Slandering the Troops

On the Chris Matthews Show, Washington Post writer David Ignatius described US soldiers as “kids” that had to be wisked out of harms from Iraq. The “news girl” on a local Phoenix rock station called them “boys.” Can you get more demeaning? Well, I guess its better than calling them “baby-killers.”

Is this the new liberal strategy to lose in Iraq — portray our warriors as helpless children. Afterwall, who can be against keeping “children” out of harms way?

Its the military’s role to protect us, not some 50 year old newspaper writer’s role to protect them. Let our warriors do their job, and give them the respect they deserve. They are adults who volunteer to defend this great land of ours.


The Suns dominated the Spurs last night!  Read about it on my personal blog.


  1. John Q. Public says

    If you’ve got a personal blog, why post here?

  2. Because my personal site mostly about sports and famliy. I don’t think too many people are interested seeing pics of my newly painted house 😉

  3. John Q. Public,

    By definition, this blog is an “alliance” of conservative writers.

    Now get back on topic!


  1. […] An earlier post exposed the left’s attempt to belittle our men and women in uniform, but Powerline takes note of the Democrats larger strategy to woo the military to the Democrat party.  When conservatives talk about supporting the troops, they mean doing everything possible to help them win the war they’re fighting. Liberals never seem to talk about victory, but rather see “support” as turning soldiers and veterans into another victim group, dependent on government health and welfare services. […]

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