Sinema wants to criminalize packing.

Kyrsten Sinema has sponsored HB 2286 (scroll down to the bottom of the page,) a bill to criminalize domestic terrorism. Problem is that the language is so broad a rancher driving across his property with a gun in his car could be charged under the bill. He does not need to get out of the vehicle or even confront anyone. The simple act of patrolling with a firearm would become a class 5 felony. The new law would apply if you associate with another individual, such as having some one else in the vehicle.

I guess in Sinema’s world Condoleezza Rice’s father was a domestic terrorist for banding together with fellow blacks to keep from getting attacked by white supremacists.


  1. Is domestic terrorism currently legal?

  2. I do not believe that it is legal but peaceably carrying a firearm is. That is unless Sinema’s bill passes.

  3. This bill you classify private security companies as domestic terrorist. So forget about your money being safe in banks.

  4. Some blogs are reporting that the bill is intended to target The Minutemen. The proposed law would also shut down Pink Pistols. Does this mean that Sinema supports gay bashing?

  5. Isn’t she the one that tried to have Sean Hannity arrested when he was on the border with the Minutemen?

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