Sonoran Alliance Mentioned on The Hill

The Hill 

Sonoran Alliance was mentioned in a recent article in The Hill regarding the issue of immigration in the upcoming races in CD5 and CD8.



  1. Scrupulous, exhumed says

    Very nice quotes from Shane, but my favorite from the who-needs-friends-when-you-have-enemies-like-this category was this one: “Tim [Bee] is not an angry person,” said Michael McNulty, chairman of Giffords’s reelection bid. “But, that being said, he’s still very conservative.”

  2. Cool man. So where is the gigantic picture of McCain with the “McCain sweeps the Potomac!” headline that we were promised when you ran the huge Huckabee wins Kansas picture. Back then, Sonoran Alliance said it was just “reporting the news” and I said I’d believe it when you featured McCain’s next victory.

    Well, still nothing, so I guess I’m not believing it, eh?

    Anybody think there would have been a huge “Huckabee wins Virginia!” celebration if he had won there? It would have likely ignored or excused McCain’s wins in Maryland and D.C. as well, but since he didn’t win, I guess its just not news…

  3. Hey, I wonder what the Blue Dog Democrats think of Gabby’s use of franking, esp for blatant campaign mailings?

  4. Good work, Sean. Now that you are on the radar, how do you want to be identified? A position driven site or for fair reporting?

    Your quote in “The Hill” was great, perspective without position. I have to ask, where is that perspective in regards to the Potomac Primaries? Tim is right on. When Huckabee had a victory, even when the numbers point out it is a splash in the ocean, it was a big story. That Sen. McCain swept yesterday and did with some big numbers should be a story.

    But, we have an event at ASU, the “fear mongering” story, and the continuation of Shadegg. Not a word about the overwhelming results of OUR Senator. Like him or not, he is the Arizona Senator and he is performing very well in his campaign for the presidency. That is news and worthy of a mention.

  5. Could we get Lisa James to run against Randy Pullen for something so that Ann and I can quit agreeing all the time?! 😉

  6. Watch it!

  7. Sonoran Alliance says

    Tim and Ann,

    McCain’s victories on Tuesday were too dog bites man to cover. Plus why should we duplicate Mafioso and NYT. They are doing a fine job covering McCain.

    McCain is going to be the nominee. If you support him then it might be wise to not rub our noses in it so as many of us as possible vote for him. Just a thought.

  8. Sensitive much? No nose rubbing at all, the subject has been a part of much dialogue and was certainly news and relevant to the times.

  9. good job, next time get them to link to you in the article.

  10. Tim
    That was so funny I almost fell off the treadmill I was walking on!!

    SA- I thought one of your earlier post said, “We are just reporting on the news” So I guess it’s reporting on selective news, huh?

    BTW it is great to have you mentioned in The Hill

  11. kralmajales says

    Bob…who gives a crap really? EVERY GOP and DEM Senator and House members uses the franking priv. It is used to keep them in touch with their district. Wasteful in an era of the web, maybe (people still dont have it), but still somewhat legit. I would vote to cut it myself…but for all of them.

  12. Yes, they all use it. I’m not for ending franking. Just for ending the misuse of it such as Gabby did last year. Sending out cardstock fliers showing how newspapers glow about some bill you supported? Come on now, really. That looked like any other campaign mailer that goes out. That one was over the line. She got caught with her pants down on that one.

    So, to answer your question…I give a crap about it because it’s my money. I have spoken to lots of people who “give a crap” about it too. You want to answer someone’s question about a bill or send out a newsletter listing your legislative priorities or a schedule of town hall meetings? be my guest. You want to campaign? Raise your own darn money from your supporters and spend it.

    Privileges are just that-privileges. And for someone with a seven figure war chest, it raised eyebrows that she had to push the envelope on that particular franked mailing. Honestly, that’s one thing that I would have thought she’d have erred on the side of caution on ESPECIALLY given her impressive ability to fundraise.

    You take that particular mailer and show it to a dozen people and I’d be willing to bet at least 11 of them would view it as a campaign mailer. I’d like to know what the Blue Dogs would think about that particular mailer. I’m guessing they would not give it their bark of approval.

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