Springsteen for Bee.


     Someone went to a lot of trouble to produce a video about Tim Bee. Technically it is well done but we are not so sure about using Bruce Springsteen. He was one of the artists performing for Vote for Change. In case you don’t remember that was the concert tour in 2004 that was raising money for moveon.org. If Bee is considering using this as the official campaign theme song he might want to re-evaluate the decision.


  1. All those artists are left of center. The energy of Born to Run, plus the title are why I used it. It isn’t associated with Tim’s Exploratory Campaign.
    Thanks for posting it, you guys are all right.

  2. This one caught my attention. Are ya’ll ready for this?

    * Ensured tax dollars stay in Southern Arizona by directing state sales tax dollars to the Rio Nuevo Project, thus assuring S. Arizona approximately $400 million dollars over twelve years.

    Not one of the more popular programs to be the key backer of for Republicans in this district, now is it?

  3. Bee also got an appropriation of over a million bucks for the University of Arizona’s shell of a campus in Sierra Vista…U of A South.

    Don’t be bashing on Giffords now, when you start seeing the money that she brought the district. Sounds like Bee is a “porker” with pride as well.

  4. By the way, Thinkright, it was a good video…

  5. Thanks. I was thinking about which musicians that were conservative & Toby Keith just didn’t work at this time.

  6. Bruce & Tim Rock My World says

    This is a song many of my generation listened to while we had fun in the back seat of the parked car in the vast desert that once was undeveloped.

    That was circa 1975 this is a great song to play on this video and the flashbacks it creates in my mind makes Politics seem sexy again.

  7. The UA South comment was a cheap shot. If you’re an enlisted soldier enrolled at Ft. Huachuca this is your shot at getting an education or becoming an officer. UA South is not a shell. Not everyone has the ability to live in a college town like Tucson.

    Gabby’s going to lose. Tim’s going to win.

  8. pamela wright says

    You guys have to be kidding…It is a song!!! Nothing more. If we follow the standards of SA, Thinkright would have been limited to a monastic chant.

    Great Job TR. I loved it! Tim Bee is going to win this thing!!!!

    The only thing that will stop Bee is the sniveling in the corner by some of his “friends” because the don’t like his music or his campaign colors or the tie that he wore for a debate.

    Come on everybody. Let’s get on the same team and keep our public opinions positive. Remember, Giffords is a Pelosi liberal who needs an early retirement.

  9. Oro Valley Dad says


    You make a good point. Will the same standard apply to any and all consultants who might work for the campaign? Is this policy of working together just for CD-8? Does it apply to all of Arizona or just this particular election? Can we expect the same level of cooperation in our LD races?

  10. Thanks Thinkright for reminding us of the energy of our youth and the freedom from the real world burdens that we enjoyed in those days. We have the benefit of wisdom and years of experience now to bring to the table of ideas. Somehow we have to communicate a positive conservative message to a new generation that is just as excited and wired as we were back when the Boss and Clarence’s sax solo were our world. The message can’t just be nostalgic though, it has to translate into action.

  11. Billy,

    Not a cheap shot at all, unfortunately its the truth. The enrollment at UA South is enormously low, to nothing, its a teeny tiny building with maybe a few classrooms, and has never catered to the folks at Ft. Huachuca well at all.

    Maybe this appropriation will be a start, but I think the money will be poorly spent. This appropriation looks more like a pork barrel give away than anyhing that will improve higher education for our service men and woman.

    We need to do much much more in society to get them educational opportunties. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it needs to be distance ed, or on base classes like Oklahoma and others offer.

    That is something that COULD be done…with much more money and an appropriation to the main campus of the U….and not the little engine that couldn’t.

  12. And no…Tim Bee will not win. Its a poor idea on his part. He takes a great risk that he will win this race and he has much more to lose if he doesn’t. Look at the challengers to Kolbe…most have never been heard from again. AND…as I have said repeatedly…any future Bee would have statewide would go down in flames if he loses to Giffords. Many here say that it is difficult to break through in Maricopa if you are S. Arizona GOPer…it won’t help him at all if he loses this race.

    Eh..doesn’t matter. He is running Billy and will lose to Giffords. You all dramatically underestimate her ability, her smarts, her campaign, and the fact that she will have $2 million bucks before Bee has a $1 million.

  13. Kral,
    I don’t see a southern Arizonan winning any major Arizona office simply due to the population in PHX. They are #5 metro area in US & Tucson is around #35.

  14. ThinkRight,

    Respectfully, that assumption is wrong. You are assuming that there are better statewide primary candidates and that people in Phx wouldn’t vote for someone like Bee.

    Realistically, for a statewide race, he trumps about anyone in stature that the GOP has produced in the last few elections. I think we can easily agree on that.

    I will say it again…Bee has a future in statewide politics. I don’t think he would be landlocked to a Congressional District in S. Arizona. In terms of pure talent, on the state level, he could win…he is the best the GOP has statewide.

    In terms of federal, he is wasting his time taking on an incumbent who is pretty well liked…and faces federal issues and a federal landscape that will be very beneficial to Democrats next time…again. On the state level, he has done everything right and would appeal.

    What I would say, however, is that his statewide appeal in a place like Maricopa would drop considerably if he was branded a loser after taking on Giffords. The argument they would make is “how can he possibly win statewide if he can’t even win in a GOP dominated S. Arizona district?”

    THAT is why I say he risks his political future (save for county office) if he takes on Giffords this time.

    We can argue lots of things, but I am no slouch at this stuff.

  15. CJust keep right on believing that.

  16. To continue the theme, Tom needs to complete the album with anti-Gabby versions of Boss’s “She’s(not)the One”, “Meeting Across the (Potomac) River (to pick up cash from MoveOn)” and “Jungleland (reprise: playing to both sides, Maximum Lawman and Magic Rat)”

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