Something’s Rotten in LD 8

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Something’s Rotten in LD 8

In a move reminiscent of the Obama administration, LD8 Chairman Jim Burke informed the membership at their monthly meeting on September 9, 2010, that all the campaign finance reports had been filed and the fines paid. He even donated the money for the fines from his failed 2006 bid for the AZ House. However, all is not well.

Truth is the only thing filed 9/9/10 with the SOS was a new Statement of Organization (note “Last Amended Date”), naming Burke as Chairman and Rex Routh as Treasurer. This should have been done in January 2009. The campaign finance reports (see previous link) were finally filed 9/20/10 with the Secretary of State, a delay costing an additional $275 and bringing the total fines for the State to $1,570.

The initially filed reports were grossly different from information contained in the monthly finance reports to the LD8 membership and have been amended. However, numerous questions remain. For example, over $3,200 is unaccounted for on the June 30 Report. The ending cash balance for the June 30 report was $5,349.34 whereas the amount reported in the newsletter was $8,572.14. That’s quite a difference. And how can you list over $3,000 in cash contributions with no identifying names attached (i.e. pages 3 & 6, “Breakfast” $1,560 and $842 and $423)? These could be from corporations or labor unions, both of which are prohibited.

The County campaign finance reports are the same story, only worse. NONE of the country reports were filed until 9/21/10 with fines totaling $1,300 and they reflect the same discrepancies as the State reports. All told, this district paid over $2,800 in unnecessary fines and can’t account for over $6,000 ($3,000 in contributions, $3,200 on reports).

This administration only had to continue what should have been a routine task. Obviously, the current treasurer could not meet his fiduciary responsibilities and should have been removed after the first report deadline was missed by more than 30 days. But the chairman refused to step up to his responsibilities either and is ultimately to blame.

Given the multiplicity and severity of the financial reports’ discrepancies, swift action is indicated. The executive board doesn’t appear troubled by any of this ineptitude and deceit.  Just like Obama, the strategy is to deny, lie and ignore until people get tired and move on to something else.  It is up to “we the people,” represented by the district PCs, to insist on accountability. The membership of LD8 should demand an immediate audit by an independent, outside party because something is rotten in this district.

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  1. District 8 PC says

    This doesn’t sound normal. Have other districts had the same issues? Sounds like both the Chair and Treasurer need to be replaced. Were these handpicked McCain leadership? Smells like it to me. They were put in there in order to ensure loyalty to the liberal McCain machine, not competency or adherance to Republican principles. That’s what happens when you put personalities over principles. Way to go District 8. Now, let’s vote them out with new leadership.

  2. Rats! I didn’t get to post fast enough. I was going to say, “I wonder how long it will take one of the loons to blame John McCain for this!”

    The answer is: About 2 seconds. (Probably because the poster and the commentor are the same person.)

  3. Alicia Gegner says

    So, Mr. Travis, whoever you are – does that mean you think that what the LD8 leadership was a good thing? Not a bad thing? Is this the way responsible leadership is supposed to behave?

    Who gives a rat’s patootie who posted and commented. That is not the issue. The problem is we have rampant incompetence at the district level. Ever since Jim Burke took over, that group has gone downhill. I am not a PC, but if I were, I would be looking to replace that bunch.

    All that soft, sweet gentility at the top is more appropriate for the “Can’t we all get along society”. In 2010 we deserve something better than a bunch of inept RINO squishes.

  4. Arizona Ranger says

    This accounting fiasco is a complete lack of leadership, starting with Chairman Burke! This makes LD8 the laughing stock of Maricopa County Republicans!!
    It was bad enough when the appropriate reports were NEVER filed and a near $3,000 fine was generated. Burke (alway sharp as tack) came to the conclusion that the fines were really HIS RESPONSIBILITY and paid them from some left over campaign funds. It only took him three weeks to finally pay the fines!
    But now, something MUCH MORE SINISTER has come to light. Behold another accounting scandal!! LD8 cannot account for over $6,200!!! Show me the money Dr. Burke! It is the chairman’s responsibility to sign off on the financial statements! It would seem logical to bring in an outside consultant to straighten out this mess! It is time to replace the current “leadership” with people who understand simple accounting and meeting deadlines. It that asking too much from the Chairman of one of the largest (and possibly most affluent) LDs in the State? The PCs in LD8 have a real mess on their hands with this complete failure of their leaders.
    Anyone care to step forward and solve this quagmire?

  5. Alicia Gegner says

    RINO squishes! That does have a nice ring to it, doesn’t it. How about suspicious RINO squishes? All those who lean leftward must be examined with extra care. We too soon forget that the word “left” has its roots in the Latin word for sinister. See Number 4.

    sin·is·ter (sn-str)
    1. Suggesting or threatening evil: a sinister smile.
    2. Presaging trouble; ominous: sinister storm clouds.
    3. Attended by or causing disaster or inauspicious circumstances.
    4. On the left side; left.

    Burke should resign. Has anything illegal occured at LD8? Nobody has yet suggested that.

  6. I does seem odd that everywhere you have support for McCain you have problems with ethics. LD 8 has the same attitude, lie to win if you have to.

    I wonder if the LD 8 PCs will just take this or if they will act.

  7. LD 8 should be audited. Maybe now we know where some of the $20 M for McCains election came from, Just a thought.

  8. Don’t forget all the conservative PCs who sought to get appoointed in LD8 in 2009.

    Burke, Tracy Munsil and friends blocked those applicants from becoming PCs to protect the vote for Jerry Brooks and Lisa James. So, we already know they are dishonest and place higher priority on pro-McCain results than on growing the GOP.

  9. Alicia,
    you appear to be a real tea bag. You are not a P.C, you appear you don’t know which hole is supposed to look up and which one to face down.
    RINO appears to be one of your household words. That is all the qualification a traditional-family-value-patriotic-Constitutional-Conservative or other hyphenated tea bag need to run his/her fingers over a key board.
    If I had a buck for every P.C. and two bucks for every elected officer who hasn’t the least idea what filings are required I could give up my day job.
    Get all the fact before you yap.

  10. Chairman Burke questioned the Treasurer a long time ago and asked me if I would like to be on an auditing team. At the time, I could not. Chairman Burke should resign immediately for not doing his job. The Treasurer was crooked from the start. Being a nice man, like Burke, does not cut it. Just resign now.

  11. Horst, you have been reading from Alinsky again. Attack the person to distract from the issue. Alicia’s points are valid, the chairman is ultimately responsible. Why are you trying to minimise the issue? All the facts are there and verifiable. The chairman lied to the membership.

    You have been around a long time. Name one other instance in the history of Arizona where a district has made a mistake of this magnitude. The Chairman is an MD, the Treasurer is a CPA and all are run by Donna Reagan or her people. They certainly should have the expertise to manage a simple reporting task.

  12. Alicia Gegner says

    Dear Mr. Kraus,

    If you insist on calling me such putrid names, pehaps you would like to explain your reasons to my husband John. Let me advise you, he may not be pleased.

    What I could not figure out from your posting is whether you are for or against what the LD8 leadership did by when they incurred heavy fines.

    To the best of our understanding, no district had ever before failed to make these required filings.

    LD8 is literally unique, and that is no honor. Therefore, regardless of your making light of Dr. Burke’s failings, he seems to have little or no company in this regard.

    There seems to be little chance for you to pass go and collect $200, or anything, for that matter, and you will have to keep your day job as a denigrater of women. Does that really pay that well that you feel compelled to do it? Do you have a wife? Do you do it to her, too? If so, I hope for your sake that her name is not Lorena.

  13. The Writer states: “Just like Obama, the strategy is to deny, lie and ignore until people get tired and move on to something else. It is up to “we the people,” :

    The author stated himself in that it is up to “we the people” to ensure our elected officials are doing the job they were elected to do Chairman Burke never Denied, Lied or Ignored as “We The People” received the same Treasurer’s Reports each month to have questioned. I know I did when not noticing any changes in the monthly report. Chairman Burke was notified and immediately acted upon this inquiry.

    Thank you Chairman Burke for getting to the bottom of all of this and appointing the experienced people to getting these reports back on track.

    Chairman Burke was not the Treasurer and Donna Reagan was not an elected officer, so stop with the Blame Game and approach this as the leader of this organization DID by doing his best in recognizing a problem existed and working to correct the oversight in the most stable of terms.

    As to Sara and her off center comment re: PC appointments, I was an officer up until I moved precincts and personally ocntacted any PC applications that were sent in to welcome so I am not sure where your statement establishes “friends of Tracy Munsil” trying to block applications since Tracy is a friend of mine.

    Also I think it is a ridiculous assertion to even suggest that any money from the budget went to the McCain campaign. As if their 20Million Dollar budget needed any purported disappearance of $6200. I am sure upon an independent audit the funds will be reveled as they were likely crossed up with money spent on the auctions and holiday parties.

  14. Linda Brown just proved the point. She is a true disciple of Obama. Chairman Burke told us at the meeting on September 9th that the reports had been filed and the fines paid. A quick check of the SOS website shows that is a lie. The State fine and reports were not paid until over a week later and the County was just filed on September 24th. Spin how you want, Burke lied to us.

    The blame game is appropriate here because you don’t want the same kind of people going forward. If you were an officer pushed by the Reagan crowd, no wonder you try and make excuses for them. I gotta agree with you on the McCain thing. The money likely did not got to him. I don’t even see evidence the money is gone. Just sloppy work making it impossible to tell what happened. An outside audit is in the best interest of everyone.

  15. As a disciple of American Pride, I do believe in exercising my first amendment rights and stand to assert my contentions within the scope of my true identity. To you, I would say give it a break as a 10 day or so time span is likely a reasonable processing time which does not equate to an Outright, Intentional Lie. Bottom line, the job was accomplished. I do wonder though how honest one is being to the public when they feel the need to hide behind the mask of LD8 PC. LD8 PC can be anyone of approximately 385 people.

  16. Very flowery language Ms Brown, however both the Secretary of State and the County Recorder update their website within 24 hours. SOS had the numbers posted the day they were filed. They did the same with the addendum. Burke might have been lied to about the reports, but he in turned lied to the membership. He shouldn’t have let them get behind and he certainly should have checked before he made his bold statement.

  17. Linda the liberal Obama, Chairman Burke lied. No way around it, the document are all marked as to when they were received. He did NOT say it will be taken care of, he said it WAS taken care of. In any case he has no idea what is going on in his own house. This went on for almost two years! We need to get some honest conservatives in here.

    Get a clue!

  18. nightcrawler says

    This is pathetic on so many levels. Clearly this situation is unacceptable and an embarrassment to LD8. Too bad it is some members within LD8 looking for payback and a power grab that perpetuate such nonsense to further their own agenda. Alinsky is The Mole’s daddy, his tactics are a chip off the old block. Talk about throwing stones in a glass house.

    Since the principals involved see fit not to engage these allegations, for whatever reason, I’ll meet the Mole in the terrafirma where he belongs.

    The three entries alluded to in the post ($1,560, $842 $423),refer to CASH taken in at an LD8 breakfast/auction. I wasn’t there, didn’t organize it and haven’t spoken with anyone who did. Nevertheless, any business person with a lick of common sense (no pun) can figure out this nursery school riddle.

    The grandmas in charge of collecting money at the gate didn’t keep track of who gave them what. If they did, the treasurer was simply too lazy to type up individual entries. Either way, it is a no no and shouldn’t happen. This piece of the puzzle can be fixed by reconstructing the details by simply asking those present what they paid at the door and what they donated.

    The detailed challenged author who writes Common Sense made an error.

    The June 30th reports covers the period for Jan 1, 2010 to MAY 31, 2010. May not June. Please provide a link to substantiate your number of $8,572.14. I searched the LD8 website and can’t find that number anywhere in a newletters.

    You probably made a typo regarding the beginning cash balance in June of $8,522.14. There were no May financials distributed.

    So yes, using that number of $8,522.14 as the beginning cash balance of June there is a $3,200 +/- discrepancy with the end of May balance of $5,349.34 on the Campaign Finance Report that needs to be reconciled immediately in writing for all interested parties to see. On that we agree.

    Bottomline, this is sloppy and unacceptable. Nothing personal, but someone needs to fall on his sword to save the Chairman and the rest of the board so to get ahead of this tea party locomotive before it is too late.

  19. I also believe a history lesson is in order here as one may fail to see that perhaps some of the responsibility lends its way towards the manner in which the last administration so bitterly passed over the books to the new administration (e.g., Flora and the Rosati clan). Least the people here hiding behind the iron curtain of anonymity standing so strong to cast the first stone but yet so weak to stand up and say this is me and how I see it.

    While I do agree that the current administration is not without fault, myself included, as I should have been much more aggressive when I noticed the numbers were stagnant, but as Mr. Horst points out many are not aware of all the filings. Lesson learned. That being said, there certainly needs to be unity in passing the torch to ensure that the filing dates and such are communicated to the new administration rather than leaving behind so bitter that you would rather set up the next administration to failure at the detriment of its’ embodied members. I would never in all my ethical time have the conscience to put my personal defeat in the forefront to willful ignorance of my duty as ex-officio.

    As an observer, that is how I see it, hate attack, name-callers as substantiated by already labeling me “Linda the liberal Obama” when the attacker has likely never met my acquaintance or knows anything of my values. In all my political observations, Conservative seems to be a term so loosing stretched similar to saying I love you without really meaning it. It leaves me questioning whether “I’m fiscally conservative” really has any value left when it is tossed around the board like a bouncing ball, but I digress.

    I do understand the upset as to oversight but attacking certainly serves no solution. The next organizational meeting is set for November 20 with the new administration stepping in January 2011.
    More power to you and your conservative ideals!

    Former Windrunner PC (LD8 GOP)

  20. Nightcrawler, you seem to be calling me out. I would be happy to meet with you personally and adjust you attitude.

    Liberals like you are what got this country in it current state. Every time you get control things like this happen. That’s why the tea-party is here and so strong. Your arrogant little butt might not like it but the tea-party locomotive is going to run you and you ideas over. And yes it is too late, we can’t afford you and Linda Brown’s kind of irresponsible, excuse making politics anymore. Like you buddy McCain, keep lying to win, we have had enough.

  21. nightcrawler says


    I am calling you out, intellectually. I am not interested in a bar fight. Just know this, I can hold my own, it isn’t the size of the dog in the fight but rather the fight in the dog. I fear no one. Enough of that nonsense, back to the issue.

    Once the name calling starts, you lose. This is about running an organization, being competent. Politics has nothing to with it. Clearly the goal here is to take control of LD8. You have every right to do so if you have the votes. There are two ways to get the votes, either scare people from voting for the opponent or provide some ideas about what you will do as a leader.

    So..who will step up and run for office in LD8 ? More importantly, what do you bring to the table to show us that you are competent to do the job. The deadline to apply is September 30th. This Thursday.

  22. Jack O. Lope says

    nightcrawler, that is a wrong deadline. District Officer elections do not occur until after the General Election, Nov 2. Most districts hold their elections meeting (organizational meeting) at their November regular meeting. Nominations can be taken from the floor. Conservatives need to step up early and campaign for district offices. Plan your conservative slate and work your district for votes.

    Anybody giving you a Sept. 30 deadline for nominating officers is screwing with you hoping you are uninformed or sufficiently uninterested enough to allow them to continue their RINO reign unchallenged.

    See – Elections and Voter Info. – Elections – Election Results -2010 PC Elections ALL. You will find your District Roster here. Also, every district chairman is bound by an MCRC rule requiring them to provide a roster including telephone number and email address to any PC requesting it. So, put a conservative slate together and work your district for the votes. Bring up resolutions at your district meeting to identify who is already in the RINO or conservative camp.

    If your District Officers stonewall you or continue to screw with you start copying the MCRC Chairman or Executive Director.

    Why should you work for conservative District Officers? McCainiacs like Burke and Reagan don’t want you to.

    Read the MCRC Bylaws at for District Officer elections rules.

  23. I just heard from another PC who stated, “I paid the $10.00 charge for a name badge twice over the past two years and still haven’t gotten one.” The Treasurer is a crook, the Chairman is not taking charge and has let this go on for far too long. After becoming a PC, I saw the games that went on and it is disgusting, but made me want to fight for our country more. Never give up. Vote them out.

  24. Wait until you see what’s coming next. Dumb asses like nightcrawler lying and spinning like crazy.

  25. nightcrawler says


    I got that date directly from the LD8 website, September minutes, page 6.

    Also, a letter dated September 14, 2010 was mailed out to the PCs explaining all this.

    If you have an issue with the date please take it up with the officers and/or nominating committee.

    It isn’t rocket science, the nominating committee wants to introduce the candidates at the next District meeting on October 14th. Is that so bad.

    But hey, if you want to tell the troops to blow-off the deadline and show up at the Organizational meeting in November with the strategy of nominating your slate from the floor (which you can) and then convince a majority of the PCs to write-in the names of the slate by hand, all I can say is good luck with that.

    Why not simply submit the names of the slate now so they can appear on the ballot ?

    By the way, if I was part of the RINO conspiracy (which I am not) why would I bring up the date at all ? Better to let it come and go unnoticed.

  26. nightcrawler says

    One last thing to those in LD8 leadership.

    I figured out the puzzle using the links above. You will need to amend and refile all the reports again. Basically the discrepancy of $3,200 +/- is because the $2,756 in receipts for the 2009 Holiday Party were left off the Campaign Finance Report. As with the 2010 Breakfast you will need to list the donors individually.

    Reconcile the $500 outstanding in the petty cash change drawer to match the withdrawals and that should get you close. Ask an outside accountant to sign off and put this rascal to bed once and for all. Please.

  27. Let’s face it!

    Donna Reagan and her “Mary Manross” downtown clique rule District 8!

    Jim Burke, a nice enough type, is litle more than a lapdog for the entrenched liberal leaning establishment whose major icon is RINETTE Queen, Carolyn Allen, who can be relied upon to vote with the Dems 85% of the time.

    In addition to the fiscal embarrassments, Burke recently got egg on his face by announcing that he planned to throw an appreciation gala for Carolyn at his home. She thereupon announced her support for the candidacy of liberal Democrat Felicia Rottelini for A.G.!

    And this is after the R.I.N.O.s fought tooth and nail to prevent Andy Thomas to secure the GOP nomination!

    Even Tom Horne seems to be too “far to the right” for this crowd.

    On a micro scale, this district’s “leadership” personifies the problems of the GOP leadership and the “ruling class” who provides it!

    To these folks principles are little more than sound bites during the election cycle!

    A thorough cleansing should commence here and spread throughout the state!

  28. Pissed off PC says

    Got this email from LD 8 last night. It says they acted quickly. WTF no one checked on this guy for two years. That ain’t quickly. Okay where is their apologist worm?

    Please distribute this to all District 8 PCs

    To District 8 PCs:

    As many of you are aware our Treasurer, Mr. Rex Routh, has been delinquent in filing our financial reports. Your Board has pressed Mr. Routh aggressively on this issue. He has since resigned.

    The Board has elected Kathy Littlefield as the interim LD 8 Treasurer. Ms. Littlefield has begun a process of reconciling the reports Mr. Routh did prepare with bank statements. Several irregularities have been identified within these reports. In response we have notified the Scottsdale Police who have begun an investigation. We have also notified the State Republican Party. The police and counsel have asked us not to comment any further on the investigation.

    The Board acted promptly and decisively on this issue. Money has been contributed and loaned to the District’s account so that we can pay all fines and support all of our Get Out The Vote initiatives. The Board is also finalizing financial policies to increase financial management oversight going forward. We are confident we will have adequate resources and trust you will maintain your energy and enthusiasm to ensure Republican victories on November 2nd.

  29. nightcrawler says

    That explains a lot, I wish I saw the email earlier. I am equally as shocked and disappointed as the rest of you. I won’t be so apologetic in the future, believe me.

  30. Don’t you just love it when pseudo intellectuals like Linda the liberal and nightcrawler open their mouth and end up eating crow. Too bad guys, no great conspiracy just good old fashioned grand larceny and a chairman not paying attention. Take off the tin foil.

    Congratulation fat cats in LD8, you just got your wealth redistributed!

  31. Linda Brown says

    @ Sal

    Funny but I didn’t know I was defending Rex Routh here so I would suggest that you REREAD my posts. My statements were well in accord with the “statement by the Chairman” that was sent out a few days ago.

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