Sonoran Alliance on TV-12

I never thought running a conservative blog would bring so much attention so imagine my surprise when Sonoran Alliance was invited to appear on a special Channel 12 News broadcast this Thursday.

That’s when four prominent Arizona bloggers will appear live on camera covering the closing night of the Democratic National Convention. Two of us will be blogging from the right (EspressoPundit) while the other two will blog from the left.

I’ll blog on my impressions of the Democratic convention and where I believe John McCain and the Republican Party needs to go next to ensure victory. I’ll also be blogging on how Arizona’s politics will be affected by a McCain win.

As Thursday approaches, I’ll bring you reminders. I’d also like to hear from you and your impressions as the Democrats rally so feel free to email Sonoran Alliance with your thoughts.


  1. BSExpress? says

    So how will Traitor McAmnesty move the state GOP forward?

  2. When you give your opinion on what McCain and the Republican party need to do to achieve victory, will you follow the whacky ideas of the MCRC and pretend that most republicans believe that stuff, or will you advise a strategy for mainstream Republicans that can win a general election?
    We are still suffering from the whack factor from way back when Matt Salmon leaned right just enough that he lost the general and doomed us to 8 years of No-politano. Sometimes just a little too much whack factor loses enough votes to deny you 50%. And in elections that is all that matters, so you “pure” philosophy whacks need to consider whether it is worth it to keep bashing McCain and have to live with 8 years of Obama.

  3. Congratulations DSW!!! They asked me; I have a face for radio plus they say TV puts 10 lbs on you (LOL)! Great Job and have fun with it. The GOP Convention will be fanastic especially since our hometown man, JOHN MCCAIN will be the next President of the United States!

  4. Maximus gets it. I make no bones about my thinking you folks are little more than a pack of lemmings following dubya and his doomsday parade in it’s screaming nosedive over that ideological cliff. Maximus, however, is one of only a few of you who I don’t think drank the coolaid at the last republican convention. Moderation, people. I don’t rant and rave about moderates. A moderate republican, in my opinion, is as valid in his or her ideology as a moderate dem (despite my likely disagreement with some of what he or she may say). If more of you thought like Maximus, more of you might think twice before merrily goose stepping off to the convention, taking your loyalty oath and blindly rallying behind whichever good ol’ boy promises to be farthest to the right of Strom Thurmond.

    P.S.-I am sure this is not a welcome endorsement. Please, don’t take it out Maximus.

  5. Antifederalist says

    First, Shane, grats, hombre. That’s pretty cool. 🙂 Only more calls from the MSM for your opinion can follow. Best of luck!

    Second, Brandon, your penchant for generalization has thrown you WAY off the mark. Many of us who read SA do so because it’s supposed to be a more true, small-government conservative blog. So, for you to call small-government conservatives blind lemmings that follow that RINO Bush shows a grave error in your understanding of the Republican political spectrum. Many of us true conservatives are quick to call out moderates, RINOs, and neo-cons (neo meaning NEW, and they don’t deserve the moniker conservative at all) when they’re wrong on spending, the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, immigration, global warming, the appointment of judges, big government, new entitlement programs, life issues, using the military for democratization and nationbuilding, etc.

    As for nosedives off ideological cliffs, I would argue that it’s the extremes of the parties that are ideologues, not the moderates like Bush and McLame. Moderates (in both parties) are political opportunists. They’ll say and do anything to get elected, and it’s sickening. What I find so funny about Dummycrats is that they absolutely REVILE the Republicans that are more likely to agree with them (moderates like Bush, Nixon, etc.) while they’ll cross party lines to vote for someone who would disagree with them more (conservatives like Reagan).

    When it comes to the convention, I’ll not be going. I’m not going to watch the mindless coronation of McLame. I revile him because he’s a moderate and wrong on SO many issues! Despite teh fact that I’m an elected Republican PC, I’ll be voting for Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate.

    And, Brandon, it’s my sense that it’s the moderates that are killing the Republican party. We’ve had moderates in control for too long, and it’s slowly killing our party. We can see losses in Congress, low approval ratings, a decline in the number of PCs, a decline in conservatives contributing to campaigns, etc…all because moderates have taken over the R party.

    One more thing, Brandon the-all-knowing, you’re 180 degrees off on Republicans nominating the most conservative of the candidatesz. Had we done so, Ron Paul would be our nominess, followed by Fred Thompson, Tom Tancredo, or Duncan Hunter. the fact that mcLame is our nomineee shows that the moderates are in control of the R party.

    So, Brandon, while you spew generalities that are completely unsupported by any evidence, at least I offer REASONS and evidence to support my statements. I find your writing pretty lacking…and just about as wrong as can be.

    Maximus, you’re wrong too, for the reasons I’ve listed above: namely that it’s the moderates that are killing the R party, not the TRUE, small-government paleo-conservatives.

  6. For the first time in years the Republican Party had a HUGE cast of characters to choose from. Many of us, me included, started out with other candidates as our first choice. That was not a slam at McCain but an endorsement of someone else, more than likely an opinion based on personal choice in style or particular issue. Not blind party partisanship.

    The process worked for us just like it did for the Dems; however ours worked to our benefit. We had a clear choice from many fine candidates and the clear choice was evident early on. The D’s, after the initial start, had two. One or the other, take it or leave it. And if you do not pick the right one, we will change the rules to make sure you do. From the looks of many polls, from many sources, it looks like many Dems are choosing to leave it.

    Brandon’s writings are like the guy who says, “Jump”, and the responders to his posts say, “How high?” He is having a great time baiting folks. We can choose not to bite but no one will ever change his mind. From the tenor of his writings, I would suspect Emily is near his keyboard or at least his email.

  7. Shane — congrats! You’re a media star. I’ll make sure to watch and cheer you on.

    Its also refreshing to see a local news channel giving equal time to conservatives and liberals. If only the national media were so open-minded.

    Any liberal who spends as much time as Brandon does posting on conservative websites is a bitter loser. Yes, I say the same for conservatives posting on lefty sites.

    Brandon is a bitter loser. Ignore her.

  8. Very cool! Congrats!

  9. Antfederalist, The fact that you believe your party has been hijacked by moderates proves to me that you don’t have a very solid grasp on what anyone is talking about here. Dubya is not a moderate. Take a look at his supreme court nominees.

    As for your REASONS, they are completely invalid if founded on the initial assertion that your party is controlled by moderates.

    A moderate outlook and a willingness to listen and cooperate with the other side for the betterment of the nation does not make someone an opportunist. In some cases that may be a possibility (although we should not lie to ourselves and say that there aren’t any leftist dems or conservative republicans who aren’t opportunist) it is just as likely that those people understand that extreme partisanship is detrimental to the legislative process. With extreme partisanship there can be no progress because niether side will budge. Even if McCain is an opportunist, at least his opportunism gets us somewhere as a nation.

    At the same time, there are some examples of opportunism that can’t be rationed or viewed in a positive light. His charade at the Saddleback church, for example, was opportunism of the worst sort. Some might also call it pandering. His performance as a conservative was transparent and saddening.

  10. I do not know who Emily is.

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