Sinema true to form

 Partial Birth Abortion

The legislature is moving toward passage of a ban on late term abortions. Representative Kyrsten Sinema is preparing to oppose the law. The procedure, which Sinema wants to keep legal, involves delivering a baby feet first (breach) and then dispatching the child while it’s skull is still in the birth canal. Sinema defends her action by saying the law impinges on a “woman’s rights.” What about the pre-born females who don’t survive the event? So much for feminism extending to the whole sisterhood.


  1. I never cease to be amazed at the impudent manner of Ms. Sinema. Her self-promoting, sarcastic, over-dramatized, and purely phony persona is a reminder of why I am a conservative and will do whatever it takes to counter such vermin.

    There is no medical reason for a later term abortion; life of mother or child at this stage of pregnancy can be handled without such depravity. There is no social reason that comes close to holding any status compared to this barbaric, inhumane, and patently narcissistic “procedure”.

  2. Antifederalist says

    I agree with Ann. This procedure is nothing but murder. Roe and it’s progeny is made-up law by activist judges, another example of the federal government grabbing more power than it was intended to have. While I am hesitant to have the government regulate on nearly anything, the states have every right to legislate for health, safety, welfare, and morals of its citizens, and that includes the children who are the target of late term abortions. Anyone who defends this depraved procedure needs to be committed. Sinema is mentally ill. If mothers don’t want their children at this point in their pregnancy, the state should require that the children be delivered and offered for adoption to couples who really want to love and care for the children.

  3. But what if it is your wife and the pregnancy is clearly going to endanger her life?

    Late term abortions are not used to hinder the lack of convenience of an unwanted pregnancy…1st and 2nd termers…but in rare emergency situations.

  4. The answer Kral, is you listen to the doctors and do what is necessary. If continuing with a pregnancy presents a validated risk to the life of the mother, the question must be asked is the pregnancy viable. In late term abortions, the answer is usually yes! That is the reason they are killed prior to complete delivery.

    In the very rare, but none the less real, occurrence that to continue the pregnancy poses an immediate risk to the life of the mother, then an induced delivery or C-section is a the medical answer. Everything possible is done to protect the life of the mother and child. Sadly, the child may not survive this and probably was in distress anyway if it was truly a medically involved situation and not a convenience issue. The supporter of this infanticide may say, what difference does it make if the baby would not survive delivery? The difference is the possibility that it would survive and the responsibilities of parenting would ensure.

    Killing a viable, healthy baby just before the head leaves the vaginal vault is not an abortion, it is murder.

  5. Antifederalist says

    My wife and I had a baby two weeks ago. We loved the heck out of that kid even when it was in the womb. Our love for our son has only grown since. Had we been forced to choose between the life of our child or my wife’s life, I’m pretty darned convinced that my wife would have tried to sacrifice her own life to bring our child into the world. If a doctor can deliver all but the head of a baby, then kill the baby and the mom is magically fine, then the baby could be delivered just fine and the mom could be just fine. There is NO REASON for this procedure except the murder of children unwanted by mothers. Considering how many couples out there want to adopt, there is NO REASON why a child couldn’t be offered for adoption rather than having its brains sucked out at this late stage of a pregnancy. These days, babies have been proven to be viable at as little as 21 weeks (5 mos. & 1 week). Kral, you’re depraved and you revel in murder. Ann has my full support on this issue.

    Is it just me, or are the champions of butchering babies the young, the unwed, and the childless? Let me guess, Sinema has no kids and neither does Kral. I could be wrong, but I’m skeptical.

  6. Don’t beat up on Kral, I don’t think he was defending the usual practice but among the many who misunderstand what the reality is in this regard. As for Ms. Sinema, no she has no children and is a self-proclaimed bisexual socialist.

    I don’t take my stand out of some self-pious, unaware platitude. I have lived this horror.

    I lost a grandchild when the choice had to be made; my daughter’s life or the have the baby delivered early. For the pregnancy to continue would have been extremely life threatening for my daughter. She agonized beyond belief; her husband cried with such sorrow that it was heartbreaking. After hours of labor, she delivered a beautiful baby girl that, it is hard for me to write, did not survive more than a few minutes. While my daughter was in the process of completing her delivery and trying to keep her mind during a real life nightmare, I held that precious baby and told her how valuable she was and that we would love her always. I cannot even come close to the words to tell how precious those moments were.

    This was after 5 months of bed rest, three weeks in the hospital, one Air-Evac flight, and countless doses of every med available to keep them both alive. Still, they wanted to wait. Until there was no choice, to do anything but an induced delivery would mean the death of both of them.

    A few weeks later, my daughter asked me what I prayed for when she was in the hospital. I said for both of them to be healthy. She said that was her prayer, too and that she had realized it had been heard. She understood her baby was so weakened that the probability of a healthy life had been diminished and God answered her prayer. My response to her, as a mother we ask God for the best for our children. This baby will never know anything but Heaven, and what is better than that?

  7. Sickened says

    Dear people, remember breech deliveries in themselves are dangerous; they add considerable danger to the mother. And this is not a natural breech delivery. The abortionist forces the baby into the breech position. Give me a break! This has nothing to do with even the health of the mother. This is to get top dollar for a complete fetus, bringing big bucks on the “fetal tissue” research market.
    If you haven’t thrown up yet, keep in mind how the next step, infanticide, is just a hair’s breath away. Drip by drip, we become more hardened and each new macabre procedure becomes the “new norm”.
    And sadly, McCain is not Pro Life; he is a utilitarian. Fetal tissue, embryos? Just going to be thrown away anyhow, we should put it to good use. Our babies are not his; his baby is McCain/Feingold. To protect
    “his baby” he needs a liberal court.

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