Sir, I knew Senator Kyl, and you’re no Senator Kyl

 I know that the title is somewhat confusing, but, Senator Kyl, your actions on this bill are so inconsistent with your more than two decades of service to Arizona, it seems that someone else is speaking in your place.

Sen. Kyl, you just spent ten days in Arizona without holding one Town Hall Meeting on the most critical piece of legislation presented to Congress during your tenure in office. 

What is your justification for not meeting with the very same people you actively courted just a few months ago when you needed their support during your re-election campaign? 


Shouldn’t you explain to them how you could avow you oppose amnesty in any form at the same time you were meeting with Sen. Kennedy to create this bill that does exactly that? 

If this bill is so great, why did you not spend time and energy during the last ten days explaining and defending it?  Is it because even you know it is indefensible?


Senator, you need to recognize and come to grip with the fact that Arizona voters are even more unhappy with the legislation than voters across the country.   Just 24% of Arizona voters favor passage of the bill.   The provisions in this bill are so outrageous that people have almost forgotten the secret back-room deal making process with Sen. Kennedy.


Seventy-seven percent (77%) of Arizona voters say that is very important for the government to improve its enforcement of the borders and reduce illegal immigration.”  Arizonans by a three to one margin believe this bill will actually increase illegal immigration as opposed to reducing illegal immigration.   In addition, only nine percent (9%) of Republicans believe the current legislation would actually reduce illegal immigration.


Just 22% of Arizona voters believe it is very important for the government to legalize the status of illegal aliens already in the United States.   If Arizona voters had a chance to improve the legislation, 70% would like to make changes to increase border security measures and reduce illegal immigration.  This polling is very consistent with the vote results for Prop 200, Props 100, 102, 103 and 300, all of which passed overwhelmingly by margins from 70% to nearly 85%.

Senator, you were elected just a few months ago to serve the citizens of Arizona in the United States Senate as their representative.  It is now time that you listen to the voters and work to kill this bill.

Senator Kyl, this unresponsiveness to the voters has consequences with congressional approval ratings now even lower than the President’s with a miniscule 3% of Americans rating Congress as excellent and only 23% rating Congress as good.  So, let me make it simple for you – Kill the Bill!  Kill the Bill!  Kill the Bill!


  1. sato4gop says

    I can’t say it any better so I won’t try. I hope for the sake of Arizona and the future of the USA that the Senator is listening.

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