Stand for Marriage? You’re Not Alone

Stand for Marriage? You’re Not Alone

Most of the popular culture would have you think that if you believe in the true definition of marriage, you are part of a small minority. A new comprehensive study by the Alliance Defense Fund suggests otherwise. In what is likely the most extensive national research survey of its kind, ADF and Public Opinion Strategists found that 62 percent of Americans believe that “marriage should be defined only as a union between one man and one woman.”

This actually shouldn’t come as a shock. When this issue has been before the voters, 31 states have voted to protect marriage in their state constitution – like Arizona did in 2008. Reality is that we have much to be hopeful about in our battle to preserve the definition of marriage.

Who is the Father?

Father’s Day sparked a slew of stories about dads and their role in the family. Jennifer Lahl wrote this piece about a recent decision by British Columbia’s high court in favor of donor-conceived children having access to their biological information. Rulings like this are critical to advancing the public conversation about In Vitro Fertilization and understanding the rights of all involved – especially the children.

The New York Times told the story of a young boy, conceived through sperm donation, being raised by two women and the sperm donor (who the boy only knows as uncle right now) and the sperm donor’s same-sex partner. The problems with this arrangement are evident, and the long term effects on the child in this story will probably never be told. When the needs of children are second to the wants of adults, there are always consequences, and sadly, it’s typically the children who pay the price.

On the Radio

On Monday, I was on for the full hour of the Andrew Tallman Show on 1360 KPXQ AM to discuss the Abortion Consent Act litigation. I had a great time with Andrew talking about the pro-life movement in Arizona. Click here to listen to the podcast.

City Elections Impact Everyone

On the Foundations blog this week, CAP’s Blackstone legal intern Angelina wrote about the impact one city’s election can have on the entire state. Read more here.

Time is Running Out to Register to Vote

Many city elections are just two months away. If you’re not registered to vote, you’ll want to soon! If you are, please forward this email to your friends and family, and remind them to register and be sure to turn out to vote on August 30. We are in the process of compiling the results for our city election Voter Guide and will be publishing them in the next few weeks to


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  1. Phillip the Great says

    I think it’s unfortunate that one takes a position, then does a poll to say, “See, 2/3 of the people agree with me.” I’d like to know what happens when you do the poll and 90% disagree with you, and on certain issues you know they will (Is abortion equivalent to murder?) If they disagree, do you change your position? If not, then why do the poll and brag about the results? Either the poll is a source of legitimacy, or it’s not.

  2. AZ Supporter says

    I am both a Republican, heterosexual and ardent defender of Equality. We should support ALL families. Its those of you who are opposed to Same Sex Marriage who inadvertantly make it harder on the kids. You might never support us, but it takes straight people to help protect and defend the rights that allow gay marriage.

  3. WHat do ya’ll mean by “marriage?”

    Whats’ the problem with civil unions? The state agrees to a certain legal status and all the problems are solved. Civil unions aren’t “good” enough? Why not?

    SO, what’s with a “need” for same-sex “marriage?” “Marriage” is fundamentally a religious ceremony. Same-Sex advocates are demanding that religious leaders forsake their stated religious beliefs, their holy books and disobey the religious teachings which have been conveyed to them over thousands of years of history.

    Are Same Sex advocates THAT selfish to demand that people be compelled by the oppression of government coercion to act against their consciences, their duty as presented before their churches, syngogues, temples and mosques as formed by very clear religious tradition? Sounds like it’s actually about curtailing freedom of religion and practice thereof.

  4. Nordine Crub says

    Didn’t this Cathy Herid read the article written by the head of the Focus on Your Own Family said that the marriage battle is over. Young people support gay marriage even Christians and Republicans. The people that really hate it are the old folks are either dieing off.

    Haven’t you people ever met a nice gay or lesbian couple? What if your own son or daughter was gay or lesbian? Wouldn’t you want them to have the same rights as tour straight kids.

    Better question. “What would Jesus do”. I’m sorry Cathy but my Jesus doesn’t hate or discriminate!

    • Nordine:

      And your Jesus didn’t inhabit the New Testament!

      :You might read it to get an idea of where He stood on moral matters!

      Just a hint: Christ did NOT embrace Moral Relativism.

  5. What would JESUS do? Seriously?

    Confess, repent and be saved. ANYONE can come to Jesus, no one is without sin, but they have to dump the offending sinful behavior if they want forgiveness, restoration and eternal life. Jesus was harrassed, mocked, beaten, whipped and crucified – a very violent and painful death – to pay for even the worst transgressions of men and women so that anyone who accepts his free gift of life will live, so in his view, it’s a lot easier and less painful for any one of us to give up a hedonistic, selfish lifestyle focused on sexual practices God is on record as not approving of, than what he gave up for us all. Yet, who would suspect that by all the crying and wailing and snarling going on if it’s even HINTED at?

    Anyone can come as they are, but they have to agree to be transformed into what GOD wants them to be, not cling to what the prevailing social indulgences are. and self-centered priorities.

    If self-described Christians truly approve of gay marriage, they have fallen away from God’s word and are considered lost. Those are not the guidelines or rules of man, but of God.

    What would Jesus do? He SAID: “Many will say to me ‘Lord Lord,’ but I will say them, ‘Away from me, I do not know you.”

  6. Nordine Crub says

    carlist and Wrongnumba – we’ve had samesex marriages in Canada for the last 8-20 years and the roof didn’t cave in. The sky hasn’t fell and with the exception of a few folks people have come to accept it for what it is. If you don’t want to get married to someone of the same sex … Don’t. It’s just that easy. Get a grip

  7. Why are you so tense? So worried and so nervous?
    May I draw your attention to the fact that it wasn’t I who invoked Jesus first, and frankly, it’s Jesus who gets the last word on the entire issue, so there isn’t a whole lot for the rest of us to be concerned about in the meantime, is there? It’s take it or leave it.
    Jesus said what he was going to say and walked off if no one wanted to hear it. All choices come with consequences, if people don’t like those, make different choices, but it seems a lot of people want their cake and eat it too. There’s nothing new under the sun. Gay living is NOT the only behavior of mankind that has been criticized by God for the past four thousand years of human history, so why all the whining as if it was more special than any other behaviors named as rebellious against God? No one is good. All have transgressed. We all have to be saved.

    I notice that “civil union” is being ignored. Maybe it’s because it tacictly admits that the goal is not some arrangement that satisfies BOTH sides, but it’s about hammering at peoples’ religious faiths.

    I’ve never said a sour word to any gay, by my religious instruction never cheated one, never took anything of any gays’ property, for that would be stealing and coveting, never made a false witness against any, was and remain on very cordial relations with my gay co-workers, yet for some reason some gays feel very free to disrupt worship services, yell that religious people are intolerant and make all sorts of mean accusations.
    Actually, I am discerning enough to have noticed that the gays I have met and worked with don’t like this sort of publicity or rude behavior and a good number of them are not interested in gay marriage. So, it’s NOT a monolithic movement at all. We just don’t get to hear about it.

  8. Nordine Crub says:
    June 25, 2011 at 2:27 pm
    What if your own son or daughter was gay or lesbian? Wouldn’t you want them to have the same rights as tour straight kids

    I tell my kids NOT to do lots of stuff ALL DAY LONG that they don’t want to hear. I don’t put them on a school bus so I can talk to them ALL the way to school and ALL the way home, a truly captive audience. I tell them not to steal, not to lie, not to cheat, not to covet, not to murder. I tell them which fork to use, how to meet and greet people, how to dress per the occasion, how to drive, how to mow the yard, how to study. I inspect their grades and growl if they’ve slipped, warn them to not accept easy tasks, but encourage them to take on challenges. I tell them to respect all other people, no matter how low or high they may appear, do their work, take responsibility for their own actions and I tell them that MOST of our problems in life are self-inflicted, a result of foolish and sinful behavior.

    SO, it’s EASY to tell them what I think. Boy howdy, they don’t even have to ASK me, they KNOW what’ I’ll say. But they don’t care, because they know I love them no matter what. And I would tell the SAME to anyone else’s son or daughter, giving THEM the SAME as I give my own.

    It’s not my problem if they don’t agree, at least they know I’m not cheating them or saying something phony flattering to get something I want from them, like so many other people who don’t value them at all are telling them.

  9. @ wanumba,

    What is it? Do you have a problem with same sex marriage as you clearly implied in your first response to this post, or do you not have a problem with same sex marriage and you don’t have a problem because it is not your problem as you indicated in your last reply, with others who do not understand your problem.

    Jesus, in all likelihood had no problem with same sex marriage either, for all I know he never addressed the issue.

    God likewise, doesn’t have a problem. Last time I ask her she changed the subject quickly.
    So, who has a problem? and does it matter?

    If this does not solve you problem, I mean the one you don’t have, lets discuss it over lunch.

    • Well, we all now where Horst and Nordine stand on moral objectivity and I guess it will be decided in which social direction the country will travel.

      But history provides a description of societies which policitically, culturally and socially “mainline” sodomy :.”Decadence” Low birthrates, (coupled with a 50% rise in illegitimacy over the past generation) and sky rocketing divorce rates over the past generation (marriages in the U.S. currently averagle seven years in length) have also severely weakened the basic unit of civilization, the family.

      Our social and moral lack of discipline has been accompanied by a fiscal one. And one wonders why a revived Islam is looking at the West as a conversion breadbasket?

      It doesn’t take long to figure out. The values of San Francisco will never seriously contest those of Mecca.

    • It should be an interesting lunch, with all the yous and the multiple deities you invoke, including

      I don’t have a problem at all. Why are ya’ll projecting one on me assuming I have one? I mean, ya’ll are arguing with yourselves, assigning dialogue to me and then answering it. Sorta like Plato.

  10. And btw. Nordine:

    I’m still awaiting a description of your “Jesus”!

    The real one didn’t accept an individual’s denial of personal moral accountability!

    And, as a caring parent, if one has a child with a moral and/ or ethical problem, it would behoove him or her to seek spiritual, and professional assistance to overcome it and set the kid straight!

    If discipline is not imposed from within, it will occur from without to the detriment of all.

    Liberty isn’t a synonym for license.

  11. Horst Kraus says:
    June 26, 2011 at 2:56 pm
    @ wanumba,

    Jesus, in all likelihood had no problem with same sex marriage either, for all I know he never addressed the issue

    Soooo. How much are you willing to bet on that stance? A million dollars? Ten million? A billion? Forget money like that, it’s too abstract, and makes it too theoretical since few people have access to that kind of money anyway.
    Poor or rich, we ALL have ONE thing we can win or lose.
    Are you willing to wager your soul? On something you haven’t even bothered to verify?

  12. @wanumba,

    My religion forbids me to gamble and that includes betting or wagering. If I did, my intelligence would not let me offer a Soul, my Soul, any Soul as against another or anything of tangible or intangible value; simply because there is no such thing as a Soul.
    Soul is a mystique not unlike Prayer, Salvation, God, Heaven, Hell, Seventy-two Virgins, Immaculate Conceptions, Re-incarnation, Re-birth, etc. etc.
    It is universally employed to manipulate and indoctrinate other human beings in an exercise called organized religion for mind control and other gain..
    I make an attempt to not insult, rather humor those who need such crutches to get through a tough day.
    I do have a small problem with the perceived promise of 72 Virgins to be given to Believers, as it generally comments the killing of Infidels like I.
    @ Carlist,
    The culture of Mecca hasn’t got a chance against the culture of San Francisco or all of California. Take my word for it. Mecca has a better chance in Carolina or Virginia or any other State commonly known as the Bible Belt.
    Although I do not know Nordine and I can’t state with certainty where she stands, but judging by her posts I reckon it would be a safe bet for you and Wanumba that she stands with both feet like I solidly on Terra Firma.

    • Horst,
      Wow. It’s common to deny God, hardly even worth remarking on, but to deny you have a soul is definitely unique on the planet.

      “Jesus, in all likelihood had no problem … for all I know he never addressed the issue. God likewise, doesn’t have a problem. Last time I ask her …”

      Um. WHo are you talking to, this “she”?

      Jesus said, “When you see me, you see the Father.”
      The LORD spoke: “This is my Son, with whom I am well pleased.”

      They asked Jesus, “How should we pray?”
      He replied, “Our Father, who art in heaven…”

      So, The Lord God Almighty is on record for the past four thousand years or so as being “He, Him, Father.” Jesus, the Son is “God amongst us,” meaning Jesus IS God. We notice that “A son will be born … ” and … “the only way to the Father is through the Son.”

      This in NO WAY means you have to accept Him as your God, but pronouns are pronouns and just in case there’s an argument for “shim” it is further clarified in that “Father” isn’t “mother” and “Son” isn’t “daughter,” either.

      So. Since God Almighty the “I AM,” the Alpha and the Omega, has instructed all of us that the most accurate way to refer to HIM is to use the male gender, then WHO were you talkiing to, this “she?” And how does she inform your religion?
      Asherah? Hopefuly NOT Kali, who had no sense of humor whatsoever.

  13. @ Wanumba,

    Firstly and as a personal disclaimer, as a secular humanist I am OK with any believe structure you adhere to. May that be Superman, Easter Bunny, God or Santa Claus.
    I will even extend this to the Tooth Ferry, Micky Mouse and the Stork who delivers the Newborn.
    Next, I know you can’t define God unless you make reverence to the Bible, a book of compilations strictly written by men.
    But then, you already acknowledge that disbelieve in God is common. So we can take that part of the discussion off the table. It has already been resolved in my favor.
    Now to your question why I revere to her as a SHE.
    That is very simple. Almost every day I need to go somewhere to meet a client or a vendor and I enter the address on my GPS or whatever it is called and from the Heavens I hear this voice: “Take Ramp Right Stay Left” and it is the voice of a woman. I kid you not.
    That is good enough for me. Case solved. Oh, by the way her name is Garmin, it says so right on the screen.
    Any questions?
    If you still feel God is a guy, invite him too when we meet for lunch. I’ll pick up the tap.
    Now on the Soul Thing, What does it look like? It it gaseous, liquid or solid? What is its atomic weight? Is there any place on earth where one is on display? Is it an element or a chemical combination? How do we identify it?
    Thanks for your attention.

    • Sooo it seems a bit incongruous to accept the existence of weightless, formless, invisible GARMIN because is existence is displayed on the screen, but turn around and dispute the weightless, formless, invisible SOUL inside you that is stated to exist in the Bible, and which makes the decision to turn GARMIN ON and OFF.

      GARMIN is installed in a physical unit. Without GARMIN to make it work, the unit is inert. Your soul is installed in your body, sometimes called the “temple of your soul,” and without the soul to animate it, the body is inert.

      You don’t of course worship GARMIN, that’d be silly because you know very well it was manufactured by the hand of man.

  14. …………………………………………….
    Horst Kraus says:
    June 26, 2011 at 5:46 pm
    The culture of Mecca hasn’t got a chance against the culture of San Francisco or all of California. Take my word for it. Mecca has a better chance in Carolina or Virginia or any other State commonly known as the Bible Belt

    I guess you’ve never heard of Malta or Lepanto.

  15. Nordine Crub says

    Would love to meet you sometime. You are clearly My Kind of Republican. I’ve really had it with these Wack-a-Doodles. There is no question they would be far happier living under the Taliban. Wrongnumba could put on her burqua and really live the highlife casting stones!

    • So, Nordine,
      I am your kind of Republican. I’ve lived nearly 20 years in Islamic Republics, majority Islamic nations in Africa, and my work was with humanitarian food, maternal-child health and nutrition and emergency humanitarian relief in Muslim on Muslim ethnic cleansing to the tune of tens of thousand and hundreds of thousands refugees. I literally have spent years feeding starving people in Africa, doing the actual dusty, malaria-zone field work that people walk around Halloween collecting dimes and pennies to finance. Ever wonder WHO did the work? Me and a lot more other people just like me.
      DO you have ANY inkling of how your 12 year-old-quality name-calling sounds to me? Did YOU give up any comforts the last 20 years?

      You want a throw a burqua around? I can get you one if you wanna go that route, but if you looked into it a bit more maturely and honestly, you’d find out that my religion does not preach in any measure women as property, in stark contrast to the culture that produces burquas. It’s theoretical to YOU, so you don’t even know what you are saying, but not to me. If you cannot tell the difference, then you truly are useless. Even a hamster has better sense of raw self-preservation than that.

      I see well-dressed, well-fed, well-employed, well-housed gays wailing about the NEED for “same-sex” marriage, not even satisfied with “civil unions” and wonder if any one of them would give a dollar to help a starving kid who needed food more than anyone needed marriage. There are “wants” and then there are “needs.” Which is more important? The selfish or the selfless?

  16. …………………………
    Nordine Crub says:
    June 27, 2011 at 2:19 pm
    . Wrongnumba could put on her burqua and really live the highlife casting stones
    Confusing me with Horst’s fetching GARMIN?

  17. @ wanumba,

    Of course I worship Garmin. She is the next best thing to god watching over me from heaven when I am driving and always leads me to ” the path of righteousness and right destination” [proverb 12:28 Horst’s version] and gets me safely home.
    With Malta, I guess you mean that little Island in the Mediterranean right off Sicily, a Catholic Stronghold from whence the Malteser Cross a symbol of Catholicism originated. They did not submit to Islam back in I believe the 15th century. They knew a good thing and didn’t someone else taking their business away.

    Lepanto is a small town in Arkansas, but I believe you want to refer to the sea battle of Lepanto when in the 16th century the navy forces of Spain under the order of Pope What was his Name the fifth decimated the fleet of the Ottoman Empire.

    This has no comparison with the “culture of San Francisco” that you made reference to. To be honest, the “culture of San Francisco” is about as strong in their belief of their right to equality and independents enough in their quest of freedom from religion that they would be the last bastion to succumb to the believe in Islam.
    On the other hand, a few of our brethren, those who already treat their wives like chattel or breeding machines are much closer to the burqua crowd in their believe structure. Those contemporaries might enjoy being the dominates, even if they need to grow an ugly beard.

    One more thing and then I sign off.
    All the “SANCTITY of MARRIAGE” jockeys I have run across are mostly on their second, third or fifth marriage and for the most part have beaten the living manure out of their previous wives and proudly have a 9/11 tape to prove it.
    They also like to call themselves “Moral Compass Traditional Family Value” Conservatives.
    Islam is not at all a challenge to those or they to Islam.

  18. ……………………………………………..
    Horst Kraus says:
    June 27, 2011 at 9:19 pm
    @ wanumba,
    This has no comparison with the “culture of San Francisco” that you made reference to. To be honest, the “culture of San Francisco” is about as strong in their belief of their right to equality and independents enough in their quest of freedom from religion that they would be the last bastion to succumb to the believe in Islam

    History does not support you on that high falutin’ supposition. If one only recognizes the EGO, then the EGO will do ANYTHING to survive, because there is nothing else except the HERE and NOW, including capitulating AND selling out others in order not to be killed. The EGO desires ONLY to extend this life as long as possible, at ANY cost.
    In the face of “submit or die” San Fran will roll over so fast they’d make a beaten French puppy look heroic, and then they’d curry favor by cravenly colluding with their new overlords.

    Tiny Malta saved all of Europe, halting the Ottoman Empire expansion into the Western Mediterranean, a handful of Malta farmers and fisherman residents and a literally a handful of Hospitalier knights against what had been up to that point, an unstoppable Islamic war machine juggernaut.

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