Sonoran News: It could be the right time for Wright

Our friends over at Sonoran News posted a column that we will repost on Sonoran Alliance. Please be sure to visit Sonoran News on a frequent basis. Here is their latest column:

It could be the right time for Wright
Meanwhile Neely and Gullett duke it out for lead RINO spot

CAVE CREEKSonoran News interviewed Jennifer Wright last week to hear why she’s running for mayor of Phoenix and what direction she’d like to steer the city if elected.

What became immediately apparent after talking to Wright and her Campaign Director Colleen Lombard the first few minutes, is she is probably the only fiscal conservative in a crowded race of seven candidates, which also includes union members.

Jennifer Wright for Mayor

Jennifer Wright (l), accompanied by her Campaign Director Colleen Lombard, visited Sonoran News last week to talk about Wright’s decision to run for mayor of Phoenix and where she stands on the issues as a conservative, Tea-Party backed candidate. Photo by Linda Bentley

When asked why she decided to run for mayor rather than for a seat on council, she said, “The mayor is only one vote, just like every other member of council,” and, since she lives in Sal DiCiccio’s district, she didn’t want to run against DiCiccio, whom she believes is doing a great job, nor did she want to move to another district.

Wright, backed by 26 Tea Party organizations throughout Arizona, is a lawyer, has a degree in economics, and she has worked at the Goldwater Institute and the Institute for Justice.

As she noticed all the shuttered businesses in the city, Wright stated, “Phoenix is going out of business.”

She said Phoenix city government has grown, while small businesses remain burdened with increased regulations and taxes.

Although Governor Brewer vetoed legislation that would have required cities with populations over 500,000 to competitively bid non-essential city services, Wright believes that’s the right way to go without the mandate to do so.

She said it wouldn’t preclude the city from bidding on services, and if it can provide those services at a lower price in a competitive bidding situation, the city should, by all means, continue to provide those services.

Wright adamantly opposes efforts to reduce the most essential city services and said, “The city needs to stop using police and fire fighters as political pawns to raise taxes.”

She stated the city needs to move in a direction that will create jobs and opportunities by creating a business-friendly environment and cut the barriers, regulations and taxes keeping businesses away.

Wright said she wants to get rid of the 2 percent food tax and the city’s administrative bloat.

Wright was a little disappointed that DiCiccio threw his endorsement behind Peggy Neely, as were a number of Neely’s former District 2 constituents.

When we contacted DiCiccio, questioning his endorsement, he said Neely supported SB 1070, she voted against the food tax and the budget, all of which he called “tough decisions on her part.”

He also stated, “I don’t agree with her on all issues, but I have watched her make some pretty tough calls …”

However, Neely’s support of SB 1070, directly contradicts her support of the illegal use of Community Development Block Grant funds to fund the illegal alien day labor center in Phoenix.

She also didn’t make any tough decisions regarding the food tax or budget. Neely knew council had enough votes to pass those agenda items without her support, allowing her to better position herself as a conservative to her former District 2 constituents.

Sonoran News has reported on Neely’s antics in the past and her way of getting tough on issues is to not be confronted by them. Neely was famous for setting up constituent meetings only to cancel her appearance at the last minute and send a lacky in to cover for her.

She did it so many times, we were able to predict the situations where Neely would duck and cover from her constituents.

Another “conservative” contender in RINO clothing is Sen. McCain’s pal Wes Gullett, a partner at the public affairs consulting firm Hamilton, Gullett, Davis & Roman, whose wife Deb formerly served as chief of staff to both McCain and the termed out, far-left Mayor Phil Gordon.

And, let’s not forget, Gullett was prominently displayed as a supporter on the shameful roster of “Republicans for Janet” Napolitano when she was running for governor of Arizona.

Although she entered the race late and was barred from inclusion in the Chamber of Commerce-sponsored debate, Wright has experienced a groundswell of grassroots support amongst conservative voters in Phoenix.

Can she win? If citizens get out and vote for her she can. The Phoenix Primary Election is on Aug. 30. Ballots are already in the mail.


  1. Bismuth Hammer says

    Can she win? 4 words for you: she can’t raise money.

  2. Actually, she’s been pulling in lots of contributions on Piryx. I see a lot of them in the “giving stream” every day.

  3. Other than the ever-flogged (and rarely redeemed) “waste and fraud” in government I don’t know of any actual cut-backs suggested by any of the above candidates for Mayor. I find it hard to believe how any candidate can realistically promise support for a repeal of the food tax without any service cutbacks.

    I support laying off 23% of Phoenix city police officers. Then we can repeal the food tax and then some.

    Thane Eichenauer
    Candidate for Mayor of Phoenix

  4. PolicyPundit says

    Wright is wet behind the ears. She opposes Home Rule – fails to grasp the concept of having a city control its own destiny, just like that flap head at the AFP, Tom Jenny, whose means of earning a living is evasive and interesting.

    Wright is Wrong. Why? She believes in catering to small business is the key to the economy. I fail to see how that compares with landing a General Dynamics, an Hyundai, or a major Rx operation to Phoenix?

    Small business grows as a result of bringing in major anchors. Phoenix flourished when Motorola and satellite support firms were around the Valley.

    Wright would quickly vote for another WalMart, billboards on freeways and end senior services because it involves taking Federal money. The place would like and smell like Detroit at the end of a four year term.

    The Mayor holds the council agenda. Who on council is she going to partner with? What will be that inside agenda?

    She’s a lawyer that cannot point to any major practice. She’s a businesswoman, so she says, who has run what major operation?

    She’s not a neighborhood person – she’s even admitted she’s never voted in a Phoenix mayoral race?

    How does that work, she lives in a council district that is the most political active in the city (6). She lives in one of the most active legislative districts (11).

    The bigger issue is Robert Graham and his involvement in Phoenix elections. He lives in dist. 2. He wrote about blaming unions for everything wrong in America. Remember Graham, tried running against Jan Brewer in the GOP primary and lost. Then made a last minute thrust to be AzGOP Chairman, and lost.

    He’s a LDS guy who used to be a Catholic and has bags of cash burning a hole in his pocket. Look what he did in Gilbert

    He’s set-up a He is the guy, along with Eric Wnuck, wo is Americans for Responsible Leadership, a 501(c)(4) “educational” organization. Look at the other indep. expenditures in Phoenix so far taking hits at Mattox, Daniel Valenzuela and Bryan Jeffries.

    Kyle Moyer is involved – or his people. Check our Arizona Citizens United, Arizona Residents United …

    And realize that Moyer has ties to Bert Coleman, who is Jim Waring’s campaign guy, and Waring is the McCain guy…. along with Gates. ….

    McCain – open borders …. Moyer … Coleman …. Waring …. Graham. Welcome to the new Phoenix 40, minus about 20 something. If you thought it was unions controlling or trying to take over city hall, guess again. It is open borders people with ego agendas.

    Why should we keep voting in people like Waring who gets a huge elected official’s pension boost if elected to council, something like 300 or 400 %. He, along with his friends, are more job seeking career politicians.

    Wright does not know who is running here future life.

  5. Is Kyle Moyer working for Wright? Didnt he mastermind the Kevin Gibbons campaign against Russell Pearce that featured those low blow attacks from Nathan Srpoul?

    This is disturbing. If Moyer is involved in the Wright campaign then she is going to lose, and probably take a lot of cheap shots at other candidates. Maybe those Rinos deserve it, but it will still be ugly.


  6. Yeah, Really says

    @Oh Really
    Last I heard, Wright had put $10K of her own skin in the game, which is good, but had only raised an additional $3K. Same source said all of Wright’s opponents had raised over $100K (except Anna Whoever, the other TEA Party candidate). So, Oh Really, you expect us to believe in the short intervening period Jen somehow raised $90K? If she had, there’d have been press releases from the Wright camp already proclaiming victory. I’ve neither seen nor heard of such press releases. Also, she would have pointed to that fact to get her into the Chamber/KPHO debate. She didn’t, so, that’s another key piece of information telling me that she hasn’t raised squat and your assertion that, “she’s been pulling in lots of contributions on Piryx” is bunk and total hyperbole. Sorry, but without money, you can’t win. Getting your message out ain’t free.

    Look, I’ll likely vote for Wright, but I’m a realist and admit she’s got a snowball’s chance of winning.

  7. PolicyPundit says

    Wright is simply wrong. No one is going after Stanton and you watch, he’ll win.

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