State House Endorsements

We have completed our endorsements for State House. As with the previous endorsements, we are not focusing on uncontested primaries at this time. We will of course be endorsing conservative candidates who face a general election challenger at a future date. To see the full list of our endorsements click on the 2008 Primary Candidate Endorsements link in the column on the right.

District 3

House: Trish Groe – ENDORSED

District 6

House: Sam Crump – ENDORSED
House: Carl Seel – ENDORSED

District 12

House: Jerry Weiers – ENDORSED
House: Steve Montenegro – ENDORSED

District 18

House: Cecil Ash – ENDORSED
House: Ron Middlebrook – ENDORSED

District 20

House: Jeff Dial – ENDORSED
House: John McComish – ENDORSED

District 22

House: Andy Biggs – ENDORSED
House: Laurin Hendrix – ENDORSED

District 26

House: Marilyn Zerull – ENDORSED
House: Trent Humphries – ENDORSED

District 30

House: Frank Antenori – ENDORSED
House: David Gowan – ENDORSED


  1. So people with marital problems (DiSimone) don’t belong in the lege, but convicted drunk drivers (Groe) get your endorsement? Classy…

  2. Sonoran Alliance says

    Michael did we every ask for DeSimone to resign? Can you find where we ever called for his resignation? We did recommend that the state Democrats take down the crAZy space site after DeSimone was arrested.

    Groe should give up drinking or else hire a chauffeur. We recommend the former.

  3. whew, now that SA has spoken, I can vote with confidence. You know who endorsed the exact same candidates? Soupy Sails. With Soupy and SA behind them, these candidates are a sure thing. SA: your mom needs you to take a break from Everquest so you can come upstairs and rub her bunion.

  4. Hugh Nuze says

    My mother lost her foot because of diabetes so no I will not be rubbing her bunion.

  5. Are you calling your mom a liar? Start climbing those stairs mister. The orcs and wizards will all still be online when you get back to your mom’s basement.

  6. doubledecaf says

    Jeff Dial! Wasn’t he kicked out of the ASU Young Republicans?

  7. Hey Guys, thank you so much for the support! I am so excited to share that I just celebrated 16 wonderful months sober. My husband and I are grateful for the blessings of each and every new day. I am looking forward to continuing the battle at the legislature to preserve our precious personal freedoms and individual liberties!

  8. Knuckle Dragger says

    Why would you endorse Jerry Weiers prime sponsor of the off highway vehicle tax?

  9. Jerry was courageous to push that legislation in spite of the “no tax” opposition. The burden of need created by the off highway abuses would have been all of ours to bare, instead of user pays. There has to be a point where taxes apply with some sense and sensibility, this was one of those times.

    While we are on LD 12, why Montenegro and not Blendu?

  10. Good grief! I sort of skimmed over the first few posts until now…

    ho hum, you are one sick pup! 🙁

    (Not a compliment.)

  11. Sonoran Alliance says

    Blendu is a big spender. His 2007 rating from AZ Federation of Taxpayers was 44, 1 point below Marsha Arzberger.

    The off-highway bill was fine. Freedom has limits and tearing up public lands with your quad is not an absolute right. Buy your own 40 acres of desert and tear it up all you want. If you want to go onto public land you now pay a small fee. Get over it. Jerry Weiers is a good legislator and we are lucky to have him in the house.

  12. Just Win Baby says

    That OHV bill wasn’t a tax increase, it actually got rid of two separate fees and combined them into one lower fee. The total paid is lower than it was before.

    Knuckles there also doesn’t distinguish between user fees and taxes, while conservatives do. Its why we like a national sales tax versus an income tax. Don’t want to pay it? Don’t buy stuff.

    A hunting tag costs money, and the fees you pay go to support specific programs related to hunting. Knuckles there probably thinks of it as a tax instead of a fee. Most folks wouldn’t.

    Think of the national parks. We can tax everyone’s income and then have the Feds subsidize the national parks in their entirety, but that sucks for those folks who don’t want or care about national parks. OR, we can charge folks to get into the parks, so that the people who USE the parks, pay the FEES to keep up the parks. Thus, “User Fees”. Same thing with the OHV bill. Only those who ride pay the fees, and since the fees go to making the riding possible, it all works out.

  13. Thanks for the answer. I am always amazed at the differences in the LD 12 trio. John Nelson is a workhorse and cares deeply about more than his status. Jerry Weiers may not be the most political savvy guy but you can’t question his commitment. Then there is Blendu…. hmmm. I think I will leave it at that.

  14. kralmajales says

    Uh…Trish Groe? You have to be kidding me. Shouldn’t you wait until she is convicted? How on earth could you endorse someone who was caught drinking and driving…and on a suspended license????????

    What principals of law and order could you possibily have?

    At the very least, what on earth does this say to the legions of others convicted of drinking and driving, to those hurt or even killed by them?

    It doesn’t only say that the laws are worthless, but it also says that you can make our laws as well.

  15. kralmajales says

    Just a little reminder folks:

    Groe served 10 days in jail and go off light most say. Especially considering that she had a conviction in California for it also. She has made a total mockery over every tough on crime law she ever signed, supported, or proposed.

    Even though she is still on probation, you want her back in the house.

    The real mockery here is that you all could endorse her. I Hope that you will be that forgiving to others who are convicted of making that “mistake”. But I suspect that you will continue to push for tough penalities and long sentences that all but the likes of your pals will have to serve.

  16. Kralmajales says

    Last thing, and importantly, I would like to ask any of you, and particularly Representative Groe, if she/you would be willing to sponsor and support a bill that would restore the voting and citizenship rights to individuals convicted of crimes…immediately after they serve their time.

    I have served on regulatory boards where people with criminal histories, including DUIs, were summarily rejected for a professional license. They had served their time, but not enough time had gone by since the crime.

    We are being asked to allow Trish Groe to continue serving the state and making our laws…a major responsibility and one that requires the public trust.

    If we allow her to to this and we can forgive her, the she should, and we should, at least give the same second chance to those who serve THEIR time, allow them access to jobs, and to at the VERY least, allow them to vote without filing an application with the court.

    Trish, if you are reading this, would you sponsor such a bill? Would you support it?

    If not, then why should the people of the State of Arizona treat you any differently?

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