Social Security Administration Junket – Money Well Spent


Huge hat tip to Josh Berstein at ABC15 for his coverage of the recent Social Security Administration conference/junket at the posh Arizona Biltmore Resort.

This event was held for top SSA managers to help them de-stress over the wages of doing their job. Of course, you paid for it.

I for one am outraged by the use of my tax dollars going to a federal agency which will NOT be around when I retire. With the Obama Administration throwing trillions of dollars toward every other new government program while Social Security goes bankrupt, what makes them think that these new programs will be run any more efficient?

I for one am a part of the growing Opt Out Movement which believes that our government is on the verge of a massive failure. When the ship goes down, I don’t want to be anywhere near it.


  1. If you want to sign your checks over to me I’d be happy to take them.

  2. Tucson Vice says

    What on this 6000 year old Earth do you have against Josh Berstein? He’s trying to make a living and expose government excess and you go discrediting him by tipping your make believe ten gallon cowboy hat in his direction on Sonoran Alliance? Any kind of conrgradulations from a blog like this only hurts the guy.

    Do the serious news people a favor and leave them alone. The last thing we need to do is further blur the line between the crayon scribbled fictions concocted by you folks and the reporting of our local news men and women.

    Besides this, you should consider giving it a rest with the faux outrage. You aren’t convincing undecideds here…your readership will tea bag each other into a frenzy without your input.

    And if the government is on the verge of massive failure, I hope you don’t actually think that we could have arrived there after only seven months. I hope we can admit to ourselves that whatever huge probems we are busy trying to solve now are the reslult of nearly an entire decade of gross mismanagement and ineptitude. To think that the government is on the verge of collapse because of seven months of Democratic control is, to put it bluntly, outright and bewildering ignorance. Lets be honest. If ” ‘Merica” can survive 8 years of dubya and that bunch of grifters that you good ol’ boys elected to congress, I think it can take an African American Liberal named Barack Hussein Obama. However much that hurts.

    If it weren’t for the mouth foaming, mad-cowesque rantings of Limbaugh lunatics like you simple folk, your “movement,” (whatever the hell is left of it) would be a lot more credible.

  3. James Davidson says


    You are such a sweetheart.

  4. Parent X says

    Speaking of ill-timed junkets in the midst of disastrous budgets…
    Leadership, where art thou~?

  5. Evelyn Keune says

    Can someone obtain a list of the SSA execs who attended–or at least the states that they were from? Might be interesting to see.

  6. Given the city’s ideology, why WASN’T this event held in Tucson?

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