State Senate overview

The campaign season is really heating up with nomination signatures due tomorrow. Early voting begins in only 8 weeks. We wanted to take a detailed look at legislative races and will start with the Arizona State Senate. There are 30 seats, 17 are held by Republicans and 13 are Democrats.

Incumbents are running in most races and some are even uncontested. Five districts will have new senators because of term limits or an incumbent who is not running for re-election. Those districts are 12, 18, 25, 26 and 30. There are also a few other races to watch, namely districts 1 and 23. We expect very few changes in party control of senate seats. The Republicans have a good change of retaking district 26 and a slight chance at 23. The Democrats may dream about some switches but we do not see any on the horizon. If the Dems were to pick up a district, and that is an if, their best shot may be in 12 or 20. Sadly the Republicans were not able to field a candidate in the competitive district 24.

We will look at the open seats in a future post. As always we welcome your input and reaction to the topic.


  1. George of the Desert says

    You should also keep an eye on LD 22 where Thayer Verschor has a race against Eddie Farnsworth. A third Republican, Joe Bedgood is also going to run (assuming he gets the signatures.)

    The seat is reliably GOP, but if Thayer is knocked off then the race for Senate President (assuming the GOP retains control of the Senate, which should happen) is wide open.

    Thayer is a gentleman and a fine Senator who should be retained.

  2. Sonoran Alliance says

    George thanks for the details on LD 22. Verschoor successfully fended off a primary challenge in ’06 so we expect that he will win the primary again. You are correct that he is a great senator and should be returned to the senate.

  3. Live Free or Die says

    I had heard that Sen Ron Gould may run for Senate President. It is rumored that Gould is tired of the “less than conservative budgets” that have come out of the Senate.

  4. No way Gould runs for or is elected to leadership. Leadership has to make deals and then vote for them. If there are two things Ron doesn’t do, its make deals or vote Yes. Don’t believe me? Ask him yourself, ’cause he’s reading us right now. You out there Senator No?!

    We love ya!

  5. FreeAdvice says

    Sad to see no one running against Carolyn Allen. But at least we have Steve Pierce running for Senate against Tom O’Halleran up in Prescott.

  6. Live Free or Die says

    I think Gould voted yes, One time.

  7. Live Free or Die says

    But then he regretted it.

  8. It was for Sine Die, I’m sure.

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