Slideshow from Politics on the Rocks event with Sheriff Babeu and Ben Quayle

Politics on the Rocks attracts its usual capacity crowd.


  1. College Republican says

    I attended this event and the one Republican Professionals put on with Dan Quayle, because I was confused, I thought they were the same group/event. This event went really well, but I only saw 25 people max at the Republican Professionals event.

  2. I didn’t realize that the Republican Professionals were still holding events. Seems like that group has fizzled away. Over the last year I attended a few of their events and the room was empty. They must have run out of funding. Recession?

  3. GOPNOW, most groups that fizzle away are usually because of bad leadership.

  4. trueazconservative says

    Quayle is dead air. We need real leadership in Congress, not someone who is trying to ride name-recognition all the way to Washington.

  5. I can’t imagine anybody supporting Potatoe Jr. The guy is a joke. He should go back to the Scottsdale club scene where he fits in better than at an LD meeting. I guess daddy won’t let him.

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