Sonoran Alliance Poll: Should Jim Deakin Bow Out of Senate Race?

As Primary Election rapidly approaches, Republican voters (as well as independents) will have an opportunity to decide on the Republican nominee for US Senate.

Sonoran Alliance has decided to post our first poll on the three candidates running for US Senate. The question revolves around the strategy behind the scenes.



  1. This poll is about strategy?

    What’s the strategy? Annoy the crap out of Jim Deakin to see if you can get him to withdraw his candidacy?

    That sounds about your speed…

    Good luck with that.

  2. The real question should be: Who will JD blame when he loses to Deakin and finishes third?

  3. Donutwarrior says

    I can’t vote for either McCain or Hayworth, so I might vote for this guy. Frankly JD looks worse than McCain. So no, I don’t think he should withdraw.

  4. Really? Shouldn’t you be trying to get a resonant message about the qualities of your candidate out to voters rather than just shooting blanks at the other guy?

    This is really, really sad and not for Deakin. Sort of like Junior High gang up on Jim day so the other kid feels better about himself.

    JD knows he is toast and can’t quit or he fears NEVER being able to run for anything again. He is already setting up the scapegoat rather than accept responsibility for his own failed effort.

    True to form.

    He was unelectable before this started, Deakin is not the issue.

  5. Donutwarrior,

    I imagine that if some nasty rich old man spent $6 Million dollars attacking you and making up falsehoods about you, you’d have a hard time voting for you too!

  6. Jim Deakin has the choice of being the hero/savior of Arizona conservatives or the choice of having his name and reputation be tarnished in infamy for getting McCain re-elected for another six unaccountable rogue years.

    That choice is his and I hope, like thousands of others, that he will do the right thing.

  7. Now I wonder why this would come up just before the debate this coming Friday? Could it be that after Friday night, the good folks of AZ will know that there is another option on the Republican ticket that is the only true conservative candidate? Hmmmmm?

    No incumbents, No retreads. Maybe JD should drop out and throw his support to Jim.

    • Meg,

      I don’t know how long you have been involved in politics, but that’s not how political reality takes place. I would know. I’ve worked in Arizona’s political arena for over 20 years and can tell you that that will NOT happen.

      Tea Party people have to remember the objective, the goal, the mission: TO DEFEAT JOHN MCCAIN.

      It is NOT to make a point, be snide or spite someone. It is to beat a 28-year multimillionaire incumbent.

      A guy who just pops up out of nowhere one day with no money, no political experience and no clue will NOT win.

      Good grief! I would have a better chance of running, raising money and being the more pure social and fiscal conservative candidate than Jim Deakin!

  8. Glenn Beck's my hero! says

    Wow DSW! You’ve really brought out the McNasty’s Mavins of Malicious Misrepresentation, and Deakin’s Delusional Disciples tonight!!

    Ann (LJ) & Meg, If Jim wasn’t a McCain plant, why would McCain be demanding that he be in the debate! He is NOT a “Tea Party person, and in fact has alienated most of the leaders and groups in Phoenix area.HE AND HIS CULTISTS have shown a propensity for lying, misrepresenting and misleading people. Yes! JUST LIKE McCain!

    Those Deakinistas that only have the MSM to get their info about JD, certainly would develop a negative impression about JD. All the despicably dishonest people in McCain’s camp have been using their Progressive friends in the press to attack JD; and have for years. Trent Franks has had to slap McCain silly once (Figuratively), and would have no problem doing it again.

    That is why there are any negatives at all regarding JD. All of these despicable attack ads run by McCain expose his complete vile character and the vapidness of his positions, which are closer to Obama than ANYTHING Reagan represents!

    So all you McNasties and Deakin’s Deluded, have fun with your pathetic games but too many people know the character of your candidates for either of them to win!

  9. DSW,

    I can agree with you about wanting to defeat
    John McCain but not to put someone in only because he is “electable” and that is even questionable.

    I think you will be surprised this August. We can have the same goal, defeat McCain, but we may take a different path to that result.

  10. Glenn Beck's my hero! says

    Meg, PLEASE realize that IF you’ve received your information regard JD from the MSM in Arizona, you’ve been lied to!!

    Also I know Jim Deakin very well! His main platform is ALL Incumbents must go! He is supporting the opponent of the MOST conservative Congressman in the House, Trent Franks! He has deliberately misrepresented bill (S606 in 1999 and HR 6 in 2005) Deakin falsely accused JD of encouraging people to take their signatures off his petitions when it was promoted by a FORMER supporter who realized how uninformed Deakin is!

    If you are a real and honest voter, great! Just quit believing all the despicable lies from the press, and find out information from those who support JD, like Mark Levin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Russell Pearce, Ron Gould and MANY more!! These are HONEST and REAL Arizonan Patriots! Ask these honorable people WHY they support JD. It’s certainly not a safe policy with threats from McCain, and the bullying of the Progressives!

  11. SetUStraight says

    While I voted YES, the truth is that it’s too late. Jim Deakin needed to have dropped out of the race prior to printing of the ballots; so long as his name appears on the ballot, Deakin will take votes from JD Hayworth.

    When Deakin speaks in candidate forums, he introduces himself with “I’m Jim Deakin and I’m running for U.S. Senate against John McCain.”

    He then proceeds to go after JD Hayworth rather than McCain, revealing his true objective of defeating JD Hayworth rather than McCain.

    Should McCain win the GOP Primary in August, let us all remember for a LOOOONG time that Jim & Adonia Deakin did all they could to keep John McCain in the U.S. Senate, and treat Jim & Adonia Deakin like we would anyone else who has sold out.

  12. My prediction….the combined total of Deakin and JD votes will not be enough to have made a difference.

    JD is dropping like a rock and Deakin may be the beneficiary of that but not by enough. Many voters will choose McCain over these two even if they are not so enamored of the Senator…they are far less pleased with the alternatives.

    JD has never polled high enough and shown continued gain to beat the incumbent. His numbers are falling, not growing. He has never had enough support to make a dent in the electorate. That is all on him.

    It is clear that the JD supporters on this site are more about personal attacks than they are about building up their candidate.

    They insist on making false identity claims about the McCain supporters and consistently discrediting their positions on issues of personality NOT principle. Who cares who is hurt or maligned as long as JD wins! If lies work…do it! They consistently beat the drum of their own superior conservative bonafides based on their opinion. So what if they alienate large voter and donor groups…they are right, just ask them! That should be enough to win…after all, they are all that matters. They make these ham-handed attempts to paint Jim Deakin and his wife as poisonous while demanding hands off of Mary Hayworth.

    You have all told on yourself and defined your candidate as being just what the people thought he was, thereby cementing his persona in their mind. Self-centered, mercenary, without scruples and willing to do whatever it takes to get his way.

    It isn’t working, at least not for what you designed it to.

    Early on I said give this group and this candidate enough rope and they will hang themselves. The rope is very long already and it may very well have already done the job. Of course, the JD supporters will call it a homicide and want a pound of flesh while it was a clearly a suicide played out for all to see.

  13. Donutwarrior says

    Yeah, I agree that McCain is a nasty old man, but Hayworth? I was uneasy about him when he was a congressman, although I voted for him when I lived in his district. McCain’s bashing isn’t really why I have reservations about Hayworth. But I do think he is more conservative to his core. McCain blows with the wind, which anyone can see is toward conservatives now. All my neighbors want Hayworth, maybe I’ll join them despite my reservations. McCain should have retired, and Shadegg should have run. That would have been better than the choice we have now. But, since I’m not a leftist, I have to live in the real world and deal with the choice I actually have.

  14. Stephen Kohut says

    An incumbent in a contested primary that is running around or under 50% is in deep trouble. That is why McCain is spending so much now. The problem for him is that it has not moved his numbers outside of the 47% – 52% range. The problem for the challengers is that the polls reflect an anti-McCain sentiment and not a pro-somebody vote. Hayworth has baggage. Whether real or perceived the effect is there. Deakin lacks name recognition. After the debates on July 16 & 17 we will find out if the voters swing from anti-McCain to pro-somebody. The pro-somebody has to unite conservatives or the moderates will put McCain back in office by a plurality. We’ll know how this is going to break once we have post debate polling.

  15. Richard W says

    These are going to be the only available candidates on primary day. Wish that I had a positive feeling about at least one of them.

  16. McCain’s lead over JD has doubled, he now has a 23 point lead over Hayworth and the next Rasmussen poll will show an even greater margin.

    Keep talking…you might convince yourself but the voters aren’t buying it.

  17. Glenn Beck's my hero! says

    Ann (McCain paid hack), I didn’t know you use medical marijuana! It is your friends at Phoenix New Times who did any poll showing this differential? Catch the plane back from Fantasy Island and get grounded in reality!

  18. Radical American Patriot says

    Stephen, you are right on about incumbents and polling, Ann is being completely dishonest. about the numbers. You are mistaken about the polls not reflecting a ‘pro-somebody’ vote. JD is the only one who has polled as high as in a dead heat with McCain, and that was before he even in the race. Deakin has appeared in only one Rasmussen poll and I’m sure that happened only after his (and his astroturf supporters)constant badgering. Even before that poll Jim was claiming 20% support! He then justified that number by combining the results of the Rasmussen with another poll! Please explain the dishonesty in Jim’s analysis, quit ignoring Jim’s questionable claims!

    You talk about negatives for Hayworth, WHAT? Quit buying the decade-long attacks by the MSM agains JD. There is only one with any basis in fact: Hayworth appears to be ‘arrogant’. Wow! a Congressman who appears to be confident in his beliefs!

    However, in all your posts you fail to mention even one of Deakins dishonest attacks and lying about JD’s votes! This debate may expose Deakin’s immense failings, or it may not.

    Finally, don’t believe for a second that Jim will go up in the polls after the debate. Most of Jim’s vocal opponents (including me) are from the Tea Party movement and have dealt with him and his other supporters. We trust nothing from that camp. In the last Rasmussen Poll 46% knew nothing about him. Jim’s appearance on the ballot is set. If he still polls under 10% will Jim drop out of the race? I would hope so, but I doubt it. That’s too bad.

  19. DSW,
    I think your post summed up JD is paying you to do: “Tea Party people have to remember the objective, the goal, the mission: TO DEFEAT JOHN MCCAIN.”

    Let me give you a little political advice. Spewing your hatred of the opposing candidate does not get your candidate elected. All you are trying to do is defeat McCain and win by default, since very few people want to vote FOR your candidate. The only time that tactic works is when there is a two way race. We don’t have that here. The reason for all the Deakin posts on here are is now very obvious.
    None of this really matters in the end. The fact is McCain will win the election by a landslide.

  20. If JD does lose by a few points, Deakin needs to know he’ll be hated by the conservative base FOREVER.

    If Deakin wants a political future outside of just being a jack-ass protester, he’ll drop out.

  21. McCain may regret having Deakin in the debate. Every time I have heard him, he hasn’t done a very good job of speaking. JD is a very good debater and McCain will be blinking as he tries to cover up his true beliefs (he blinks faster the more he embellishes the truth). McCain thinks that Deakin will attack JD and leave him alone. If he does that, we will know that Deakin is more concerned about winning than getting someone out of office that will destroy our state with Cap and Trade, amnesty (aka Comprehensive Immigration Reform), supplement regulation, etc. etc.

  22. Stephen Kohut says

    Steve Robinson AKA Radical American Patriot,

    Once again, I AM NOT part of Deakin’s campaign staff. If you have a problem with his campaign take it up with them. I post based on my observations and opinions not those of other people.

    Spend some time actually reading the details behind the polls on Real Clear Politics. Their links to source material are excellent.

    Magellan Poll 6/22 (1139 LV)

    Voter preference

    McCain 52%
    Hayworth 29%
    Another Candidate 14%
    Undecided 5%


    McCain – Favorable 60%, unfavorable 37%
    Hayworth – Favorable 38%, unfavorable 50%

    Rasmussen 6/11 (707 LV)

    Voter preference

    McCain 47%
    Hayworth 36%
    Deakin 7%
    Another candidate 1%
    Undecided 8%

    Very Favorable/Very Unfavorable

    McCain – Very Favorable 30%, Very Unfavorable 11%
    Hayworth – Very Favorable 24%, Very Unfavorable 24%

    Looking at the most recent polls, McCain is vulnerable. Hayworth has high unfavorables compared to McCain and that it hurting him. Since there is only one other candidate in the primary I would take the 14% “Another Candidate” in the Magellan poll and attribute that to Deakin. McCain is stuck at +/- 50% and people are swinging between the challengers looking for someone to vote for and not just against McCain.

    Regarding JD, right or wrong, true ot not, his image to the voters is as a blowhard, a pork barrel spender and as a Johnny-come-lately to immigration. Whether true or not that is what voters feel, it is reflected in the polls and will be reflected in their votes. I’ve lived in AZ for almost 30 years. My opinion of JD is based on my time here and my observations and not those of the MSM. My opinion is that, due to the voters’ opinions of him as evidenced in the high negatives, he is not well thought of by the primary voters and that is why he is not doing as well as a strong candidate would against McCain in the current political climate.

  23. Participate in another Rob Haney type poll? No thanks!

  24. Chris Simcox says

    Many of you now realize why I had to drop out of the race and put my support behind JD.
    Just a little more info provided even if many of you might think it’s insignificant. The “bounty hunter” Stacey O’Connell started working with Deakin and McCain’s campaigns in mid March, feeding them both “dirt” that they had info to hurt JD. O’Connell is behind my soon to be ex-wife’s false allegations against me.
    A call was made to JD’s campaign manager in late March predicting that something “bad” was going to happen to me and that I should be immediately terminated from the campaign or the information would be given to McCain and Deakin already had it to use against JD.
    McCain’s camp used the false allegations against me to hurt JD and Deakin and wife have also used it among their small band of supporters. I have the emails from O’Connell threatening to harm JD on behalf of McCain and Deakin.
    Politics is even dirtier than I ever could ever have imagined. Visit my Facebook page for more on the dirty tricks.

  25. Ann,

    Is there any other candidate who you would have supported over John McCain in this Primary?

  26. Incidentally, my rule on family members of candidates is that the moment they put themself into the public arena, they are suceptible to criticism.

    Both Cindy and Meghan McCain have done this, especially whey they posed for the No H8 campaign attacking those who support traditional marriage.

    To my knowledge, Jim Deakin’s wife has not put herself into the public arena.

  27. DSW,

    Good point on the families. Equally good point on not bringing people who are not relevant to the post, such as Lisa James, into the fray. I am sure she appreciates it. Thank you for attempting to keep this all on message.

    You already know the answer to your question. We had that conversation in person prior to JD’s announcement. There are others who I would support, but if it was to oppose Senator McCain, no I would not. Even if it were a good friend who I believe in and admire greatly.

    Contrary to the opinion of some on this site, I am very conservative. You know my position on the issues. I also see the real picture. I am a true believer in the tenants of our platform and of the GOP.

    John McCain is not the perfect Republican. He is not the perfect man. I do not agree with everything he has done or everything he has said. The same could be said of Reagan…. And Bush…. And Gingrich… And Palin… And Huckabee… And Romney… And Barbour. Get the point.

    But as I told you then, JD is not the answer to what we need. Eliminating the strength, experience, and the ability to influence the dialogue that Senator McCain brings in order to gain some fictitious, perceived purity is not what I am voting for or what I want in a Senator. Not now of all times.

  28. DSW, you have worked in AZ politics for 20 plus years. Does that mean that you are one of the people that has been feeding us Senator McCain for all this time? WHY has the GOP been sending this guy back over and over? I have lived in Arizona all my life and voting for 30 plus years. In all that time I have NEVER cast a vote for either he nor Representative Hayworth. And I’m not going to start now.

    The claims that Senator McCain is behind Deakin’s campaign are ludicrous. Why would he do such a thing when he’s maintained essentially a 10 point lead all on his own? Representative Hayworth was closer before he entered the race. Using Rasmussen’s numbers, he’s enjoyed a 5 point net loss against the Senator over the course of the campaign and burning through 2 million dollars. And look at the funding Deakin is working with. Senator McCain spends more on one billboard than Deakin has raised in his whole race. Don’t you think Senator McCain’s professionals would have budgeted more to such a move?

    In the last Rasmussen, Deakin gained 12 points on Senator McCain, who dropped 5, and 11 points on Representative Hayworth, who dropped 4. This would suggest that he’s pulling votes from both candidates, not just Representative Hayworth. Especially since the undecided category increased.

    The calls to ruin Deakin’s life and the assertions that he will ruin Representative Hayworth’s campaign are typical DC-style scapegoat politics from someone with a typical DC-style mindset. This is just a way to allow Representative Hayworth to avoid the blame for his own mistakes(again).

    Representative Hayworth chose a ridiculous strategy, trying the old “money and name recognition” route. You’re not going to out-spend and out-famous a Presidential candidate. And eating his own feet along the way with “man marries horse” and “no war on Hitler’s Germany” sure wasn’t Jim Deakin’s fault.

    The recent flap with the infomercial illustrates the short-sightedness with which Representative Hayworth has approached his entire campaign. We all know Senator McCain is a dirty player. How in the world did Representative Hayworth’s team believe that the Senator’s crew wasn’t going to pull THAT gem out of the box and dust it off?

    Representative Hayworth never really stood a chance in this race, with or without Jim Deakin. He just ran a bad race. If he doesn’t hit a grand slam on both nights of the debate, he’s pretty well done, in my opinion. He has failed to differentiate himself from Senator McCain in the eyes of the public.

    If all we want to do is beat Democrats, who is the better choice? Someone who’s been doing it for three decades, or someone who was only just knocked off by them, and whose weak points they obviously understand?

    When the Senator blasts JD, he’s right. When JD blasts the Senator, HE is right.

    If we’re looking for a real conservative change, a real message sent to the country, the powers that be in the parties, and to the Federal Government, there’s only one choice. Forget McCain-Hayworth and vote Deakin. Because when it comes to McCain-Hayworth, THEY’RE BOTH RIGHT.

  29. Radical American Patriot says

    Stephen, I did NOT say you were a member of Jim Deakin’s campaign staff! No, what I DID say (read it again) “However, in all your posts you fail to mention even one of Deakin’s dishonest attacks and lying about JD’s votes!” I stand by those words, am I wrong? Please tell me where I said you are on Deakin’s staff?

    However, the quote from your post PROVES my point: “Regarding JD, right or wrong, true ot not, his image to the voters is as a blowhard, a pork barrel spender and as a Johnny-come-lately to immigration.”

    That statement is true ONLY about the ‘kool-aid’ drinkers who listen to everything those who believe everything Deakin, his wife, and any of the baloney posted by JPD, Michael Bailey and others post with NO BASIS in fact! Here are the links to independent websites that rate Congressmen and Senators, and PLEASE don’t tell me these sites are not indicative of a record for JD. That’s blatantly dishonest to say:

    NO Congressman votes perfectly according you or me. We look for the trends. JD’s lifetime record at ACU is just shy of that for Trent Franks, who according to National Journal is the MOST conservative legislator there is.

    I spoke with him last Sunday in BHC for about two hours at dinner. A truly great man! He even stated that what is happening at the BP well would happen in 7-10 days. He was right on! (He use to work in oil industry)

    So again I state that NO ONE who honestly studies JD’s record BELIEVES anything you claim! Except of course those who believes Jim’s and his dishonest posters’ lies! The fact that I expose the lies is why Jim and Adonia hate me so very much, that they wouldn’t even stay for dinner at the Black Bear Diner in BHC on July 4th. Adonia became very upset that I was invited and made Jim leave. Don’t believe me there were several others who heard and saw her throw a fit at my presence!

  30. The Mole says

    Deakin is just a spoiler for McLame. If he cared about anything buy himself he would drop out and support JD. Anyone that really thinks Deakin has any kind of a chance is delusional. Even is JD wasn’t in the race, Deakin would have no chance. And yes, conservative will make sure he pays if he runs for anything again.

    JD is our best chance for ending the rein of emperor McLame.

  31. Radical American Patriot says

    DSW, Your rule concerning family is noble. Unfortunately you are mistaken regarding Adonia Deakin. She constantly posts on websites in her own name, even demanding that the Arizona Tea Party remove all the posts of everyone who she accuses of ‘hateful words’, but really just expose Deakin’s completely dishonest campaign attacks.

    She posts on I-Caucus as recently as last Saturday or Sunday, and on Phoenix Tea Party site. So like Cindy and Megan, Adonia has indeed put herself into the public arena.

    Regarding her appearance at the Bullhead City Black Bear Diner (a great place to eat!) I did not see or hear her in the Restuarant myself, since I was waiting outside with others. I don’t know what she said inside. She did say as she was leaving that she would not stay and eat, and that she couldn’t control herself, with me there. So Jim and her left.

    She told a mutual friend that the reason for her “intense dislike” for me was that I allegedly attacked and ridiculed enlisted personnel. NOT TRUE! Someone tried to compare Jim to Chuck DeVore and I drew a sharp distinction between the two on several issues: experience, endorsements, monies raised, etc. Another that I listed ONLY because Jim points out his service on his website, was that Chuck was an officer and Jim was enlisted. I did NOT say that the enlisted ranks were ANYTHING NEGATIVE! I have two brothers, a father and step-father, three uncles and a dozen plus cousins who were all enlisted! Only one cousin went on to be an officer in the Marine Corps, after also serving as a Warrant Officer. I have a cousin who lost his legs in ‘Nam. So DON’T accuse ME of disrespecting enlisted personnel, Adonia!!

    I did mistakenly accuse them of campaiging outside a military funeral, for which I apologized. Instead it was outside the 2009 Memorial Day Service at a Cemetery in the greater Phoenix area, I’m not sure where!

  32. Oh my goodness…. You can’t make this stuff up!


  33. “…any of the baloney posted by… Michael Bailey… with NO BASIS in fact!”

    Ok, Ok, you got me, Radical. I take it back.

    When Representative Hayworth said that a decision on gay marriage meant that “…a man could marry his horse” and that the United States “…never declared war on Hitler’s Germany” it WAS Jim Deakin’s fault.

    Sorry about that. Won’t happen again.

  34. So let me get this straight. The topic has now turned to a candidate’s wife publicly demanding that others treat her husband the way she believes they should?

    Isn’t that the point of JD’s ONLY television ad?

  35. Blue Meanie says

    The point is clearly McCain will lie and say whatever he needs to say to trick the voters again. This time they are not going to fall for it.

    It says a lot about him when McCain has been in Washington for 28 years and he evokes this kind of anger in his own Party. Has that happened before?

  36. Stephen Kohut says

    Steve Robinson AKA Radical American Patriot,

    You statement “That statement is true ONLY about the ‘kool-aid’ drinkers who listen to everything those who believe everything Deakin, his wife, and any of the baloney posted by JPD, Michael Bailey and others post with NO BASIS in fact!” is incorrect. JD’s problem, as reflected in the polls by his high negatives, is that the THE PUBLIC believes that he is as a blowhard, a pork barrel spender and as a Johnny-come-lately to immigration. That is JD’s problem. This has nothing to do with the Deakin campaign in any way. The Deakin campaign has not been able to do the tyoe of media it would take to have given JD so strong a negative image to do that kind of damage in the poll. The one who has been pounding the MSM with those types of ads is McCain. If you find the polls troubling than I suggest you look at what the public’s view of JD was before he entered the race and the effectiveness of the media put out against JD by McCain since he entered. That is the source of JD’s problems. The voters do drink the koolaid. The challenge for candidates is to educate them otherwise. The polls show JD is not succeeding in that task. Don’t blame the Deakin campaign for the failures of JS’s campaign.

  37. nightcrawler says


    On this rare occasion we agree. It is all about personal responsibility. You win with dignity and you lose with dignity. It is the candidate and the staff that need to step up and educate people. I like JD and volunteered on his last campaign and if he beats McCain fair and square in August I may do so again. Throwing Deakin under a bus just for showing up is turning a lot of people off. A poorly calculated political diversionary tactic, in my opinion.

  38. It always ends up at “Adonia did it” after “You (Deakin) Liars ” that precedes “You Deakin spoilers” that begins with WITHDRAW FROM THE RACE.

    Robinson (RAP) where in the world did this enlisted rant come from – what is wrong with you – no “MORE” dead horses to beat in Bullhead? Who in their right minds would want to break bread with you and as far as controlling ones mouth – look in the mirror – even Pierce had to chuckle AT YOU after you jumped in his face, actually into his space with your hands waving where you recited a passage from a book you read 4 years ago.

    RAP, you keep making reference to my posts being lies but offer nothing specific to counter them – I guess you’re right.

    Your pal jpd

  39. Oberserve says

    No matter how McCain would like to spin it,
    JD is Scott Brown and
    McCain is Kennedy

    If JD loses, it’s McCain’s spite for the Teaparty that did it, not McCain’s embrace of it.

  40. Radical American Patriot says


    You said that JD’s problem, “…is that the THE PUBLIC believes that he is as a blowhard, a pork barrel spender and as a Johnny-come-lately to immigration.” Would you please give ALL of US here, the references and polling on which this statement is based? If you can’t then we would conclude that it’s YOUR personal opinion, right?


    You promoted the lie that HR 6, Section 752 being about some kind of “Pilot Cap & Trade” program. First, You and Jim Deakin claimed that this bill put into place this program. THAT is patently false! As Trent Franks stated to me, this provision required the EPA to REPORT TO CONGRESS within 180 days; regarding the EXISTING program that the EPA had instituted beforehand. Please, I’d like to know your response to this JPD, did this provision intistute a “pilot cap & trade” or JUST require a sunshine provision? (will there be dead silence from either or both?)

    Steven Robinson
    Radical American Patriot

  41. Stephen Kohut says

    Steve Robinson AKA RAP,

    Magellan clearly attributes in its commentary on the favorable/unfavorable poll results that JD’s poor performance is due to the effectiveness of McCain’s ads. As I said, read the commentary and details in polling. Don’t just look at numbers. In politics it is what you appear to be and not what you are that usually determines the outcome. McCain’s ads have targeted each of the items I listed such as ear marks/pork barrel spending in his Guam snakes and French fruit fly ads. McCain has painted JD with the brush he wanted to. Fair or not, real or not, it is what it is and the polls reflect that.If in doubt, refer to Alinsky’s 5th and 13th tactics.

  42. Radical American Patriot says

    First regarding my previous post, I meant “institute”, poor typing not spelling! LOL


    You said, “Throwing Deakin under a bus just for showing up is turning a lot of people off.”

    Much to JPD’s surprise, I wholeheartedly agree with you on this statement! If that were what is happening, that is.

    The fact is, JPD (AND Deakin as well) has repeatedly mischaracterized votes, bills and actions of JD Hayworth’s record. They and many others have attempted to mislead people about his record, calling him names, as Stephen Kohut did earlier, couching it in the terms of “THE PUBLIC Believes…” What did Stephen say? “…a blowhard, a pork barrel spender and as a Johnny-come-lately to immigration.” Again, Stephen, please provide the evidence from any poll where any questions like that are asked!

    I began responding to their outrageous charges on the various Tea Party pages, and as JPD is fond of reminding people, I would get kicked off by the moderators who were Deakin supporters. I even got booted by ICaucus’es David Lake for asking WHY I had to removed a video that was posted here showing Jim claiming to have 20% but NO ONE who were viciously attacking me (while I maintained my calm) were condemned for their posts! David then asked them privately to remove their attack posts so the the main directors would not see them.

    So, my desire all along is to set the story straight. Ever since I read JPD’s earliest posts in late February/early March I have been responding. Do I always get it right? Of course not! But even the Deakin supporting Mike Keating unequivocally stated on my birthday, that I researched my subjects very well and I don’t lie.

    So nightcrawler it’s not about “…throwing (Deakin) under the bus just for showing up”
    It is about using the truth to combat the lies, half-truths and distortions.

    You may have noticed, that neither Stephen nor JPD commented at all about the links I posted above in #30. How can ANYONE review these independent ratings analyses (there’s more) and accuse JD of being a “progressive porker”? Was he perfect in his 12 years? NO!! Neither would a Jim Deakin, but he condemns ALL politicians believing they should ALL be voted out. SO, Jim MUST think that HE would be PERFECT!?

  43. Stephen Kohut says

    Steve Robinson AKA RAP,

    Is there some part of “in politics it is what you appear to be and not what you are that usually determines the outcome” that you didn’t get? It does not matter who ranked JD as what if people DO NOT CARE about it. Look at the unfavorable ratings, read the commentary in the polls, read the press, turn on the radio … JD’s problem is that McCain used Alinsky’s 5th and 13th tactics to ridicule, freeze, polarize and personalize JD and it worked. Magellan is very clear on that point.

    If JD cannot repacking himself and rebrand his image with the voters he will not win. McCain spent millions to pin him to the wall and the 50% unfavorables show that he succeeded. If you want your guy to win then his campaign has to figure our how to undo that. Without the cash or enough feet-on-the-ground GOTV to offset McCain’s cash, JD has to use the two debates, as does Deakin, to sell himself to the voter. McCain is vulnerable. The polls show that. The voters want a option. McCain has made it hard for JD to sell himself. That is simply political reality. Let Shane or any others with a lot of time in the saddle show me where my analysis is wrong.

    I do not want McRINO. I’ve gone head to head with him and his reputation as McNasty is well deserved. I want him out but he may win unless one of the challengers can change the opinion of the voters through the debates and swing the polls enough. It is up to JD and Jim to show the voters that viable option. They each have 2 shots. We’ll know by the start of early voting on July 29 what this may turn out to be.

  44. DSW and Glenn Beck’s my hero,

    I’ve debated on whether to reply to you both on this board and made the decision to go ahead and voice my opinion. So—

    DSW – You are correct, I am new to the political scene. I am one of many new PCs to the Republican Party. I do not like the direction our Country is headed and wanted to get involved. What I wasn’t ready for was the dysfunctional Republican Party Politics that I find myself in at this time.
    After attending several LD meetings and hearing the bickering and fighting, I now realize the problem with our country is much deeper than I had ever imagined. There has been no training/education for the new PC other that what you can glean from the the internet.

    I can relate to Jim Deakin as “new to politics”, and I,too, would like to get rid of all incumbents. I speak on these boards in support of the candidate I feel would do the best job of representing me and my beliefs. I am not obligated to follow your mandates for me as you listed in reply #8.

    After reading many of your messages, I’m quite sure I don’t want to follow your path
    being in AZ politics for more than 20 years.
    Seems to me that part of the problem is the old guard in this Party. I do want to stick it out through the 2012 election to help get rid of the current administration.

    Glenn Beck’s my hero – In addition to my comments above to DSW, I’m sure GB would not
    condone the name calling that you spew so easily. #9 – I am a disciple to only One, and that is not Obama. I’m tired of the way government is ignoring the citizens so I, too, would like to replace all the incumbents especially McCain.

    I do not need to get my information from MSM to form a personal opinion about JD. I didn’t care for him as a sportscaster, and I still don’t care for him. Sorry, that’s my opinion and I am entitled to that.

    So surprise! I am a real and honest voter
    and I am even more opposed to JD after meeting you fine people.

  45. Steven – you are a joke – no wonder you move around so much.

    Here RAP – Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots: Mesa Tea Party Patriots discussion currently page #9 – late February.

    JPD said – Hayworth is a “Pompous Progressive Porker” – any questions as it is all coming true. He has a mouth that keeps giving: he voted for the Cap & Tax “Pilot” – his words: and not only did he spend our money when he couldn’t do that anymore he tried to give it away.

    Comment by JPD on February 26, 2010 at 1:56pm
    Pathetic; patently dishonest; ignorant name-caller; ill-informed; dishonest; liar; liberal troll and immature: RAP you started calling me names way before I called you anything. Do you want me to research who stated calling who names first for you?

    Pompous Progressive Porker is not a name it’s a title Hayworth justly earned, I explained it several times – here is the short version: Pompous – mouthy; Progressive – voting record; Porker – voting record.

    You said I ignored the slanted Pajamas piece. The PJ piece references data based on a matrix that is inherently faulted!

    First – the piece is an opinion; second – that opinion uses data that is inherently prejudice and then misrepresents it; third – you act as if it the piece and data are ‘GOSPEL’; fourth Hayworth being an EAGLE SCOUT does not establish his integrity as you stated; fifth – I’ll find my post that trashes this and deliver it to you as it seems you are having a hard time finding stuff.

    The Pajamas piece reminds me of the ACLU mailers I get as a member for the past 14 years.

    The PJ piece is patently dishonest. Kind of reminds me of the ‘VERY IMPORTANT PAPERS” Boy Scout skit!

    McCain vs Hayworth – DEAKIN wins.

  46. With the recent evidence that the John McCain campaign is helping the Deakin campaign, the issue becomes clear.

    I have a political science degree, 44 campaigns I’ve worked on, and experience working with hundreds of campaigns on immigration issues across America for the last six years.

    I can find no historic evidence, and I challenge anyone to provide it, where a candidate like Deakin has won their race when polling at 7% or less five weeks before E-Day.

    Therefore, I feel very confident at putting Deakin’s chances of winning this race at less than 1% if not ZERO.

    McCain is polling about where US Senators Arlen Specter and Bob Bennet were polling just before their surprise upsets. The problem is that in those races there was no vote splitting candidate like Jim Deakin.

    We are looking at a very real posibility of election returns on election night reading McCain 48%, Hayworth 47%, Deakin 5%.

    If this happens, then Jim Deakin will be the man that delivers President Obama the final Amnesty vote he needs to overcome Cloture votes in the US Senate.

    It is unknown if they will move forward on Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty right away or wait till after the elections.

    If Hayworth defeats McCain, the entire Globalist plan to import all these illegals and turn them into voters to destroy the once sovereign United States will be in tatters and the traitors will be in full retreat and the number of election victories for challengers in November will skyrocket.

    If McCain wins reelection it will be like a bucket of cold water hitting the nation of patriots that are rising up for real change out there.

    Arizona, you must get this right and you must do whatever is necessary to defeat John McCain.

    If McCain and Obama turn millions of illegals into voters, the violence in your streets, the kidnappings, the drugs, the gang rapes, the assault weapons battles, will all escalate to a new horrific level and any chance of turning things around through politics will be gone forever.

    Deakin must hdo the honorable thing and step aside or prove himself as a willing McCain ally by staying in.

    Only someone that wanted to hurt JD or help McCain would stay in Deakin’s position.

    So please join us as we ask Mr. Deakin to do what is best for our nation.

    Your comments to him are welcome at this link…

    At this time we are giving Jim Deakin the benefit of the doubt and giving him the opportunity to help us defeat McCain.

  47. MICHAELANN says

    I have gone to meet and hear JD speak about 10 times. After every J McCain ad I have to go and listen to hear what JD has to say.. and I find what he has to say exactly what we need in Washington. Mr Mccain had the option to defeat obamacare with a filibuster he has believes in Amnesty, he believes in progressive ideas and crosses the isle he is not a strong conservative and is not looking out for anyone but himself. McCains ads are despicable and low down dirty. He has voted on many of the same issues or just didnt show up to vote way to many times. Mr Deakin needs to be the hero and stand up for the party of conservatism.

  48. MICHAELANN says

    JD is a gentleman at all the speaking engagements I have been too. He never berates McCain for his mud slinging and he is accountable for his actions he just does not the big dollars MCCain has JD cant fight back
    on the airways. This campaign is all about money. McCain has the biggest bucks, poor Mr. Deakin has the least amount of dollars. I am terrified McCain will win. I promised not to vote for any incumbent and I plan on sticking with that plan. Voting for McCain the fence sitter that blows with the wind is not the answer.

  49. Mr. Gheen,

    Unfortunately, I as an educated person, I believe you are right.

    If McCain returns to the Senate, it will be an Obama AMNESTY vote (AKA comprehensive immigration reform).

    And it’s really as simple as that.

    You are also right about “new” candidates. It’s considered “good” if they end up in double digits (over 10%) approval ratings in the polls. And, that gives a good indication of the “potential” they have.
    But they do not win the actual election.

    So, Mr. Deakin does need to consider that (heavily) and decide what he wants to do. Split the vote between McCain & JD? Endorse JD “only because” he doesn’t want an amnesty vote to go through in the “bigger picture” or stand on his right to run.

    I know what I would do. I would do everything in my power to make sure amnesty didn’t get through nationally. And I’d come back another day to challenge again.

    But that’s me. And I’m an immigrant and can never be president anyway…….. or maybe I can……..?

    Unfortunately this is real life and we DO have to think about the big picture.

  50. I guess it’s hard to be optimistic with what we see in washington and regular politics. I wish we could remember how coutry was shaped and built real representation, meaningful, understandable legislation that improved the country. What have we seen over the past years? Would it make sense to go back to that? Would it be great to get money out of politics, voter influencing, voter intimidation, what about getting our ideas and needs and thoughts represented? I see the way to do that to get energized, speak up, educate our friends and neighbors, most have given up, say their vote don’t count so only 40% vote, what if 20% more got involved? I saw in debates, not flash, not buying attention, not buying name recognition, but simple truthful statements and conservative thought and ideas from JIM DEAKINS. Instead of saying no chance, why don’t we get off our butts and make a real difference in washingtonh?

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