Sonoran Alliance In The News

Yes, I suppose we should toot our own horn on occassion.

In case you didn’t read it, Sonoran Alliance was featured as one of the premier “snarky, biased, bulldogish, funny, harsh and sometimes hard to ignore,” blogs in an Arizona Republic article today.

Although I’d like to embellish all the credit, I cannot. The majority of our success has been due to the tremendous talent we have on hand – writers who perform under pseudonyms – and work in very particular and sensitive areas.

So I have to congratulate all my political writer colleagues on making Sonoran Alliance the success it is.

And to the Arizona Republic I say, yes we are biased, bulldogish and perhaps a little harsh at times, but our readership would not be where it was if Al Gore’s internet hadn’t been invented and the Republic hadn’t taken a drastic turn to the left.


  1. And have they ever! Left left left. It’s really amazing how far the Republic has turned. Sad. Congrats on the kudos. I saw that this morning.

  2. Congrats! Well deserved!


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