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Conservative pro-lifers are probably sitting back watching the irony and justice as the pro-abortion governor of New York finds himself caught in the middle of a prostitution bust. (Fox News)

For many of us in the pro-life movement, Spitzer made it his personal crusade to go after New York crisis pregnancy centers while he was attorney general of New York.

In the neighboring state of New Jersey, at least things worked out for the former Governor, Jim McGreevey.

Other interesting reading at The National Journal under “The Lovely Wives Club.”



  1. Keen Observer says

    The devil incarnate. Put a couple long ears on him and a tail. He looks the role. He acts the role. He is a Democrat less the media forget to mention that. Too bad for them he wasn’t a Republican. They would have surely made that the top issue of the scandal.

  2. Reminds me of a Senator Vitter

  3. Sonoran Sam says


    Unlike Sen. Vitter, Sptizer came out and confessed, and probably will be out of office soon.

    Vitter denied his involvement and continues in office – along with Sen. Larry “Wide Stance” Craig.

    I don’t defend Spitzer. He needs to resign. Today.

    It’s just another sign that Lord Action was right about the corrupting influence of absolute power.

  4. Buddy Breon says

    A man’s personal struggle against sin is a humbling signal to all of us.

    I, for one, am not willing to cast a stone.

    But, the media will gloss-over Spitzer’s association to the Democrats. It is a given, higher standards are set for Republicans.

    We should be proud of that fact. And, live up to it.

  5. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Well, his governorship has been effectively aborted.

    Good riddance.

  6. As someone who still maintains a pied-a-terre in NYC, I can tell you that Spitzer was not well-liked by many Democrats in the state, particularly those in the legislature. He began his term by getting into a needless fight with the Democratic-controlled Assembly over the naming of a new state controller. He arrogantly totally alienated the Republican Senate majority leader by insulting him publicly and privately.

    Spitzer was more feared than liked among most of the active Democrats I know. He has the same self-righteous arrogrance that fueled his prosecutions that Rudy Giuliani displayed when he had Wall Street businessmen led out of their offices in chains.

    I worked for Basil Paterson, the father of the new governor, Lt. Governor David Paterson, when he himself in 1970 unsuccessfully ran for lieutenant governor on a ticket headed by Justice Arthur Goldberg, which lost to Gov. Nelson Rockefeller (who after his term as Vice President died in the middle of sex with a woman who was not his wife). Both Patersons are honorable men. David Paterson, as a longtime state senator and senate minority leader, has good relations with Republicans in the legislature and particularly with Majority Leader Bruno.

    New York is classically run by “three men in a room”: the governor, assembly speaker, and senate majority leader. (The New York state legislature was long ago malapportioned in a power-sharing deal between the two parties so that the Democrats have controlled the Assembly and the Republicans the Senate for more than 40 years.)

    The state will work a lot better with Gov. Paterson.

  7. SonoranSam says

    Two more comments:

    1) Those of you who express compassion for a sinner are adhering to the Christian tenets that most of you profess, and you have my admiration. It’s too bad that some of you are demonstrating such glee – and the obscene play on Spitzers name is, well, unseemly.

    2) I’ll take your righteous indignation a little more seriously when you come out and call for the resignation of Rick Renzi, Mr. 435th out of 435 in the power rankings.

  8. SonoranSam says

    For all those God-fearing Republicans who still feel smug about Spitzer, chew on the following – and yes, he’s an R:

    Foster daughter sues former S.D. state lawmaker who raped her and another girl
    Associated Press
    Mar. 11, 2008 12:58 PM

    SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – One of two foster daughters raped by a former South Dakota lawmaker is suing him and his wife.

    Ex-state Rep. Ted Klaudt, 49, was convicted on four counts of second-degree rape involving the two children at his hotel suite during the 2005 and 2006 legislative sessions in Pierre. Klaudt then pleaded guilty to two counts of witness tampering to avoid a second trial on charges he raped the same girls in his home in Walker.

    He is serving a 54-year state prison sentence.

  9. SonoranSam,

    This God-fearing Republican happens to agree with you. No one, regardless of the letter behind their name, is above the law.

    What I don’t understand is how both parties treat situations like this. Democrats tend to shrug it off as, “Oh, he was just caught with a prostitute? Pfff…”

  10. SonoranSam says

    See my first comment. Dude needs to resign. TODAY.

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