Smith Seeks to Unseat Flake

June 2 interview with Jeff Smith. He’s a Congressional candidate in CD 6 trying to unseat Jeff Flake. He seems to be a good guy and he’s set himself to a Herculean task. I wish him a lot of luck.

Jeff Smith Interview


  1. Mr. Conservative says

    Glad to see that Mr. Smith finally figured out what CD he’s in…

  2. Stephen Kohut says

    Mr. Conservative,

    Have you figured out yet that SA is a conservaative blog? As a supporter of RINO Jeff Flake it would appear not.

  3. Steve Calabrese says

    Stephen Kohut, I hate to break this to you, but you are not the ultimate judge of what is and isn’t conservative.

    I would even say that Jeff Flake is far more conservative than the Republican party.

    A conservative believes in limited government and restricting government size and power.

    Flake has consistently voted against government expansion even as many so-called “Republicans” were voting to give away the public treasury to any company that can afford a lobbyist.

    Flake can actually balance a budget, unlike many of the other so-called “Republicans” in the Congress.

    Flake actually reads laws before voting for them.

    And, if Flake’s immigration reform package – which would have secured the border as well – had passed in 2005, we would have a locked-down border now. Instead, while both sides have argued, NOTHING has gotten done, and we have more illegals than ever. Great job, America!

  4. Stephen Kohut says

    Steve Calabrese,

    I don’t take lessons from RINOs on what a Republican is. For that I look to the platform. For a true conservative I look for constitutional adherence. Flake is neither a conservative nor a platform Republican.

    As far as Flake being more conservative than the party, maybe in your RINO world of LD leadership that was elected in 2008 and that will bite it the upcoming party elections. Enjoy the time left. Conservatives are the new, overwhelming majority in the LD/County committees.

    Regarding Jeff Flake, pro-crap & tax and pro-amnesty spell RINO. Enough said.

  5. Unfortunately, Jeff has never met an illegal he wouldn’t hire!

  6. Hmmm…. Mr. Kohut. Please take a look at the platform once again to decide who the RINO is:

    Jeff Flake:

    #1 Opponent of the Obama Big Government Agenda (Congressional Quarterly)
    A Grade – National Taxpayers Union (#1 for a record 8 years)
    100% Rating – American Conservative Union
    100% Rating – Club for Growth
    100% Rating – Citizens Against Government Waste
    100% Rating – Freedom Works
    100% Rating – National Right to Life
    A Grade – NRA

    But of course you know better than all of these national associations right?? Kind of sad when people like you will bash against a good man like Jeff Flake.

  7. Stephen Kohut says


    I know the platform, recruit and support constitutional conservative candidates. In my book pro-crap & tax and pro-amnesty spell RINO . If you like Flake, than go support him. He does not meet my standards for a conservative. Flake is nothing more than McCain, Jr. waiting in the wings for his mentor to retire and try to hand him a Senate seat.

  8. Carl Hay says

    Well, the RINOS are out in full force defending one of their own.

    First, “Mr. Conservative,” you advocacy of da Flake proves you are no conservative!

    Second, Steve Calabrese, while everyone is entitled to their own opinions, they are NOT entitled to their own facts. The truth is that Flake is an advocate of amnesty, open borders and guest workers. Your assertions to the contrary are wrong!

    Third, Jon, you may have noticed that the organizations you cited have carefully played games with their ratings/endorsements to support the most liberal Republican candidate they can find.

    In conclusion, I understand that the RINOS here support amnesty, open borders and guest workers, which explains their adoration of da Flake.

  9. Conservative Dad says

    Great interview.

  10. I don’t know why we are argue. Flake isn’t losing. Ill bet anyone of these so called conservatives that continue to attack flake.

    If all you have on flake is the immigration issue you are never going to get anywhere.

    If you thibk every candidate or rep who doesn’t agree 100% with the platform is a RINO then I guess reagan was one too right? He signed an amnesty bill 86 and raised taxes in 83 and 84. Man that reagan such a worthless rino right?

  11. Conservative Dad says

    He wouldn’t sign an amnesty bill now.

  12. Yes conservative dad thanks for asking reagan what he would and wouldn’t do now from beyond the grave. Such great inside knowledge.

  13. Conservative Dad says

    No problem, johnny. Say hi to Daniel-san and Mr. Miyagi for me.

  14. Mr. Miyagi says

    I support Jeff Flake.

  15. You single issue guys are whack jobs. You embarrass me.
    I am, however, voting for Smith because of the border, but if Smitty weren’t running I’d be enthusiastically voting for Flake.

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