Shouldn’t Paulina Vasquez Morris Be Running In The Democrat Primary For Congress?

Replacing John Shadegg with Paulina Morris should make every Republican shudder.

Just consider her shocking track record of contributions to Arizona political candidates and causes.

Some already know about her financial support for Planned Parenthood, a radical pro-abortion organization.

But others may not be familiar with eye-popping contributions to Harry Mitchell and . . . Alfred Gutierrez. Yes, that far left Democrat Alfredo Gutierrez! There is no more aggressive advocate for open borders and illegal immigration than he.

So what was Vasquez Morris thinking when she gave him money?

This is just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to this RINO. As Drudge says, developing….


  1. Not Crazy Pam says

    Watch out SA, she might hit you with one of those crazy videos she did with Scott Bundgaard against Waring.

    Pro abort, pro amnesty, and pro- Harry Mitchell.

    You gotta be kidding!

  2. A natural candidate for Travis & Ann

  3. Democrats are not the Devil says

    OK so Morris happens to have supported a couple of Democrats. For those who were in attendance at the CD 3 debate they would have all heard Pamela Gorman say that she had great admiration for Kirsten Sinema. Hardly worthy of a which hunt

  4. LOL! She doesn’t have a chance of winning in this crowded race anyway so why is “Guest Opinion” so worried?

  5. Average Voter says

    She can play up those donations as showing bipartisanship.

    If she can get through primaries, voters may well be pleased to see a more centrist candidate.

  6. James Ray says

    The Republican Party doesn’t need this type of nonsense. What good conservative donates money to Harry Mitchell or Planned Parenthood?

    Giving money to Planned Parenthood doesn’t mean you’re pro-choice, it means you’re pro-abortion, which I find disgusting.

    Clearly, Morris is trying to fool Republican primary voters. She’s not even a centrist, she’s a left-wing liberal.

  7. Realistic49 says

    And, by the way, Paulina Morris should NOT be running as a Republican. It’s these pro-abortion RINOs that have destroyed the GOP. Reaching across the aisle to liberals has also diluted the principles of the GOP, as McCain has proven with Feingold, Kennedy and Obama.

  8. Jacobite says

    Paulina is relying upon a tried and true RINO perception of the Republican/conservative electorate!

    Tell the jerks what they want to hear while running for office (without getting specific) and wink at the liberal Dems and find ways to financially support them!

    Paulina’s big mistake was not laundering her donations.

    She should consult with her country club cohorts, believe me they along with Rick Romley can fill her in!

  9. James Davidson says


    Where have you been the last ten years? You are wrong on the historical facts.

    Start with Arizona. In 2002, Matt Salmon lost to Janet Napolitano for Governor and Andrew Thomas lost to Terry Goddard for Attorney General. Both Salmon and Thomas were anti-abortion and no one would call either one a RINO. Salmon lost by an eyelash, and Thomas was whupped.

    In 2006 in Arizona, Janet Napolitano mopped the floor with Les Munsil, winning by more than 400,000 votes, and Les was a very conservative candidate. Goddard thrashed Bill Montgomery, also a conservative candidate, by more than 300,000 votes. Both races were complete wipe outs for the ultra-conservative candidates. For her part, Jan Brewer won the secretary of state race by more than 250,000 votes, and Dean Martin won the state treasurer’s race by almost 200,000 votes. So good republican candidates can compete and win statewide.

    Moving to the national scene, Bush, anti-abortion, anti-tax, but a big spender, nearly destroyed the Republican Party in 2006 by his failure to get on top of the Iraq War. As he honestly admitted, the GOP got a thumpin’ and lost Congress. By the way, for all his faults, McCain was for the surge at least three years before Bush adopted it and won the war in Iraq. On September 15, 2008, the Lehman Brothers collapse nearly melted down the economy, and put Obama into the White House. After September 15, 2008, no Republican could have won — conservative, moderate, or liberal.

    When are you folks who like to be the judges of who is and who isn’t a good Republican going to learn Reagan’s 11th Commandment? If you don’t know what the 11th Commandment was, look it up. The party is too small and to beset by opponents in the media, the universities, the foundations, and the bureaucracies for us to cannibalize our fellow Republicans. Let’s focus on beating bthe Democrats, instead of calling each other names.

  10. Jack Hammer says


    A good analysis as far as it goes!

    But a good reason that conservative candidates got thumped in (esp) 2006 and to a much lesser degree two years later, lied in the fact that there was a demoralization due to Bush’s domestic policies (see immigration law enforcement and general spending habits) and the GOP turnout headed south!

    Liberal Republicans on the other hand were a prominent part of Janet Napolitano’s bandwagon!

    I might also add that the national party withheld funds from any anti open borders candidates in 2006 and 2008, but that would be embarrassing to establishment spokesmen, so we’ll hold off on that one!

    From a principled conservative viewpoint the leaderhip of BOTH parties are a national embarrassment and are in need of a politically inspired assisted suicide!

  11. Realistic49 says


    That’s a fair assessment, based on the weak memory of a 49-year-old conservative GOP activist (mine).

    But as to Salmon, the facts demonstrated that evangelicals stayed home when faced with the choice between Salmon (LDS) and Napolitano (a liberal in moderate clothing). Of course, that doesn’t take into account the voting irregularities on the Navajo reservation perpetrated by democrats…anyone remember that tidbit?

    The election of a candidate has less to do with being pro-life or pro-abortion, but depends largely on the context of the political environment, demographics and viability/credibility of the candidate.

    Who would have imagined that 5 of 8 CDs in AZ would be occupied by democrats? Who would have imagined that Napolitano would not only win one term, but two??? Remember when Fife was elected, he was pro-choice? Remember John Green, who was elected Senate President, was also pro-choice and pro-gay marriage? Fife won re-election, but John Green was trounced by Andrew Thomas in the 2002 primary.

    Being pro-life or pro-choice isn’t the point. The point about Paulina Morris and Jim Waring has more to do with commitment – personal, political, moral and ethical. It’s possible that Morris could be elected over Waring, based on district demographics. And it’s possible that Morris could be elected as one of the few (only?) pro-choice candidates in the race. But Waring will have challenges due to his political judgment and his incumbency. It’s possible that voters are sick of uneducated, unprincipled extremists, such as Jack Harper, and might vote for a more reasonable, steady individual, such as a Quayle or Parker.

    I know what the 11th Commandment is. That said, it’s fair to question Morris’ commitment to the GOP platform when she is supporting interests contrary to the GOP platform in the same way 5-day Tony Bouie did in his run for state house in 2008. Thus, your scolding is mis-directed. Direct your comment to Jack Harper, aka “Not Crazy Pam”, as Harper is attempting his transparent ‘scorched earth’ tactics in the races of other GOP candidates by spreading lies. (Yet another reason to end Clean Elections.)

  12. James Davidson says

    Jack and Realistic,

    You both make some good points. Here’s what I’m worried about.

    At 49, Realistic, if you followed politics in high school, you might be old enough to remember the Conlon-Steiger disaster primary that put Democrat Dennis DeConcini into the Senate for 18 years. Steiger won the Republican primary but he was cut to pieces and the Democrat went to the Senate.

    The McCain-Hayworth feud has all the makings of a similar result. Cathy Eden will make a very strong Democrat opponent, and depending on how bad it gets, might find her way to Washington. If she does, we have no hope of controlling the Senate. If you are anti-abortion, as I am, that is a very disconcerting proposition. Obama will get at least one more Supreme Court nomination before 2013, and it is critical for us to have the Senate to block another Kagan-type appointment.

    As for the Congressional race, Mrs. Morris is a very fine lady. Her family fled the communists in Cuba, and started over in the United States with not a red cent to their name. For her to do as well as she has speaks to her character. I don’t agree with her on some points, and they are substantial points, but that does not run her out of the Republican Party, so far as I’m concerned. As for the donations, her husband is a prominent zoning attorney in town, and she may have made them just to help his business. I really don’t know.

    By the same token, I could attack and find a lot of fault in every other candidate in that race, starting with Pamela Gorman, but I’m not going to do it.

    We need all of each other. We do not need the fiddle trying to run the steel guitar out of the band. Each contributes in its own way to the music.

  13. Not Crazy Pam says

    Hey Realistic why don’t you get a job instead of wasting your life on lame websites like that.


  14. Realistic says

    It was the free spending,increased big government leadership of our Republicans who led to our present mess with Obama and Barney (Fife) Frank being in charge. I will bet that over 90% of those so called conservatives who voted for all that garbage were anti abortion. They may have ruined the future of any children that could be saved!!! There is nothing conservative about that!!

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