State Senate Endorsements

We have completed our endorsements for State Senate. As with the congressional endorsements, we are not focusing on uncontested primaries at this time. We will of course be endorsing conservative candidates who face a general election challenger at a future date. To see the full list of our endorsements click on the 2008 Primary Candidate Endorsements link in the column on the right.

District 1

Senate: Steve Pierce – ENDORSED

District 4

Senate: Jack Harper – ENDORSED

District 18

Senate: Russell Pearce – ENDORSED

District 22

Senate: Thayer Verschoor – ENDORSED

District 26

Senate: Al Melvin – ENDORSED


  1. SonoranSam says

    No surprised re your LD 26 endorsement of Al Melvin.

    You won’t be surprised that I respectfully disagree.

    Mr. Melvin is an extremist who doesn’t understand the issues.

    Pete Hershberger is a Goldwater Conservative who know what his district wants and needs.

    If Mr. Melvin wins, he’ll lose – again – to the Democrat. This time it will be Cheryl Cage. If that’s what you want, that’s what you’ll get.

  2. Sonoran Alliance says


    Hershberger’s 2007 grade from the Goldwater Institute is a D-.

    Voting to keep partial-birth is an extreme vote. I guess that’s why Planned Parenthood is bankrolling Hershberger.

    Yes, Melvin lost by a small margin in a tough year for Republicans. The last Republic to lose in NW Tucson before 2006 was Hershberger’s Dad. Abraham Lincoln, George Bush, and Jonathan Paton also lost early races.

  3. Sonoran Sam says

    Spare me the “ratings” from the Goldwater Institute. It’s an extremist propaganda mill masquarading as a “think tank.”

    Barry Goldwater would be insulted to know that they misappropriated his good name.

    Havings said that, I respect your right to make endorsements, and I thank you for the opportunity to disagree.

  4. I am out of ideas for pseudonyms says

    I dunno, Barry Goldwater Jr. was at a Goldwater Institute the other night thanking everyone and welcoming guests. I guess if Barry Sr. was in a position to be insulted his son would be a much better preson to do something about it than Sonoran Sam.

  5. Sonoran Sam says

    “Jerry Falwell can kiss my a***.”
    – Barry Goldwater SR.

  6. Sonoran Alliance says

    Sam I think you are confusing the Goldwater Institute with the Center for Arizona Policy (CAP.) Goldwater deals with issue like private property rights and government regulation. CAP deals with social issues like abortion, defense of marriage, etc.

    Can you please name one position on which the late Senator Barry Goldwater would disagree with the Goldwater Institute?

  7. We love crAZy, yes we do! We love crAZy, how ’bout you?

  8. Sonoran Sam, the angry liberal, speaks.

  9. I’m glad to see you guys helping the GOP to lose LD 26 again 🙂

  10. kralmajales says

    Im voting for Hershberger. Also Trent Humphries…nice guy…smart. I disagree with both on a lot, but one is a great public servant and the other will be, in my opinion. Neither are like Harper or Pearce. They will do what is right.

  11. Buddy Breon says

    “Neither are like Harper and Pearce.” No, so I wonder how you could actually vote for them.

    “They will do what is right.” Based on what evidence? Hershberger is a liberal – and Humphries is not much better.

    The fact that S.A. gives your side a voice is amazing all by itself. So, what would it hurt you to just be nice?

  12. ….Im voting for Hershberger. Also Trent Humphries…nice guy…smart. I disagree with both on a lot…

    That’s our Kral…always the left-handed compliment.

    You did the same thing with Ciscomani: “I dont know Juan, but Laura is class. Very intelligent, hard working, and ethical. I would like to see her run for office.” Look: you don’t get her, you get him.

    I’d hate to see the picture of your perfect candidate but I’d think it would have three heads, seven arms, and a money tree in its yard….and maybe an insomniac libertarian siamese twin.

  13. Kralmajales says

    hahahahahahahahah I am sorry, but that was truly funny Bob. Thanks! (the last part).

    Hey, at least I am voting for a few GOPers here and there. I am being the good independent that I am.

    Ann Day…YES

    Not sure about the other choice for HD 26. Zerull is way too conservative for me. Williams? Hmmm not sure from what I have heard. I might just pref Humphries.

  14. Kralmajales says

    Oh…and on Laura and Juan. I can’t vote for him anyway, but people at the time were mentioning Laura along with Juan. I was just saying that she is smart as hell, hard working, and kind. Chiming in and being nice .

  15. So this is the best update to date! I go to the polls this morning to work against Harper and who do we find working for him? Paid pollworkers from Las Vegas, Dallas, and other outside cities! PAID POLLWORKERS FROM OTHER STATES!

    Wow, you really must have done a great job during the last six years if you have to pay people from other states to work for you on election day. How are the grace of God and the sweat of volunteers going to work — if you don’t have any volunteers?

    These people didn’t even know who Harper was, what his issues were, or where they were, they were just collecting a paycheck. When some of his workers were told about his positions on the issues, his history as a State Senator, and his behavior during the campaign, they did what any competent person would do — dropped his signs and abandoned their posts! When people learn what kind of person Senator Jack Harper is, they immediately withdraw their support and look for another candidate — even if they are from another state!

    Even better, at another site, he has Spanish Speaking Pollworkers from another state holding up his “Secure the Border” signs! I really would like to see some identification from all Senator Harper’s employees today.

    The Senator stated some pretty bizarre views about labor shortages and ways to fill them in his Youtube interview — perhaps he is using more of those outstanding businessman skills today (oh, wait a second – he ran his business into the ground and had to file bankruptcy)!

    Throughout all of his lies, all of his immoral behavior, all of his attacks against opponents he has always maintained the opinion that the voters of District 4 support him. Why is it then on election day that the only people who seem to be supporting State Senator Jack Harper are the people from out of state that he has hired? Why does he have to pay people to work for him when he has so much support?

    John Zerby has workers at every polling place who are actually volunteering for him? Not a single paid poll worker? That says a great deal about the person in my view. Perhaps being a reasonable Republican and not a fascist REALLY IS what the people of District 4 want!


    ~ El Spontus

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