So little money, even the Democrats don’t care?

CD 5 Monies 

With the new FEC numbers posted for the CD5 race, political observers were stunned at how little money had been raised by the campaign of former State Representative Laura Knaperek.  In spite of how long she has been in the race, Knaperek reported raising less than $51,000 in 2007, finishing with less than $28,000 cash on hand.  This in comparison to Jim Ogsbury ($387k raised, $349k CoH) and front-runner David Schweikert ($506k raised, $412k CoH).  As one consultant noted “You know you’re not even a minor league threat when Emily Bittner and the Arizona Democrat Party can’t be bothered to attack you in a sarcastic press release.”

With the imminent demise of the only woman candidate in the race, is the water getting warmer for former candidate Susan Bitter-Smith?  Certainly the recent additions of State Rep. Mark Anderson and Corporation Commissioner Jeff Hatch-Miller will improve her odds.  NOTE:  Anderson and Hatch-Miller entered the race in 2008 so no fundraising numbers are available for them.


  1. CD 5 Conservative says

    If you vote to make rape the same as littering, be advised, there are just not that many people FOR that. Laura has also never done a thing to help anyone but herself. Hire Nathan Sproul, the worst consultant in Arizona history, and PRESTO, you’ve got a pathetic campaign for City Council, let alone Congress.

  2. kralmajales says

    Yeah…that is a pretty poor fundraising performance…you are all over that. What is fascinating is Ogsbury and Schweikert…both have a pretty serious amount of money for a primary. This one could get bloody, ugly, WOOF!!!!!!

  3. kralmajales says

    Ok what does Bee’s report say? Note that Giffords picked up another $300K or so in the 4th quarter. She has raised $1.4 million and has a scarce $1.3 million on hand. Did he gain ANY ground?

  4. kralmajales says


    I just saw Bee’s total for 2007…and don’t give me this total hooey about it being an exploratory campaign…people were SERIOUSLY raising funds for him and guess what folks????

    He has:

    $285,694 raised in 2007.
    $124,447 spent.
    $161,246 ON HAND.

    First of all he did NOT raise $300k as reported.

    Second, he didnt even come close to raising as much as Giffords in the 4th quarter…with all the heavy hitters at bat and able to max him out.

    Third, he fell BEHIND, not caught up.

    Apologists like Thinkright will clearly dispute me and make some kind of excuse (sorry, I call it as I see it), but this is pretty seriously bad.

    Good news for ya’ll. Shaddegg has over a Million, but we don’t yet know how much Lord has. He had $400K by the 3rd quarter, lets see if he stays afloat at all.

    We also don’t yet know how much Kilpatrick and Hay have for District 1 (Renzi). That will be interesting.

  5. Jill Sisson says

    I’m new to AZ politics, but I don’t think voters want to be “bought.” I for one want someone who isn’t trying to buy their way into Congress.

    Further, hasn’t David Schwiekert already spend neary $100,000? Wow.

    Frankly, I would rather support the person who runs a fiscally responsible campaign – which means they will be fiscally responsible with my tax dollars.

  6. Guys, keep in mind that Ogs and Schweikert dumped in $250k of their own dough, so let’s not start measuring for drapes in DC just yet, nor should we be writing any obituaries.

  7. kralmajales is frothing at the mouth again.

    Laura keep on trucking…

  8. Kralmajales says

    Yeah, I guess I did bark (see the WOOF!! above)…It’s a Georgia sort of thing.

    Nah voters say they don’t like to be bought but at the same time, dough, unfortunately or not, make a big difference. John McCain’s example aside however.

  9. Scrupulous, exhumed says

    Voters demand to be bought. They demand information not filtered by the media. Isn’t that a good thing? That requires buying really expensive advertising time.

    On the other hand I happen to think good beer should sell well, but the reality is everyone buys Bud Light.

    I would hesitate to give to a candidate that didn’t put a bunch of his own money into his own campaign. I’m not that much of an idiot.

    And if you don’t have at least some substantial money to put into your own campaign, well that’s just admitting you are either unsuccessful, wasteful, capricious, selfish, or just a loser.

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