Speaker Tobin Calls for Cyber Terrorists to be Held Accountable

CONTACT: Daniel Scarpinato

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX (June 24, 2011) – Speaker Andy Tobin released the following statement in response to the hacking group LulzSec breaking into the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s computers on Thursday and downloading hundreds of files:

“I am outraged to learn that a group of international hackers have illegally stolen and released hundreds of law enforcement files from the Department of Public Safety. Even more outrageous is that they have done this in response to the Legislature and Governor’s efforts to secure our border and protect Arizona citizens by passing SB1070. Instead, this extremist group has now put hundreds of Arizona’s finest in danger. These cyber terrorists should be prosecuted to the full extent possible. Their actions have compromised the safety of our brave law enforcement officers and their families. Therefore, we will be looking at whether additional policy is needed to fully hold them accountable in the event the release of this information results in harm to any of our public safety officers or their families.”

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  1. Yeah, good luck. Here’s the thing Andy Tobin probably doesn’t understand – the LulzSec hackers behind this probably aren’t even based in the United States, let alone Arizona.

    Of course, we could spend money to upgrade our computer infrastructure/software/firewall/techies to prevent this sort of thing but Andy Tobin is probably like that general from “WarGames” who thinks you can just unplug the WOPR to stop the attack. Andy doesn’t realize protecting against this type of thing takes time, money, and manpower.

    Which is why crap like this will happen again and again. But he’ll be able to say he cut taxes!

  2. Steve Calabrese says

    Oh please.

    I am so tired of people using the word “terrorist”.

    If the individuals behind this are ever caught, we’ve got plenty of existing laws to prosecute them for. Considering that this is the same group that hacked Sony and the United States Senate, they’ve got a lot of people after them.

    I’m all for throwing them in jail. But please don’t use their antics as an excuse to pass more laws. Unauthorized intrusion into an electronic communications system has been illegal since the 1980’s.

  3. I agree with Steve. They aren’t terrorists and we need to stop throwing that term around so casually.

  4. AZ law enforcement may disagree now that law breakers can call their homes, follow their kids out their front doors on the way to school.

    That IS terrorism – fear-control of people through intimidation and violence. How are AZ law officers supposed to do their jobs when they are worried about someone going after their families while they are elsewhere, if they arrest certain suspects?

    Columbian law enforcement and courts were terrorized by just this sort of thing, escalating to murdering of judges, lawyers, officers and their entire families. A favorite terrorism tactic long employed by the Mafia and in use in Mexico today by cartels against Mexicans. It took DECADES to get control of, at great loss of INNOCENT life, and the lives of heros who did their jobs and paid for it with their lives.

    If these are internationally based hackers, it’s an act of war.

  5. Wanumba, calm down. This is Arizona not Columbia. God fearing gun toting americans do look out for their neighbors. Not that there isnt danger involved, but this will never be Columbia or Mexico.
    These hackers are just punks. By the way, Wanumba, the chinese are probably using your computer as a spam server when you are sleeping.

    • I am calm. I’m just stating facts. If they scare you, well they should. What frsutrates me is that because no one has seen this in the USA, thanks to years of professionalism and a strong level of cooperation between society and our law enforcement, people do not know how fast and how corrosive it manifests in degrading police morale and then police effectiveness. I have seen it, so I was naive once, but not any more.

      It’s easy to say no bigga deal, for anyone who isn’t in law enforcement, dealing with a hostile and back-stabbing politicized Department of Justice as the “support” system system, led by a president who very deliberately announced his total guiding world-view, “I don’t know the facts, but the police acted stupidly.” while facing murderous drug cartels while one’s phone number and home address has been throw out to the wolves.

      This is part and parcel of the pervasive attack on the quality and integrity of our law enforcement I wrote about here on SA last year.

      The video last year of Maricopa County deputies openly complaining about the Phoenix Mayor smearing their work was a very bad sign. The officers were frustrated and bitter, being tasked to confront literally murderous Mexican cartel thugs inside Phoenix – murder, kidnapping, exotrtion, drugs at great risk of life and they can’t even get a public moral support from the MAYOR.
      Despite the elements of the worst Third World lawless zones infiltrated into Phoenix, our law enforcement has been so far successful in containing it – but they see really bad things daily that most residents don’t. Now our AZ law enforcement has been maliciously and criminally exposed by cyber criminals. It’s nto accidental that AZ has been attacked.

      It’s not some random thing. It totally aids the illegal ciriminality, and the infiltration of hostile foreign elements in this entire state.

  6. Calling these guys terrorists is absolutely absurd. These guys are more like low grade vandals. They aren’t even particularly sophisticated hackers. Their “m.o.” is to go after high profile websites that have security vunerabilities that should have been patched. They are publicity hounds who are trying to embarass their victims more than terrorize them. If you get hacked by these guys, you probably had pretty bad security practices in your IT department (some of the DPS officer passwords that they exposed were laughably bad things like “12345” and “rosebud” for example). Lulzsec goes after the low hanging fruit to maximize the attention that they get. These guys are a bunch of young idiots who are going to get caught eventually.

    Also, the overreaction of Speaker Andy Tobin is exactly what these guys want. Lulzsec are internet “trolls”. They are looking for people to overreact as a sign that their “trolling” has been sucessfull. They think it is funny. “Lulz” is internet slang for laughs.

    I am not excusing Lulzec’s actions. They need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But many people at the DPS IT department need to be fired for not implementing proper security proticols. And other state agencies need to be aggresively reviewing their procedures as well. The scandal is not that Lulzsec targeted DPS over SB1070. These guys are mostly a bunch of goofballs who hardly know what SB1070 is. The real scandal is that Lulzec was so easily able to obtain DPS data. It’s 2011. The internet has been around for a long time now. This type of data breach is completely unacceptable.

  7. VSB says:
    June 25, 2011 at 2:54 am
    Calling these guys terrorists is absolutely absurd. These guys are more like low grade vandals

    In order to come to that conclusion, you have to base your analysis on the word of liars who work in deceit.
    This group is quite consistent. It’s noticeable that it hacks PBS, to pose as an equal opportunity hacker pod, but PBS is nothing functionally, then turns and exposes AZ law enforcement officers which has devastating consequences and uber politically charged. They COULD have hacked say CHICAGO or Illinois law enforcement, but they DIDN’T. They have a very plain agenda. Ye know them by their fruits.

  8. Consistent? All Lulzsec is consistent about is trying to get attention. They have attacked gaming and porn websites not just government websites. They have randomly released information on all kinds of people. I don’t think a bunch of young hackers really gives a rats ass about SB1070. They just know that it is a hot button issue and they can get lots of media coverage by attacking Arizona DPS and making jokes about “la Migra”. Having Andy Tobin call them terrorists and having you compare them to the Mafia and Mexican drug cartels is exactly the type of overreaction they were looking for.

  9. OH, you know them personally?
    You know they haven’t been paid in any measure to do what they do? You KNOW ALL of them? They are ALL “young?” Can you PROVE that? If we all KNEW who they were, wouldn’t we have them in custody by now? It’s heresay who and what they are. What’s the truth?

    What happens when a AZ officer is murdered in his or her home because they gave out personal info? Still, “publicity seekers?” Why are so many excusing their behavior as something less than what it is? What they just did is going to get people killed. They are smart enough to damage security, and spend a lot of time dodging so they won’t be held accountable, so THEY know they’re criminal. Their purpose in this latest assault was to disrupt and demorlaize AZ law enforcement, which gives aid and comfort to our enemies foreign and domestic.

    • Wanumba, with all due respect, you are clueless. These guys have internet memes like “nyan cat” on their website (a flying cat with a rainbow and a poptart). They also have the theme song to the “love boat” playing in the background along with an ASCII text drawing of a Viking like boat with a caption saying “The Lulz Boat”. Hardly the stuff of drug cartels, the mafia, and terrorist rings.

      These guys are certainly criminals who deserve to go to jail, but they aren’t terrorists or drug cartel members. They are a bunch of idiot anarchist hackers.

  10. They are colluding with criminals. WHY ELSE publicize HOME addresses and phone numbers of police officers?
    That expressly hurts the police to the advantage of local criminal elements, PLUS in the case of AZ, illegal foreign criminality that is already established inside AZ. A two-fer. They aren’t so “anarchistic” they don’t pick and chose very strategic targets.

    Are people THAT easily duped with with a My Little Pony decor?


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