State GOP Chairman’s Race – Entrance Polling – Updated January 22nd

Well we finally have some updates to the State GOP Chairman candidates’ websites and that means that we can update our scoreboard.

More specifically, Randy Pullen has updated his website while Lisa James’ website hasn’t been updated since we don’t know when. If she’s sitting on a pile of endorsements, she has clearly decided on the unusual practice of showing weakness rather than strength!

For those who do now know how this works, we are offering polling based on the endorsements claimed by both campaigns. The winner will need approximately 419 votes to win. How is the data compiled? Well, we do it as follows:

1. Start with the list of endorsements provided by both campaigns. No, not the entire list of everyone who claims to be a supporter, but just the names of people who are also State Committeemen.
2. When a husband and wife are both State Committeemen and only one appears as an endorsement while the other does not, we assume that the spouse WILL vote for the same candidate.
3. Where both candidates claim the endorsement of the same person, we try to contact that person and determine who they are actually supporting.

As of Monday, January 22nd, the vote count stands as follows:

Randy Pullen – 366 of which 2 are questionable

Lisa James – 132 of which 2 are questionable

Unclaimed – 343

Both candidates claim the support of the same 5 people, but Pullen has the signatures of 2 on support cards while a third person tells West Washington that he did not tell Lisa he was supporting her and that he is supporting Pullen. The other two were unable to be reached, so we have left their 2 votes on BOTH vote counts.

Pullen’s growth seemed to come equally from rural and metro counties. This could be a factor of his strong early support from within Maricopa and Pima counties, or it could be an indication that he has been focusing his efforts on the rural counties. He has picked up quite a few votes from southern Arizona where illegal immigration and border security is a larger issue.

Again, if either campaign wishes to update this scoreboard, simply update your list of public supporters on your websites and we’ll update our scoreboard as well. Stay tuned for more updates from West Washington!


  1. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    Alright, since I asked for an update, let me say thanks for the update!

  2. I can tell you there are still discrepancies. I believe some folks have switched camps and not been entirely truthful with their LD chairs or whoever is supplying this info to Randy. Again, I know of at least 5 people on Randy’s site who I personally spoke to and collected signed endorsements for Lisa. There are a few others who say they had no idea they were on the site and still have not signed endorsements for either.

    Please accept this in the spirit of information finding only and not as a disparaging action. Kumbaya my Lord….

  3. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    So if that is true than Lisa has 137 and Randy only has 361… Hmm… Still not exactly a horserace then, is it? Now if there were like 120 people you knew of, that might be something substantial. But something tells me that someone would have mentioned that…

    What makes you think that there aren’t some establishment suck-ups on Lisa’s list who are afraid of getting their Congressman mad at them? So they say “sure Lisa, use my name” but they know the whole time that they’re going to be punching the ticket for Randy? I can’t say for sure how many there are, but I’d be willing to believe there are at least a few.

    Now how about folks who have committed to Randy but asked him not to list them because they didn’t want to upset their delegation member? You gotta believe there are more than a few of those…

    The fact is that we’re talking about an almost 3 to 1 lead in committed State Committeemen. That sounds like its outside of the margin of error to me. Randy is 50-60 votes away from victory and that DOESN’T include any supporters that are remaining off of his official list or who are “appearing” on Lisa’s. I wouldn’t recommend any measure for drapes yet, but it is a substantial lead.

  4. Nightcrawler says

    STS brings up a good point. People act a lot differently in private than they do in public. There may well indeed be some cross voting. Lisa has a lot of support among female Republicans. That could come into play in a big way.

    Conversely, Randy has become somewhat of a folk hero who now is looked upon as more of a victim than a troublemaker.

    People in general want to feel empowered. There is no better way to stick it to the man than to deny him power. And that, at the end of the day is democracy.

    The top down versus bottom up argument has merit and that will resonate with the rank and file GOP volunteers who bust their chops year in and year out. The party belongs and should belong to them. They decide.

    Lisa will need to convince the grassroots volunteers that she will honor their opinions and wishes regardless of the self-serving establishment marching orders.

    Randy will need to make it clear to the moderates that he is his own man and is not bought and paid for by people with an agenda.

    Both camps will need to move into the great Republican center in order to guarantee a win.

  5. Sonoran Truth Squad says

    How many hours until its over? I count 83 if they finish on time (they NEVER finish on time)…

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