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Note to campaign staff: DO NOT place signs on State Property



Sonoran Alliance attended the CD 8 Republican press conference this morning at 11:00 am. Arizona 8th beat us to the story so you can read about it there. I understand why they called a press conference but it was a big yawn. The one good question came when Jim Nintzel of the Tucson Weekly asked if any of the candidates present would support Huffman if he won the primary. There was no response except a “No response” from one of the four. Mike Hellon added that he would support any of the candidates in the room and the others agreed. (Steve Huffman was not present.)


  1. Oro Valley Dad says

    You got it.

    Cortaro Road and I-10, Marana, AZ. You think the campaigns would send out some simple rules when they distribute the signs.

  2. That would be a Gary Pierce sign if my analysis serves me correct.

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