Sonoran Alliance Launces New Feature – Pol-parazzi!

Sonoran Alliance is excited to launch a new feature and we’re calling it Pol-parazzi!

That’s right – your favorite pictures of politicos out and about the community in full view. You’ve heard their names, now you get to see them in action at the hottest political events!

We kick off our first photo with a political odd couple.

 DeRose & Bittner

This is GOP activist and former LD 17 House candidate, Chris DeRose, with date, Emily Bittner, Communications Director for the Arizona Democratic Party, at the recent announcement by David Schweikert to run for Arizona’s 5th Congressional Seat. (courtesy


If you’ve got political photos, we want ’em!

Please email your JPG’s and GIF’s of your favorite digital devotees and electronic electioneers to Sonoran Alliance.


  1. Bittner is a poor excuse for a D. She’s anti-gay, according to her blog.

  2. I attended – arrived at 7pm (too late for the pics I suppose) or could it be that I was wearing a long sleeve shirt with black pants, instead of a mini dress without sleeves? hhmmm some of those young women looked like little girls with drinks in hand -hope they checked ID!

  3. Chris DeRose says

    I’m a uniter, not a divider.

    Lighten up Timothy. Sorry that you had to take your sister to prom, but the only time Emily has ever been a bad Democrat was when she agreed to be my girlfriend.

  4. Now THAT was funny!

  5. Gee Gee,

    Lighten up. Did you see the martini glass at the top of the Republican Professional’s web site? This group is all about drinking and having fun, it’s not a bible study. the problem with the republican party in this state is dominated by Christian conservatives. Republicans should be a big tent, and this group brings in the party side of the grand old party. I saw lots of guys and gals hooking up at the party and yes a lot of the gals were wearing skirts that barely covered their fannies but theres room in the party for them too. They help attract men to Republican events. Did you know that Hugh Hefner is a Republican. I hooked up with a couple of very attractive women at the event and have no problem with the fact they were dresssed skimpily, I’m not judgmental like the Christian right wing of the party.


  6. Oro Valley Dad says


    The Republican Party in Arizona has many problems but the Christian Conservatives are not the main one. One of the biggest problem is a congressional delegation that throws a hissy when they don’t get their way and works against the state party chairman. Pullen is hardly a member of the Christian Right. In Pima County the party chair is very much not a part of the Christian Right and just spent a bunch of time and money to lose big in the city elections while continuing to ignore the Republicans in the rest of the county. She even demeaned the young party activists who made the mistake of getting involved for the wrong candidate. Believe me the many problems of the party are not the sole purview of Christians.

    Another big problem is the elites of the party constantly working against the grassroots.

  7. Bill Blount says

    Timothy–get a life. This is supposed to be a fun post! What kind of sad, strange little man goes around attacking women anonymously? Why don’t you post your last name? Afraid she’s going to beat you up?

  8. It is all in fun, or oddness, until someone gets insulted, I guess. So when CDR comes back and insults me, my prom date, AND my sister, he’s ahead three to one. Anyway, don’t kill the messenger, it’s just politics, folks. Don’t take it personally.

    Here she is in her own words, and those of some of her detractors, before she was hired by the D party (If the link doesn’t work just google “emily bittner” and “blog”):

  9. That was funny. So now we know the solution was to insult me, my prom date and my sister. CDR is up three to one. This is politics, folks, don’t take it personally, and don’t kill the messenger. Here she is in her own words earlier this year (just Google “emily bittner” and “blog”)

  10. Oops, that was my evil(er) twin in a parallel universe that just double posted.

    Check it: The caption says CDR is a former candidate from LD 17. Laura Knaperek, his former running mate, is now running for Congress (also from LD 17) but she’s running against Schweikert. CDR’s girlfriend, Bittner, in her capacity as D spokeswoman, has blasted not Knaperek, but Schweikert, in a Dem Party press release on Now, they are both photographed at a Schweikert fundraiser? I know the cliche about strange bedfellows and politics, but is there something even more politically interesting about this photo? Do you people have no shame?

  11. Finally! Someone figures it out!

  12. OK – boys WILL be boys! – While us “true conservative” women will remain conservative. Again – the comment on “I Hope they checked ID” was ignored (hhhmm…interesting boys!)
    John (you wrote that you “hooked up” with a few skimpy dressed gals” – carefully thought -out wording perhaps – or were you drunk when typing your comment reply?

  13. I have to wonder if this type of event gathering is really geared toward the “pupa conservatives” who are seeking to enter the family stage and become full-fledged family units?

  14. Timothy

    Have you no clue?

    1) Knaperek and DeRose were not running mates.

    2) The Dems have not attacked Laura Knaperek as much because she has a pig’s chance at a barbecue of getting out of this primary (though they have attacked her). They have attacked Schweikert and Ogsbury, because one of them is going to win.

    3) It was not a Schweikert fundraiser. At all. It was a regularly scheduled Young Professionals event where Schweikert went to announce his candidacy.

    4) I recently received an invitation to an Ogsbury fundraiser; Chris DeRose is on the host committee, so I find it hard to believe that he’s supporting Schweikert as well.

    5) What did slimy, socially awkward, clueless people like you do before the internet?

  15. Dim Sum: You’re making the point. Chris DeRose is an Ogsbury supporter who brings the Democrat Party’s spokeswoman to David Schweikert’s announcement. Naturally, she gives Dem Party quotes to the reporters on the scene. A scene she wouldn’t have even gotten into if DeRose hadn’t brought her there.

    Maybe Ogsbury appreciates DeRose working with the Dems to hit his opponent. But as a Republican looking to win the race, I’m not amused at Ogsbury (if he knew), DeRose or his Democrat allies.

  16. I think we all need to get a clue. Emily is a very nice girl, Democrat or not. Stop holding auditions for who you will associate with based on if they meet YOUR standard for life. That’s so close minded. There were cameras at the event held at 6 nightclub. If the D party wanted quotes, wouldn’t have been hard for them to get them without assuming Chris & Emily there were to do anything shady.

    As for the way women were dressed at the event, I was in trouser jeans & a long sleeve top. So not everyone was scantily clad…and its people who assume that you aren’t a good republican, good person or good Christian because you have fashion sense that drive people from getting involved. We can’t all dress like Marne Haney in turtle necks, flag t shirts & culottes, can we?
    Then we’d be as unattractive as the Democrat party. Kudos to the one who figured out that attractive women bring in the men to these events. We look good, have brains & can hold a conversation. No matter how short our skirt or how low cut our top.
    Grow up. This isn’t Little House on the Prarie.

  17. PS Tim S. I helped organize the event, and i can tell you that while it is a REPUBLICAN event, we don’t ask to see that you’re a card carrying member before we let you in the door. We knew Emily was coming. And NONE of the organizers had a problem with it.
    Ever heard the term “Love Thy Neighbor” …if not, look into it.

  18. The problem is that Emily was working the event. While the rest of you were socializing, she was there with an agenda which was enabled by the guy who brought her in. Its not like you guys expected her to be switching parties there, eh?

    Nice or not, you have a GOP candidate a forum to make his campaign announcement. Then somebody let the wolf in the front door. That wasn’t smart or nice to your guest of honor that night. Will you be inviting the Democrat spokesperson to counter every Republican guest speaker? Or just the ones her boyfriend is working against?

  19. Miss VSP/Republican babe,

    That’s a good thing you weren’t scantily dressed, like you are on your website, because you need to lose a few pounds if you want to compete with the real babes that were lusciously falling out of their outfits.

    Gee Gee,

    I’m not going to tell you what happened with the women I left with after the party, because I’m sure it would shock your Christian conservative morals. You uptight types always want to know details like that, isn’t that a bit hypocritical?

  20. wow. you’re a real class act, John. Perhaps you want someone who is thinner than I, but I have yet to hear complaints from real men.

  21. ps- thanks for the shout out. maybe now all the high schoolers can start drama on my blog too. oh goody!

  22. Kids, kids, focus… The issue here is bringing Democrats to Republican events so that they can attack the Republicans who are campaigning there. Who cares what the rest of you were wearing? Christ almighty, there’s a war going on, people are dying, our way of life is under attack, Harry Mitchell can’t surrender to them fast enough, and our efforts to beat him are being undermined by a Republican moron looking to score points with his girlfriend who is the official voice box for the Arizona Democrat Party! And you silly girls (we’re including you in that John) want to debate fashion? No wonder you lose elections.

    9-11, remember that? Or just what you were wearing when you heard the news and realized that the really good parties that night were probably gonna be downers?


  23. Listen up everyone! Listen to Tim S. as he tries to get this comment string back on track. And lay off my friend, VSP. She was once a key member of my staff (and is a good friend). She is also very good at what she does and I’d have her organize any of my events in a heartbeat.

  24. Hate it when another “John” starts posting and screws up my reputation. Gotta make that guy use a last letter or something. He makes me sound so metrosexual. Putz.

    This is like Carville and Matalin, except I don’t remember Carville being invited into GOP events to bash GOP candidates on the clock. Seems Matalin knew where to draw the line better than DeRose when it came to inviting your Dem partner to stuff.

  25. I am so glad you showed up…geez, I was starting to really not like you!

  26. The funny thing in all this is that we’re all sitting at home on our computers on a Saturday night!

  27. hahahaha! I have a good excuse…you’ll all be rid of me soon. I am moving to the silver state in the morning. I need to save my energy for the drive 🙂
    then i will be bugging them about their politics.

  28. Thought that first John didn’t sound like you! Welcome back dude. Although you might be wrong about DeRose. Maybe he brought his girlfriend and she was the one without manners. She was invited to an event and couldn’t resist baring her teeth when the polite and appropriate thing was to keep her mouth shut. He thought she knew how to behave and she took advantage of him and the situation.

    A Republican suckered in by a girl he likes? Wouldn’t be the first time.

    A Democrat without manners? Even more common.

    I guess we’ll never know!

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