Sonoran Alliance Welcomes New Arizona Blogs!

Sonoran Alliance is excited to welcome several new blogs to the Arizona Blogosphere!

Although its been around awhile, we want to make sure you follow border issues at Illegal Immigration This blog is dedicated to news and issues along our border. ¡Bienvenidos!

Arizona Political Heat offers another perspective on political news from around the state.

Then there’s Red State Arizona which grapples with Arizona’s political scene from a Republican perspective.

Finally, Arizona Political Intel joins the fray with great insider info on legislative and campaigns.

Here at Sonoran Alliance, we love the competition amongst conservative writers. Please take time to add these blogs to your blogroll!


  1. Want to go blind? Go from Red State to Arizona Political Heat. The Red to Yellow combination actually generates a sizzling sounds from your retinas. Yowzers!

  2. What happened!? Why so many new sites all at once and who are the hosts? Geez Louise, I go out of town for a week and everything changes!

  3. And Sonoran Alliance ate AZ Hot As It Gets! We rule…

  4. az_conservative says

    What happened to AZ Hot as It gets?

    Did Sonoran Alliance buy them out?

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