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Tuesday, March 30, 2009

Obamacare pays to help sex offenders

Kirsten Sinema loves the new law

In Arizona State Representative, Kirsten Sinema’s (D) Saturday article, given full coverage by the Arizona Republic, she points out some of the wonders of the Healthcare bill recently signed.  Though the taxes and fines start now, most of the benefits don’t start for four years, but don’t worry, just pay.  That 70% of the American people were opposed to – well, they just aren’t as smart at Representative Sinema.  That not one Republican in the Senate or House voted for it, well, they just don’t see all the beauty of this law.  That two major companies have already announced that this law will cost them at least $100 million, thus causing more jobs to be lost is just a footnote.

She did neglect to tell us that 14 states have filed suits in federal court, with more coming, challenging the Constitutionality of the Healthcare bill.  If they’d just check with Sinema, they no doubt would have changed their mind.  And the $2.5 billion dollars the federal government will soon send out way – hmmm, since the government has no money, that $2.5 billion can only have been acquired by raising taxes on a whole lot of people, just for us.  How nice.  Oh, and coverage for all those children who have preexisting health conditions; sorry, they’re not covered under the healthcare plan.  Representative Sinema, as usual, never supports any cuts in programs when a state, our state, is going deeper in debt.  No, she wants to keep on spending us into oblivion, just like the President does.

The CBO has now estimated that this plan, after going through all of the details, like providing counseling for native-American sex offenders, will actually drive up the debt another $1.5 Trillion dollars.  Wow, who couldn’t love that?

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  1. Whatever you do, do not ask her to explain or defend herself. She will spend the good (or rather, bad) part of an hour doing just that. Please don’t encourage her by asking questions.

  2. One can question the methods used, but the CBO states it will lower the “produce a net reduction in federal deficits of $143 billion over the 2010-2019 period.” Can’t find anything about Native American sex offenders. Maybe the authors might want to point to a source for that claim?

  3. Stephen Kohut says


    You must have missed the amendment to the reconciliation bill to remove ED medications for sex offenders from the Seante’s HC disaster that was proposed by Republicans and voted down by Dimocrats. Return to class. Your lack of knowledge and life experience is showing. Come back when you can find life without two hands, a map, life-for-dummies, ….

  4. AND of course the healthcare necessity of nationalizing all student loans, effective July 1 , perfectly in harmony with the essential ObamaCare premise – get all the money first, then services later .. later … later.

    No one would accept this from a contractor, hell … ANYONE. Pay them up front for work they’ll get around to STARTING in four years.

  5. Stephen Kohut,
    Tthe article it talks about ‘providing counseling for native-American sex offenders.’ It says nothing about ED medications.

  6. ………………..
    “One can question the methods used, but the CBO states it will lower the “produce a net reduction in federal deficits of $143 billion over the 2010-2019 period.”

    Looks like it’ll be a moot point real fast:

    “CBO report: Debt will rise to 90% of GDP — President Obama’s fiscal 2011 budget will generate nearly $10 trillion in cumulative budget deficits over the next 10 years, $1.2 trillion more than the administration projected, and raise the federal debt to 90 percent of the nation’s economic output by 2020, the Congressional Budget Office reported…”

    Translation: We’re ALL screwed. Obama will have achieved what no army has been able to – devastate America.

  7. Wanumba, in the 1940s the US Debt was 120% of GDP. The US was not devastated.

  8. OH! That makes it MUCH better. Nothing to worry about, move along.

  9. “Wanumba, in the 1940s the US Debt was 120% of GDP. The US was not devastated.”

    LOL! Are you smoking something?!? We were fighting WWII with a mass mobilization of all national resources! In the 40’s, we were using debt as a short term measure to kick Nazi and Japanese ass. Now we are running up debt indefinitely and just pissing away the money on ever expanding entitlement programs. Plus we were a net creditor nation even after WWII. It’s a joke to compare the 40’s to what is about to befall us now.

  10. VSB,
    We also had a top marginal rate above 80% and were actually collecting a significant portion of taxes from corporations. Following this period of high debt we also so the greatest expansion in the standard of living ever.

    OF course I am not arguing that the current situation and the 1940’s are the same, but the isolated fact of projected GDP-debt ratio needs to be put in a proper context.

  11. …………
    OF course I am not arguing that the current situation and the 1940’s are the same, but the isolated fact of projected GDP-debt ratio needs to be put in a proper context.

    Back pedaling. What did I say earlier about the hazards of googling stats and pithy quotes without comprehending the “context?”

  12. Stephen Kohut says


    The “counseling” or “treatment” for sex offenders in the HC bill includes providing drugs for ED so they can get it up and go after another victim. Why do you think thre was an amendment offerred to take out that promision? You need to do more than just google life.

    The cost of winning WW II had Federal spending at +30% of GDP for years and debt soared to 120% of GDP. Spending was cut massively when the war ended and the debt/gdp ratio returned to normal in a reasonable number of years. The debt/gpd ratio justified to save a nation at war is not what you do for a bump in the economic road particularly when there is no end in sight and no recovery from the spending.

    In the 1940’s and 1950’s we did not have a budget that was mainly “entitlements”. At the end of the war we had the only major intact economy in the world for years. We were the world’s economy.

    Your inexperience is showing. At least do more than a 30 second google and quick scan.

  13. Wanumba,

    You also might want think about context just a bit. You talk about obama running up our debt to be 90% of GDP by 2020 but that’s assuming we spend like obama did this year for the next 10.

    At most he is president for the next 6 years and maybe only 2 more after this one. So those numbers seem a tad bit disengenous… Do you really think we won’t be forced to cut back spending? Or obama won’t be voted out of office and spending won’t be cut?

  14. Stephen Kohut says


    That all depends on the 2010 and 2012 elections cycle, doesn’t it? Barrak, Harry and Nancy have the borrow and spend pedal to the metal and will add $6-9T to the debt in Barrak’s 4 year term at current rates. He’s got almost 3 years left in his term. You have to project based on what is not what you would waht it to be and the “is” is real bad.

  15. Stephen the problem with that projection the CBO is it goes to 2020… Obama is out of office by 2016 NO MATTER WHAT…

    Thats why the CBO estimates have to be taken with a grain of salt. They mean nothing because they project to far out, when there is so much change and turnover.

  16. johnny Says:
    March 31st, 2010 at 7:36 am

    You also might want think about context just a bit.

    I think about context all the time. Spent nearly 20 years in rundown, economically wrecked countries that had presidents for life, even though they weren’t supposed be for life. Once they got in, they worked, manipulated, changed the system to stay in, elections be damned.

    Most Americans don’t think it’s possible, but it is.

    Obama campaigned for communist Odinga in Kenya, a gross violation of legitimate US Senate purposes and abuse of taxpayer money, and of American democratic values, supporting a Marxist. Odinga lost the election and unleashed a bloodbath to terrorize the sitting Kenya government into accepting a power-sharing set-up with him. The Obama “roots” victory tour aided a political campaign Kenyans have paid dearly for – over 2,000 dead, more than 200,000 displaced, their homes destroyed, still today. Obama walked off without a backward glance, not his problem. So much for “Dreams of my Father.”

    Here, with “Nobel Peace Prizer” Obama declaring the aggressively provocative,”They bring a knife, we bring a gun,” the Democrats are all laughing, gulping for air, their heads back, mouths wide open, teeth-baying donkey hee-haw that they got their “healthcare/studentloan” powerplay passed. Got their grubby hands on more money than any king of old could ever ever imagine, without ANY requirement to deliver ANYTHING for four years.

    Trillions in debt — but where’s the money? It’s not on “jobs” or “clunkers” or anything visible or tangible at all. They are spending on SOMETHING, but we don’t know what. Yet.

    Can’t be “Bush’s Deficit” because they could have paid that in full four times over already with the money they’ve gotten. Nancy Pelosi redirected funds and got herself a private jet on the taxpayer dime. She’s keeping herself in the style she thinks she deserves – “Cleaopatra.” Joe Biden lives in a mansion, and he’s just been a salaried Senator, not a businessman all his career. Obama went from “community organzier” to millionaire mansion, but he don’t go home for his break like Bush always did, he flew to Hawaii and rented multiple luxury villas for sun, surf and golf on the taxpayer’s backs. The least he could have done was sell his Chicago mansion and buy one in Hawaii – on HIS dime. Obama suddenly has the taste for $100 a pound steaks, paid by the US taxpayer.

    Have you not noticed that supermarkets are not as comprehensively stocked as they were last year? The FORD and GM side by side dealerships we pass daily are 1/5th full – never seen so much empty blacktop at a auto dealership in my entire life. Our town’s Main Street as of last month has now more closed businesses than open ones. The bigger town nearby has more and more “available” commercial space – strip malls are getting that deserted look – three businesses open amongst ten closed.

    It’s all right there, degrading in front of our eyes, but for some reason the Democrats prioritized nationalizing student college loans. Money again. Lots of it, now going thru politically-connected hands.

  17. Wanumba,

    Thanks for the rant and not addressing a thing I said about how you can’t really project the kind of numbers you talk about 10 years out.

    I have heard all your stuff on kenya before I seem to remember it turning into a debate where you had no links to directly prove what you said and throwing out other langages…

  18. Motivated Voter says

    Dear Sonoran Alliance eds:

    This is my last appeal.

    I think some of your past posts have been thought provoking. Lately, however, your standards have slipped below National Enquirer levels.

    The string above that implies that Sinema ‘loves Obamacare sex offenders’ is offensive. I might not like her politics, but this kind of mudslinging is ridiculous. This is just one of many posts that you have decided to put on your website recently that lean more on inflammatory attack and slander than they do on facts and well thought out opinion.

    I suppose you need to appeal to guys like Stephen and Wanumba who jump on to throw more bits of crazy chain email factoids onto the fire. I get that, but is that who you are trying to reach?

    Just sayin’. I’ll hang in there a bit longer, but this won’t be part of my daily skim anymore if you have run out interesting things to say. Your last few attack posts don’t do you proud.

  19. johnny Says:
    March 31st, 2010 at 11:51 am

    Thanks for the rant and not addressing a thing I said about how you can’t really project the kind of numbers you talk about 10 years out.

    I have heard all your stuff on kenya before I seem to remember it turning into a debate where you had no links to directly prove what you said and throwing out other langages…

    And that proves what? Your decision to ignore it?
    Wasn’t you yourself who scoffed that it couldn’t be true, then came back and said, “Well okay, Obama WAS in Kenya in 2006 BUT…”

    You didn’t know ANYTHING about it until I informed you. Then you’ve spent your time trying to discredit me to dismiss, deflect, what Obama did. That was the so-called “debate” a tag-team attempt to shut down any inconvenient information incoming about Obama.

    It is not in my interest at all to post such things on a blog, that can be read all over the world, if they aren’t true.

    It’s telling that you just don’t say, “Well, I support Obama” and walk off. But no, the tactic is to attack the messenger. I was there in Kenya before Obama got there, so I was minding my own business when he showed up and it was a BIG BIG DEAL – ALL over the Kenyan papers, every day, Obama this and Obama THAT. They even re-named a beer for him, “The Senator.”
    He went to his grandmama’s shamba to visit. She said something odd when asked if she was proud. She said, “Well, I have lots of other grandchildren.”
    Obama also did a photo-op for blood drawn to push HIV/ADIS testing, which evidently he’s done since while campaigning in the USA, too.
    But very quickly, the Kenyan government which had received him as a VIP US Senator, was publically complaining in the Kenya press that he was meddling. The press coverage went from gushing to chilly.
    It was very peculiar.
    And believe me, I would have laughed out loud and said it was absolute lunacy if someone had said, “That guy will be the next POTUS of the United States.” NOOO WAAAAYYY!
    I had NO idea that little episode would be relevent to anything, EVER. But it is damning in exposing an aspect of Obama’s character and behavior that the media has been so diligent in hiding from the American public.

  20. Oh. Talked to a foreign university today and asked how the new HealthCare nationalized Obama Student Loan program was affecting them. They said they were all informed by the Obama Administration that all student loans for Americans attending foreign universities would be handled thru one bank. They were waiting to hear which one.

    A monopoly structure. It will be very informative to find out WHICH bank got the exclusive deal, and whether it went thru required government competitive bidding processes or not.

  21. Wanumba,

    I think you are under some impression that I support Obama… I just wanted to make sure you know it is the opposite. I never doubted he went to Kenya I just doubted that it all happened like you said.

    In the era of 24 hour news networks and blogs especially when you run for President everything is unearthed and revealed you really can’t hide things.

    So when I asked for some basic links, a blog post from the day, some discussion there was nothing. So of course I tend to doubt many of the things you said.

    Thats all it was… I think Obama is destroying this country and is horrible for it. Forgive me for not taking what you say at face value.

  22. Okay. For me, consider what am I supposed to do? My trips aren’t on google, and it’d be a sad day of boring if they ever were. The only reporting that even remotely followed up on Obama’s visit was Pamela Geller’s site Atlas Shrugged, that’s all the links, except for the Kenyan articles from the Standard and the Nation, some of which are available still and most off line. The US media went mute when the Kenyan government was making noises to throw Obama out. So it’s true there isn’t much.

    I was an eyewitness, that’s it. Put it away and later, as more comes out, because it will – there’s unfinished business in Kenya – you’ll find out that I didn’t lead you or anyone else astray on this.

    Importantly, Obama’s behavior in Kenya raises serious questions about his integrity, his flagrant use of taxpayer money, his loyalty to the AMerican Constitution and to the American People. He wasn’t representing the people of Illinois in Kenya in any way shape or form, that I can attest to. It was all about him. And ominously, the Marxist Odinga. I lived in Kenya (1980-82) during part of Odinga’s father’s political career, Oginga Odinga (not making that up) so I am very familiar with that political “dynasty” of the Luos. Hard-core Marxist, heavily courted by the Soviets, who were well installed in Tanzania at the time with the Marxist Nyerere, who proceeded to wreck the Tanzanian economy through collectivism and nationalization.

    Now, back to your comments … we say, normally, he’ll be out in 2 years, six, max, but my long comment was meant to raise that there’s a factor here that has not been seen in America in this generation or any before it, so yes, normally he’d be out, but only weeks into being a newly sworn-in US Senator, Obama already proved he doesn’t respect the rules, so there is a wild card that could be played. Don’t mean it will be, but it’s definitely there, and it shouldn’t be.

    That’s all. Put it aside and see what develops. I really do hope I’m wrong, but unfortunately, my background is informed by overturned elections, cheating, and mobs at election time, and I’ve seen it happen in countries where the people kept saying, “It can’t happen here.”

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