Shocking news!

BANNER.jpg     This just in. The Graf for Congress campaign is associated with a known conservative group. A site called The Arizona Conservative now has a link in the upper right corner to the Graf campaign page.

     The Arizona Conservative is run by none other than Dennis Durband. Durband was last seen advocating for responsible government, lower taxes, the sanctity of life, quality education, and other radical ideas. We wonder how much longer Graf can stand to be linked to such groups. Congressman Kolbe has issues a statement calling on Graf to immediately repudiate The Arizona Conservative. Kolbe further called on Graf to advocate for open borders, infanticide, failing schools, free state-run Hillary care heath programs, and other more moderate positions.

     As if all of this were not enough The Arizona Conservative is actually endorsing Randy Graf, along with other extreme radicals like U.S. Senator Jon Kyl and U.S. Representative John Shadegg.

Monday 10-2-06, 9:10 am


  1. Eph - the PRO LIFE JEW !!! says

    hahahahahahahahhaa !!!!!

    Kyl by 24

  2. I’m Dennis Durband … and I approve this message. Paid for by The Arizona Conservative.

  3. Oro Valley Dad says


    Thanks for checking in. Love your web site.

  4. What did Dennis Durband know about male escort Jeff Guckert/James Gannon and when did he know it? They both worked for Talon News.

  5. Oro Valley Dad says

    I don’t know.

    Why don’t you send an e-mail to Dennis and ask him?

  6. Hi John,

    Be glad to answer your questions. My background is in journalism and I was a sports writer for several years. Eventually, I transitioned into publications editing and media relations. In 2001, I came across the GOPUSA site and discovered they did not have a state editor for Arizona. I volunteered for the job and Bobby Eberle gave me the keys to the Arizona page. My only responsibility was updating the AZ page on a regular basis. When the GannonGate scandal arose, Bobby looked at my bio and read about my journalism background. Stung by not having vetted Gannon/Gluckert and his lack of a journalism background, he asked if I would write some stories for him. I was already very busy with three conservative sites of my own, but I did write two or three stories for him. I was not paid; it was strictly volunteerism.

    Fast forward a few months to July 2005. That summer, four GOP groups in AZ passed resolutions on McCain either censuring him or admonishing him for going lefty. Shadegg and Salmon started calling these folks and trying to strong-arm them into backing down. I editorialized in T.A.C. and on GOPUSA against Republican leadership. GOPUSA asked me to back down; I refused. I now realized that I was more journalist than partisan, especially when it came to protecting McCain’t/McPain. And I no longer wanted to be associated withe GOPUSA-Gannon/Gluckert. Also, I read some articles on the Net about some of the people involved with GOPUSA, that also helped me decide to withdraw from that organization. Kerri Houston was on the board. She had also been with the American Conservative Union, yet she was also on the board of the liberal Susan G. Komen Foundation, which gives proceeds of its many Race “Against” the Cure events to Planned Parenthood. I weighed all that and decided I could not in good conscience continue with GOPUSA, so I walked away.

    I did attend a GOPUSA state editors conference in Houston in ’03. There were only five state editors there, and Gannon/Gluckert was not in attendance. I’ve never met him.

    Bobby Eberle tried to blur the boundary between journalism and partisan politics. It only worked for a while because of his connections to Rove and the White House.

    After walking away from GOPUSA last summer, GOPUSA left untouched all the content I last posted until the end of the year. They found someone else to be their state editor the first of the year, but he has changed the page about 3-4 times. A lot of people wrote off GOPUSA after that scandal, and Eberle is mostly interested in self promotion.

    My “pay” for four years as a GOPUSA state editor was a polo shirt bearing the organization’s logo. I will gladly donate it to the Clean Elections Commission because I don’t intend to wear it again.

  7. Good answer.

    My question was more of a joke as I really didn’t think you had anything to do with Gannon-Guckert :-), but it’s nice to hear the real scoop.



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