Sonoran Alliance Calls CD-5

In what appears to be a narrow victory, former Maricopa County Treasurer, David Schweikert, has won his primary race in a bitter race against lobbyist, Susan Bitter-Smith. Holding on to just under 800 votes, Schweikert survived a barrage of negative attacks reminscent of the tactics waged by Bitter-Smith in 2000 in the CD-1 Primary.

As Sonoran Alliance calls this race, Schweikert now begins preparations to retire Democrat Harry Mitchell from a district that holds a Republican registration edge and has traditionally elected Republicans.

Schweikert did receive congratulatory calls from Laura Knaperek and Jim Ogsbury but has yet to hear from Susan Bitter-Smith.

As of midnight, the Maricopa County Recorder is reporting the following unofficial tally:

David Schweikert – 12,281 – 29.9%
Susan Bitter-Smith – 11,483 – 28.0%
Laura Knaperek – 6,269 – 15.3%
Mark Anderson – 5,584 – 13.6%
Jim Ogsbury – 4,833 – 11.8%
Lee Gentry – 620 – 1.5%


  1. Congratulations David!

  2. I cannot believe that Ogsbury finished 5th in this group!

    For a guy who knocked on some 26,000 doors this has to be a real disappointment for him… as for Schweikert, all I can say is you better start raising money with in the district (75% of his primary money was from club for growth and out of state donors)… You will not be able to rely on Club for Growth money against Mitchell who has over $1.3 Million in his war chest…

  3. Annie Hoyle says

    We could not be more proud! Congratulations David! You Rock!!!!! Let’s get ready for the next round!

  4. Time to focus and beat Harry Mitchell!

  5. Republican UNITY is what David needs now. Total votes cast for Republicans (41,131), total votes cast for Harry (22,393). It’s a 2 to 1 advantage. Unity in votes and donors from the other Republican primary candidate’s supporters is absolutely essential in order to defeat Harry and the DNC Machine.

  6. ConservativeOne says

    Go Schweikert! Your next Mitchell!

  7. nightcrawler says

    Congrats David,

    Time to bandage yourself up and prepare for round two. Hopefully some lessons were learned along the way about negative campaigning. I agree with above comments, it is now time to back our GOP representative and take back the seat. Go David.

  8. Josh Kelly:
    I think you would even admit that it should have been a higher turnout than 40,000 people… Mitchell’s primary was uncontested of course the numbers were going to be low…

    I am curious to see if Schweikert can raise the money necessary to compete with Mitchell. Club for Growth is not going to be enough this time around.

  9. I think we all know where you stand azRED. It’s time to move on.

  10. azRED: the Club for Growth statement you continue to repeat is old news. It’s time to live in the moment, the NOW, not yesterday or tomorrow. We are all aware that David will need ALL of our support in order to recapture the districts mostly Republican constituency, we still have the advantage, it’s been publicly noted. I would love to see a donation to David’s campaign from you, azRED, as a sign of unity and as the start of donations outside of the Club for Growth since it is so important, you say, to raise money. You’re either in for the good of the district or out for your own interests. Please stop focusing on why it’ll be hard, and rather focus on the positive that WE CAN do this! Negativity only breeds more Negativity. Go David!

  11. I am not being negative just realistic… As I said earlier I want to SEE how he does raising money before I make a donation right away to this campaign.

    I want to see Schweikert really attack Mitchell and go after him. Once he does that and shows he is competitive I PROMISE I will be there to make a donation, walk and make phone calls…

    PS I love the politicker article about how Susan won’t concede. I am so glad we did not elect that crazy woman.

  12. kralmajales says

    Schweikert will lose to Mitchell…the incumbents will win in Arizona and the Dems will pick up CD1.

  13. Roger Maris says


    I am curious… You keep claiming that the CFG carried Schweikert… Do you know what percentage of Schweikert’s money came from the Club?
    By the way… You should let us know your real name so that we can all look for your whopping contribution on the next FEC reports…

  14. You can look on the FEC reports 80% of his money is out of state and the vast vast majority of that is from people who are members of club for growth… Some of them arent of course but I would say when I checked the FEC reports it was around 85% of the out of state people were Club for Growth

    You can look it up on the FEC reports. A lot of the out of state people will not say Club for Growth but if you look at their other contributions they all gave money to Club for Growth (something you would not do unless you were a member)

    The reason I looked all these people and info up is I worked for a certain campaign that ended yesterday but one of my projects was looking at that…

    P.S. don’t worry you will know my name soon enough

  15. I was kind of looking to see the call for party Unity behind CD-7 Republican nominee, Joe Sweeney, and promises of financial support from the Party.

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