Reuben James. After more than 20 years I heard him on the radio, then searched for him on the internet and found that his views were in alignment with mine. My wife and I told our friends and family about Jim, we donated time and money, but the Arizona decided not to back our candidate. Now I need a new bumper sticker as I can’t support Pelosi, Reid and Obama winning one more vote.

    Take a deep breath, think about the big picture and do the right thing. Support John McCain!

  4. McCain will stab us in the back faster than we can say Amnesty. The big piture is I will vote Democrat.

  5. George in AZ says

    Thomas presented the appearance of class, after he’d seen the honest example set by Horne. But one should not be deceived by appearances, especially when Thomas’ track record is an open book.

  6. I know there are a lot of anti-Thomas people out there, and the R’s among them voted for Horne. Many are not really pro-Horne, just anti-Thomas. What does it say to them when Horne says he’d support Thomas?

    It goes beyond class, it means Horne knows all the junk being thrown at Thomas is just that.

  7. AllUsBadGuys says


  8. Jim’s shipmate:

    Unfortunately you share Deakin’s mentality, and probably at bottom, you both embrace McCain’s “principles”

    The “big picture” shows an Arizna senate race between two supporters of the liberal establishment “ruling class”

    That being the case, I’d recommend a ballot be cast for the intellectually honest one!

    As to myself, I’d leave the space blank or cast a write in name!

    Either way, the taxpaying populace gets the shaft, but honestly, they brough it on themselves!

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