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Something is happening out there for Vernon Parker

Something is happening out there for Vernon Parker


Vernon Parker with his wife and son

Vernon Parker is picking up steam fast in the race for governor. He bested Governor Brewer in raising his $51,000 in seed money in only 41 days. And that’s no easy task at $140 per person. Now, informed scuttlebutt suggests that Parker has eclipsed his internal $5 qualifying contribution goals and is over 60 percent home, which will soon qualify him for the full Clean Elections funding of his race.

If true, it shows that Parker is striking a chord and that while career politicians like Brewer and Martin may appear to have an advantage now, receiving fawning coverage from a mainstream media¬† too slow to figure out what’s happening, keep an eye on this surging outsider. A candidate we might add, that was recently attacked by Planned Parenthood for his opposition to the organization.

If you haven’t checked out his website lately, please do so, it has been recently upgraded and is a top-tier level site.


  1. Vernon is very impressive. I’m meeting more and more people who are now supporting him due to meeting him or hearing him speak. Unlike most career politicians, he is genuinely pleasant to talk to and be around, he’s not arrogant, he is running for office not to be famous and have power but because he sees a need that he can fill. He is running on a platform of returning the party to its core principles of lower taxes and spending, unlike Brewer, who has made increasing taxes the #1 goal of her administration! She also never seems to stop spending federal bailout money. Her insistence on an 18% sales tax is a direct result of her political consultant Chuck Coughlin running the governor’s office, in order to get infrastructure projects for his clients like Associated General Contractors. Vernon would put a stop to all this back room influence.

    Dean Martin isn’t a bad guy, but he’s very young and should finish helping the state out at the Treasurer’s Office. He’s a numbers guy, and will be a valuable asset there. If he’s considering running for governor, he’s been too quiet about it and missed the momentum, it’s going to be too difficult this late in the game to raise money traditionally as he would need to since he’s sued Clean Elections over matching funds.

  2. Chewie…or Jason Rose…or Rachel Alexander…whoever you may be

    I read in the other post that Brewer likely beat Parker to the seed money collection.

    I have met Parker and talked with him. He is certainly one of the nicer guys in politics. He doesn’t have a chance though in this race. His plan of lower taxes is novel but unless it is accompanied by a solid plan to fix the budget deficit, it is useless.

  3. Chewie it really isn’t that impressive to raise that 51K in seed money. At $140 a person that’s 365 people… There are plenty of GOP low hanging fruit to talk to 400 people especially when you are a popular mayor of one of the richest zipcodes in the country…

    He still has no real recognition outside of the small circle of politicos and very very active gop party members. He has a long way to go and in the end I don’t see him going anywhere…

  4. Thanks Brian, I appreciate the credit, it was a well-written piece, but I didn’t write it. Although I like Vernon a lot, I am not actively supporting any candidate for governor. I am however, supporting Andrew Thomas for Attorney General if he chooses to run. His website is at http://thomasforagexploratory.com/ and if anyone would like to get involved, please contact me at rachel-at-intellectualconservative.com.

  5. Brian…or Roger.. or Paul…whoever you might be calling yourself now.

    Since you work for Brewer, can you let us know if she is going to support the LGBT community? I know she wants tax hike and she is working with planned parenthood, so I thought that might be the next step in her desperation.

  6. Funny how people think $52k in seed money means something. Salmon spent over $2 million in 2002 and lost.

  7. Yah right! says

    How stupid can a candidate get?

    There will be no tax cuts in the future.

    We have a huge budget deficit, and anybody bloviating about tax cuts should be branded a traitor to the constitution of Arizona, something I believe all legislators, err our lobbyslators vow to uphold.

    All I can say is denying reality doesn’t work.

    Ask the folks looking at those closed rest stops with full bladders.

    Yeah, them, your neighbors. I am surprised Russell Pearce doesn’t have full pee bottles landing on his lawn.

  8. Political Novice says

    “Vernor Parker wants to cut taxes.”
    “Parker opposes any tax increase.”
    “Parker thinks cutting business taxes is good” and will help get Arizona out of the economic downfall. Forest Gump said Stupid is as Stupid does.

    That quote seems to fit Parker quite well since Arizona is borrowing millions of dollars a day just to meet current expenses.

    Arizona is facing bankruptcy and has declining tax revenues each and every month and Parker’s solution is to cut taxes, oppose any tax increase, and cut business taxes. Parker’s sound bites for the media, the Alliance, and “what I want to hear people” seems kinda stupid to me.

    Parker’s solution is like a page out of Grover Norquist’s legislative primer which provides that our “state government needs to be shrunk so small that it can be drown in a bathtub.”

    Parker’s proposals are not a solution, they will kill our state government, and they certainly will not get him elected.

    Brewer on the other hand laid out a 5 point plan last March for the legislature to follow. The legislature has a lot of people like Parker who are beholden to and calls Grover Norquist for advice. Brewer’s solutions seems attainable except they require the legislature to implement them.

    I anticipate that when legislative budget cuts start coming at billions of dollars at a whack and government appears to be closing down, or getting ready to file for bankruptcy which would allow judges and “special monitors” to decide if and where any state tax money would be spent, the citizens and the business community will rise up and say enough is enough and they will demand and dictate the changes that will take place.

    This is also when eggs and tomatoes will be thrown at those politicians who yell cut taxes, no new taxes, and cut the business taxes.

    The Arizona Guardian started out as political news but has turned into nothing more than a democrat sounding block and I canceled my subscription to them. The Guardian wrote an incorrect “news” article about Brewer having a hard time raising her seed money and the Alliance and other writers fell for it hook and sinker. Now the Alliance writes an article that Parker is having no problem with $5 contributions and suggests that Brewer has a hard time raising $5 contributions. As a novice I would think “experienced” campaigners would not let their opposition actually know what and where they are at in regards to their fund raising.

    Truth will prevail when the “for governor campaigns” file 5,500 $5 contribution forms and their 7,500 nomination petition forms with the Clean Elections Commission between January and April.

    The “traditionalists for governor” can’t file until April at the earliest.

    Brewer seems to be the “real republican” that is putting the interest of Arizona and its people first and politics second. She certainly is not handing out stupid sound bites to the media like Parker does.

  9. Political novice,

    And how much are you paid by brewer?? I mean that post is pretty pathetic at least admit it when you work for a candidate.

  10. Please check out Parker’s web site? Wow. Who is this shill, I mean “author.”

    Parker is a professional race-baiter and he makes no secret of it.

    “The VBP Group has 8(a) and Small and Disadvantaged Business status.”

    Oh, Peachy! Favortism in Govt. contracts results in a bigger bill to the taxpayer. Which conservative principle is this filed under?

    Abraham Lincoln was a “career poltician,” a very noble profession.

  11. Here is a Republican 2010 gubernatorial candidate-to-be with an actual chance to beat Goddard. Remember, beating the Democrat really helps a lot on Election Day. (Something Parker has absolutely zero chance to do.)


  12. Dean Martin is a kid and has zero chance of beating Goddard.

  13. Brian:

    You don’t know Goddard!

    He makes “Nappy” look like Einstein!

  14. Rosco P Coltrane says

    I heard Mr. Parker speak, and if you ask me he’s a republican version of Obama. Smooth talker, little substance. He worked in the Bush I administration, too, so this guy is highly suspect in my book, perhaps being groomed by the elite for president someday.

  15. Ladies, no one can file petitions until April 26, and a few days after that is the earliest their public money will flow.

  16. I so far haven’t heard anything about what Parker wants to do but I have heard his life story a hundred times.

  17. I can’t help but point out that the post refers to Dean Martin as a “career politician”. While that may be true of Jan Brewer, one can hardly label someone in their 30’s a “career politician”. And what difference does it make? If someone stands up for liberty and prosperity, I don’t care if they make a career out of it or not. I’m not even anti-Parker, I just don’t know enough about what his specific plans are if he is elected Governor. Hearing about someone’s ‘life story’ is great, but it won’t solve the mess we are in as a state. Who knows, maybe he has the right plan, he just has yet to make it plainly available on his site.

  18. I’m slowly getting the feeling that Vernon is a “ringer” utilized by the McCainiacs running Brewer’s campaign to peel off support from Martin.

    This worked for them lsst year when Huckabee played a major role in sidelining Romney.

    What think ye?

  19. Hey Carlist, could be true… after all, isn’t the real reason Huckabee ran for President was to peel off votes from others and help McCain. And to think all those people actually fell for it. AH-HAHAHAHA!

    That John McCain, never has one person been so responsible for so much without really even trying or being there. I’m sure he is the spawn of Satan…what else could explain it?

  20. Ann:

    You’re getting close to the mark, and John can’t raise the pitchfork, Grant Woods is always there to pick up any slack!

  21. Oops!

    “And IF John can’t raise the pitchfork”

    Grant will also be there to pick up the PPOW’s tail to prevent tripping.

    And “The John’s” Sancho Panza from South Carolina, Lindsay Graham, performs the services in Washington!

  22. Hold Your Horses says

    Easy there, conspiracy theorists – Munger is the McCain guy . . .

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