Sonoran Alliance in the News

Tucson Citizen city editor, Mark Evans, has an interesting perspective today crediting blogs like Espresso Pundit and Sonoran Alliance for its unique role in the politico-jounalism arena.

Evans writes:

On the state level, I’m ashamed to say that a handful of political bloggers are doing a better job of covering the state legislative races this year than any of the state newspapers.

Evans then explains the symbiotic relationship between bloggers and newspapers. He suggests that perhaps a more formal or business relationship may be the solution toward saving newspapers and providing good reporting:

One is to add more political reporters at state newspapers. Since more layoffs loom, that’s unlikely.

The other is to bring the bloggers into the fold. Newspapers will get political news they wouldn’t otherwise have and more readers, which leads to more advertising.

Bloggers will get more readers and paid for the rock throwing.

Sounds like a win-win to me.

Hey, if Evans is suggesting we bloggers get paid for reporting political news – especially from a conservative perspective – I’m all for that.

Then again, maybe we (Sonoran Alliance) ought to offer advertising.


  1. Why not offer advertising on this blog? You’ve talked about the financial burden this has caused for your family. What would be wrong with selling ads? I can’t see how that would go against any conservative, Republican principals. If nothing else, Google Ads will get you some cash flow to cover the costs of web hosting.

  2. SonoranSam says

    I actually agree with John. The blogosphere needs a viable economic model.

    Selling ads may be a necessity to keep this movement alive.

  3. DSW you should get advertisers on your Blog. I have Blogger friends who make a good living by doing it. It’s easy to do.

  4. Happy Hanna says

    Absolutely…and drive the liberals nuts.

  5. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you advertised.

  6. Republicans are supposed to be free market capitalists!

  7. George of the Desert says

    You should bring on advertisers, if you are able to attract them without spending too much of your personal time cold-calling clients, etc.

    It’s nice to get the love from a newspaper, but you really wouldn’t want to be in their fold. They would strip you of your independence and put you under control of their editors, publisher, owner, etc.

    By all means sell ads, but remain staunchly independent with your editorial control. Newspapers may need you far more than you would ever need them.

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