Silver Lining?

First the bad news, or should I say, the angry, mad-as-hell news. 

I’ve been watching a flurry of emails go back and forth between Republican activists within the state discussing a recall or resignation of Senator Jon Kyl.

Forget John McCain. He put a nail in his own political coffin yesterday and would probably not win re-election even in his own home state. By the way, I’ve predicted that he won’t even finish the primary elections, but that’s another post.

So let me pose a few questions.

Has anyone read this immigration bill?

I didn’t think so. Why? Because there is no immigration bill yet.

Why are we getting hysterical about recalling one of the most conservative senators in the country when a bill hasn’t even been written and a vote hasn’t even taken place?

YES! It’s time to let them know how you feel. I strongly encourage everyone NOT to sit behind the safety of your keyboard and send an email but rather get on the phone and write a letter that will be placed in the public record. If they get enough calls and letters, they’re going to listen. They have to because if they don’t, we are not going to forget and we will remind the voters.

Now the good news.

There may be a silver lining in all this. Because of the near violent reaction of more than just Republicans, we may see the rise of even more conservative Republicans to challenge not just the Democrats but this bunch of liberal Republicans.

In the next election cycle, the voters aren’t going to vote for the Democrats. They already know what they’re going to get – more taxes, an official surrender date and vulnerable defenseless borders.

And hopefully they know now that by voting for liberal Republicans, they get spineless, no principled Republicans (RINOs). We tried to tell you this!

The result? Maybe we see some real conservatives rise out of this mess – and I’m not talking about Libertarians – but rather real Republicans dedicated to the party platform.

The real work is just getting started.



  1. Thank you! Perhaps Senator Kyl is not so much a turn-coat as he is dumb like a fox?

  2. Good comments Shane. Lets look at the details first, then get angry. I still think it will be a bad bill.

  3. Ken Going says

    Amazing as to what you said in bottom paragraph of yours. I say that because 15 minutes earlier I basically wrote the same thing as to 08 election only I gace Candidates names Duncan Hunter (or) Fred Thompson. I see we think alike

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