State Party will soon endorse McCain

Senator McCain did very well in the delegate count on Super Tuesday. We have received reports that the state party office will soon endorse or otherwise get behind McCain. That should not be a big surprise because the race looks close to settled.


  1. No surprise but still a little premature since McCain doesn’t yet have half of the required delegates and Romney has the money.

  2. I think Romney is about done pumping good money after bad. Not sure that a state party endorsement means anything, especially since McCain already won Arizona so they’re only confirming what has already occurred. But I suppose if Rob Haney wants to force the issue in one direction, an equal and opposite reaction would be a logical outcome.

  3. Losing Faith says

    Don’t be surprised if Republican voter registration numbers drop.

  4. nightcrawler says

    I am not so sure about that. Depending on the Democratic nominee, the GOP may pick up some Democrats and Independent transfers.

    I have talked to several Democrats in the past few days that will vote for McCain if Hillary is the nominee.

    Where it all shakes out is anyone’s guess.

  5. Republican voter registration numbers will not drop. Contrary to mythology, it often takes far more than a candidate not acceptable to some for that to happen. In fact, as nightcrawler points out, whatever may be lost will very likely be picked up in other areas.

  6. kralmajales says

    As I have said long long ago…yall yelled and yelled about McCain but there is about to be a McCain lovefest! Kiss kiss.

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