SOLE Initiative Gains Momentum

Several groups will be sponsoring a rally this Wednesday at Phoenix City Hall – Details below

What:   A press conference, rally, and fundraiser will be held in support of the family of fallen Phoenix Police Officer Nick Erfle.  We the people call upon the Phoenix City Council to end its ‘Sanctuary City’ policy, i.e., Operations Order 1.4.3, and are providing the grieving public an opportunity to sign the state ballot initiative petition know as  ‘Support Our Law Enforcement’ (SOLE). The intention of the initiative is to prohibit sanctuary policies throughout the State of Arizona

Why:   Yet another law enforcement officer was slain at the hands of an illegal alien.  This remembrance commemorates the 25,000+ Americans, including law enforcement officers, murdered by illegal aliens since September 11th, 2001.  Of which, 5 of the last 7 police officers murdered in the Greater Phoenix area were killed by illegal aliens. The City of Phoenix ‘Sanctuary City’ policy is in itself illegal, irresponsible, and reckless.  The policy harbors foreign nationals illegally residing in the U.S., while continuing to place law enforcement officers and the public at large in grave danger

When:   Wednesday October 3rd, 2007; from 2pm until 6pm

Where:   Phoenix City Hall, 200 W Washington St, Phoenix, AZ 85003 (the plaza on the east side of the building)

By Whom:   United for a Sovereign American (USA) in conjunction with Riders Against Illegal Aliens, You Don’t Speak for Me, RidersUSA, Pachyderm Coalition, Patriots Border Alliance, the John Birch Society, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, and others

Speakers:Colonel Al Rodriguez (Ret.) of YDSFM
Carl Seel, Pachyderm Coalition
Al Garza, National VP of MCDC
Rusty Childress, United for a Sovereign America
Bob Wright, President of Patriot Border Alliance
Chris Farrell,  Director of Investigations and Research, Judicial Watch

Contact:    ‘Buffalo’ Rick Galeener

Organization:        United for a Sovereign America
Phone:                 602.992.4578
Email Address:
Web site address:


  1. SonoranSam says

    Those of you who want to demonize ALL immigrants as criminals need to deal with some inconvenient truth:

  2. Sam,

    Isn’t crossing the border an infraction of the law? What about presenting false documents when seeking employment? The first day of work for someone illegally in the U.S. makes him/her a criminal.

  3. SonoranSam says

    You really ought to follow the link before you shoot from the hip.

  4. Sam,

    You should really read carefully. You wrote “want to demonize ALL immigrants as criminals.” I pointed out that the act of presenting false documents to illegally work in the U.S. is a crime. I am not trying to demonize anyone. I just want to deal in facts. I guess you have a different agenda.

    Your link is like the flawed Udall Center study (1,2) in that it does not differentiate legal from illegal immigration. It does track native born and foreign born but that is not the issue. The issue is people who illegally enter the U.S. and then present false documents in order to unlawfully secure work.


  5. SonoranSam says

    I understand your rhetoric about how anyone who crosses the border is breaking the law….however, the press release for this event seems to conflate that issue with a guy who shot a cop, suggesting that all illegals are potential killers, burglars, criminals, etc.

    Ignoring the obvious (to me anyway) racism implied by such demonizing, AND ignoring the fact that the guy who shot the cop grew up in this country and is the product of our mean streets, I’m trying to draw your attention to an academic study showing that immigrants account for far less crime per capita than residents.

    I’m just trying to inject some truth into the usual immigrant bashing.

  6. Capitol Observer says


    With over 30% of incarcerated felons in our federal system and the City of Phoenix study that shows that over 85% of ll new crime being caused by illegals and 100% of all state and local illegal violations of law being caused by people who are already criminals, we need to remove the incentives that lure them here.

    70% of the metro Phoenix law enforcement officers killed by illegals is a pretty damning fact and are but one product of the Phoenix Sanctuary City policies.

    Having lived on the Westside for almost forty years, being a neighborhood association president, community center advisory board chair, Phoenix Human Service Committee member, and the founding President of an after school program in the heart of Maryvale, I can tell you that most of the “minor” crimes committed by illegals do not even get written reports from the officers due to the time it takes to document them.

    The problems within the Latino community are grossly exacerbated by the influx of illegals into the population. The mean streets have been caused by the social and community stresses created by the illegal alien invasion.

    They are off the charts on propensity to commit domestic criminal acts – most of them against other Latinos. While society as a whole loses with this invasion, the biggest losers are legal hispanics who play by the rules and find their wages reduced by illegal hires, their children in crowded schools by illegal students, their health services closed by the non-payment and over-crowding of emergency rooms by illegals. Those are the largest victims of illegal immigration.

  7. SonoranSam says

    Your facts are made up. Please visit the study. It shows that:

    – among men 18-40, incarceration rates for the native-born was five times higher than among immigrants.
    – the inceration rate for immigrant men in that category was only 0.7 percent.
    – In every ethnic group, incarceration rates for immigrants was just a fraction of the incarceration rates for ethnic men born in this country.

    It truly saddens me that the anti-immigration movement is descending into racist xenophobia.

  8. Capitol Observer says

    You keep talking immigrants not illegals. What are the rates for ILLEGALS? As to my facts, I actually lived them, not citing a sycophantic study that is outcome based, not fact based.

    My son’s best friends throughout school were hispanic and one of them lived in my home for a couple years as one of the family due to his problematic home situation.

    The mindless charge of racism occurs from the people in your quarter every time you lose the argument on the merits. Absolute tripe!

  9. Sonoran Sam says

    You can follow the link and read it for yourself… do know how to read, don’t you?

  10. Sam,

    Sonoran Alliance is a political blog that covers the news. If you read our stories on the border and illegal immigration I doubt you will find “the usual immigrant bashing.” If you do not like the press release take it up with the people who issued it.

    The points about crossing the border illegally and fraudulently applying for work are facts not rhetoric.

    If growing up on the “mean streets” of Arizona caused Erik Martinez to shoot Officer Erfle perhaps it would have been better if Martinez and his family had stayed in his native Mexico and grown up on the streets there.

    Your study is just that “academic.” It is nice in theory but breaks out the data on an irrelevant level. No serious group is challenging the right of foreign-born people to reside and work in the U.S., if they are here legally. The debate is about one issue. People ILLEGALLY entering and working in the U.S.

  11. Capitol Observer says

    I not only know how to read, I know how to look at the person making the study, the methodology that was used in getting the results, and whether the study was outcome based or not. You on the other hand do not seem to understand the difference between the immigrant population as a whole and the illegal immigrants, therefore you don’t have the foundation to have a serious debate – just rant on. YOur ranting will convince only youraelf.

  12. Can any one tell me how this GIG went over? Or did it at all?
    I kept glued to the TV all evening but there was no coverage.
    I am sorry I missed the event up close and personal, but I could not find a gun rack to fit my car and I did not want to stick out from the crowd, so I stayed home.
    I am now looking to see some coverage on the back of page 37 in one of the papers tomorrow.
    Looks like the public is more interested in Brittney Spears than in a few fellows coming over the border to sweep our barns or pick our lettuce.
    Horst Kraus

  13. nightcrawler says


    Don’t hold your breath. The local media will not pay attention to the rally. People do in fact like human interest stories. Much like the story about you in the weekend Arizona Republic. At the end of the day, we are all in sales. Free advertising never hurt anyone. It is all about “hey look at me”. This happens on all levels and in all professions including politics.

    There are more than just a few fellows coming over. I do agree that there needs to be a guest worker program as part of a comprehensive package. I also believe that our party as been slowing creeping into an anti-business direction which is of great concern.

    Having said that, at some point people will make a stand. Sanctuary cities are by definition violating Federal immigration laws and thumbing their noses at our forefathers who in 1798 made Congress the sole authority of immigration in the United States.

    The concept of Federalism has been painfully convoluted to an extreme in that local municipalities are now writing their own rules in direct contradiction to federal law. This is a slippery slope indeed. National security is dependent upon uniformity in the application of enforcement.

    A perfect storm is brewing, the economy is bad, people are fed up with the violence in the city. Granted, SonoranSam makes the correct statement that generalizations are wrong and hurtful. It is often perception not reality which rules the day.

    HB2779 with all of its shortcomings (which are many) will work. The question we must now all ask ourselves is what will be the result ?
    In 10 years ? 20 years ?

  14. Nightcrawler,

    Your Federalism references are right on and perhaps even understated. We have the feds telling us way too much about education and the states taking on way too much immigration law.

    But, it begs the question why? For too long some states did not take care to manage their education policy with outcomes and quality in mind, but rather looked at it as a budget burden instead of a first priority with respected status. As for immigration, the feds ignored it until it grew to critical mass in places beyond the border states. By then, states like Arizona had been so fed up we took matters into our own hands.

    Like much mob action, it may not turn out the way the mob hoped it would. Unintended consequences being what they are, we are in for some real problems folks. Farms are being put on the market, productive and contributing families who have lived and worked here for generations are moving out of the state, small business owners are looking at closing their doors and trying to capture what worth is left in their investment of blood, sweat, and tears. The long arm of the law can be so powerful and destructive that the fear of such is enough to cause honest people to take such measures when faced with no other solution.


    You cannot put all immigrants into the same mix and expect it to tell the story. Sorry, but it just doesn’t fly. The discussion here is not immigrants and crime, it is illegal immigrants and crime and the cost to our culture in general.

    Immigration and illegal immigration are not the same thing at all. In fact, they are oppositional at all levels. The legal immigrant acknowledges and respects the need to follow the law and has a desire to enter in the full light of day with recognition of the need to assimilate accordingly. This does not mean leave your old culture at the gate but to be ready to do what it takes to be an American in America. Learn the language, pay your taxes, follow the laws…all of them. The illegal seeks to enter by circumventing the law, violating the sanctity of our sovereignty with the absolute right to determine who and when in reference to allowing new entries, avoids assimilation by grouping with others who have chosen the same route, and abuse our way of life. If a man has his way with a woman who does not willingly consent to being a part of the act, is it not considered abuse? If I run an extension cord to my neighbors house and unbeknown to him draw power to my home without paying any part of the bill, is it not stealing? I see my bill go up, but where is all that power going? I am paying for the thief to enjoy something that he has not earned and has no rightly access to, that my friend is a crime.

    We must find a way to legally track ALL who are here and recognize the legitimate need for a guest worker program. We cannot deny the reality that there are jobs that are and have been filled for years by immigrant labor, most likely illegal immigrant labor. These are not the cop killers, the drug dealers, or the illegal small businesses catering to other illegals where there are no taxes paid and the money goes to Mexico.

    We need to find a way to get rid of the bad while keeping the good and do so without a guarantee of citizenship.

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