Slandering the Troops Part II

An earlier post exposed the left’s attempt to belittle our men and women in uniform, but Powerline takes note of the Democrats larger strategy to woo the military to the Democrat party. 

When conservatives talk about supporting the troops, they mean doing everything possible to help them win the war they’re fighting. Liberals never seem to talk about victory, but rather see “support” as turning soldiers and veterans into another victim group, dependent on government health and welfare services.

Will it work? So far, at least, I think a large majority of our service personnel think of themselves as warriors rather than participants in a social welfare program. But there is a certain logic to the Democrats’ approach: if one’s only concern is the safety of the troops, the simple solution is never to fight. And if, like most liberals, you have no intention of ever fighting, then you might as well take credit for keeping the troops safe. But that isn’t what most Americans, or most soldiers, have in mind when they think of an effective military. 

It would be a dangerous and scary world if the American military were as “effective” as France or Belguim.


  1. […] Which leads to an interesting debate on if our society, boys in particular, is being feminized or neutered?  We have two America’s where the pacifist elite is attempting to neuter the warrior class.  As I mentioned in ealier posts here and here, this is an attempt to castrate the military with kindness.   […]

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